Modern Communication and Its Aftermath

Communication always plays an essential role in the development of civilizations. The journey of humankind’s progress can be linked with communication. Modern communications technologies emerged as a product of the internet revolution. The ongoing technological achievements can be associated with modern communications in one way or another.

Communication technologies have played an immense role in the advancement of civilizations. We live in the World Wide Web era in which everything is more connected, but humans are getting isolated. Historically, getting a message across cities would take months, animals were the primary source of commute and messengers would ride horses to deliver letters, messages and other stuff. 

Then with the advent of the telephone, a revolution began in the communication sector—the trend. The next significant change occurred when internet-based communication technologies took center stage and revolutionized how humans perceived that communication was possible. 

The world became a global village, thanks to the technological leaps in electronic communication technologies. What considered magic-seeing someone’s lives far away- a decade or two ago is now the main communication channel in this Covid quarantined era. People nowadays are connected with others on the go; wireless devices accompany almost everyone nowadays. Life has become easy.

When we look closely at how modern communication has made us closer to each other, another dark and frightening picture of modernization emerges from behind the shiny curtains. The overuse of social media and connectivity has disconnected humans altogether. We have jotted down the most severe after-effects of modern communication and the use of excessive social media platforms.

A permanent distraction

Cell phones are now our primary communication source; they allow us to stay connected with the internet along with communication tools and other channels even when we are on the go. However, they have an inherent downside associated with them. They distract people even when they are in the most complex situations.

The distractions are responsible for accidents, social obscenity, and even troubled relationships. A National Safety Council report claims that 1.6 million crashes every year occur due to cell phones while driving. Another document from NSC reports that one out of every four car crashes/ accidents occurs due to mobile phones.

Many studies claim that humans are getting addicted to the notification, and a new term notification addiction is emerging. Scientists believe that dopamine release is responsible for obsessive checking of mobile phones for notification. 

According to the Harvard study, an average American adult spends 2 to 4 hours tapping or typing on their mobile phone. These are the four hours one could have spent with their beloved, friends, family, or caressing their pets. The compulsive distraction is creating a divide between the real world and the users.

Reducing human interaction 

The immense exploitation of the internet stems from the anonymity it provides its users. You can be anyone you want, and no one can recognize. It has reshaped how people interacted with each other face to face. Many people are more comfortable talking via text messaging than when they meet people in person. 

The dehumanization of interactions is a disaster that emerged from modern technologies. A survey reports that children who spend a lot of time with gadgets suffer from social anxiety. 

The trend of excessive social media and gadget use has further increased the communication gap between parents and children. The outcome of this behavior is fatal in terms of a parent-children relationship.

Evil-minded factors leverage social media anonymity and internet connectivity to bully, defame and demoralize their fellows. 43% of kids suffer online bullying. 

The career prospects have also shifted to online and LinkedIn has taken over traditional interactions, now candidates can connect with recruiters through such platforms but this communication is very tricky, you might need help from professional LinkedIn communication services like ResumeCroc to impress the employer and pose a professional impression.

Disconnection and social isolation in a connected world

Teenagers are addicted to social media, and almost every social media platform designs its features to hook the youth in their teens and pre-teens. Many youngsters have made carrier for themselves through social media platforms. People portray their lives as perfect, and such posting behaviors put their viewers in an inferiority complex. Even Businesses are not safe from the influence of social media influencers

Brian Primack, a doctoral scholar, conducted research in which he surveyed 1,787 Americans aged 19-32 and concluded that people who use social media more than two hours a day suffer from social isolation. The dilemma of social media use is it’s difficult to track the causality of social disconnection as some people feel more comfortable in expressing themselves.

 He concluded his research indicating that further investigations are necessary to extract reasons behind social disconnection but suggested that it’s elementary to keep a check on what you follow on social media.

Young adults with high social media use seems to feel socially isolated than their counterparts with lower social media use. Future research should focus on determining directionality and elucidating reasons for these associations. – Brian Primack (2017)


Electronic communications have made lives easier for businesses and people alike, but it has given rise to a new form of criminal activities. No one is secure online, especially those less tech-savvy seniors who suffer significantly from the social scam conducted by criminals. FBI’s IC3 reported that the agency received 300,000 cybercrime complaints in 2018 – an average of 900 complaints daily. 

Complaints related to information rip-off and scams are on the rise ever since and portray a risky nature of modern means. The cybercrime rates increased by 30 percent and 31 percent in the UK and Japan respectively in the year 2018.

Privacy issues

Another rising issue with electronic modes of communication is hacking, and privacy loss. Even high-profile actors, politicians, and business tycoons are not safe. Many incidents are reported in which private information, pictures, and communications are leaked online or sold on the dark web. 

The importance of network security has become essential. The digital privacy breach has destroyed the esteem of many people around the globe. Although companies are investing in immense efforts to secure their users’ data, hackers, and other malicious factors exploit the system’s loopholes.


Modern technological means have enabled many new careers and made the world more connected. Digital communication tools and automation have revolutionized businesses. But it is necessary to educate people on the responsible use of gadgets and technologies. Otherwise, technological advances will isolate people rather than bringing them together. 

Basit Ali is an Entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. Basit works as a content marketer at Cognizantt, where he revises marketing content, improves email marketing, and works with marketing interns. His writing goes beyond traditional tech domains and includes interactive tips that are implementable in the world today. You can follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn

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