Hashtag Campaigns: How to Target Right Audience with it to Drive Sales in 2021

The hashtag is considered one of the essential tools on social media. Hashtags first created a huge buzz on Twitter and later gained massive popularity among other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Using it, you can quickly relay important messages to your audience. It is one of the essential tools which help you to reach your targeted audience. But you need to know the use of the right hashtag to get the right audience.  Every one…

Backend as a Service (BaaS): What You Need to Know?

Every mobile and web application is based on an array of backend services. These backend services are meant to back frontend that application users are seeing every day. Overall, work required to develop and manage backend services is never simple. However, currently most of the business organizations want to save their time and money required for development processes. And that’s why more and more organizations are opting for Backend as a Service solutions to manage things more effectively. Do you…

Critical Features to Consider While Developing Restaurant Mobile App

Yes, they are, and why not, as it offers comfort to the customers and allows restaurant owners to boost their sales altogether. Smartphone users are growing with each passing day, and people today are using mobile applications to make their everyday tasks simpler and easier. With the wide scope of the Internet, food and other utility apps are becoming popular.  Things are getting digital during this corona pandemic, so why the restaurant and the food industry be left? All businesses…

Checklist for Writing a Fully Optimized Blog Post

Getting a good position on a search engine result page like Google will direct more traffic to your site. Besides, you will have a long-term reader, which will ultimately lead to paying customers.  You have to take action today because there are more rankings on Google than pure luck. There is a science behind it and the strategy you need to understand to make something possible. Navigating your way to the top of the search engine results is quite complicated….

Launching an Online Marketing Campaign on a Tight Budget

It’s no secret that operating online requires capital, sometimes a lot of it. Fortunately enough, every business can successfully navigate the online market on a budget. The key is in choosing the right marketing strategies that are cost-effective and efficient.  Digital marketing is of vital importance for businesses of all sizes. Without marketing, you cannot become visible to consumers or convince them to convert to customers, for that matter. This is why it’s very important for every business to launch…

Digital Marketing and Automation in 2021 (How Can Businesses Prepare for Incoming Trends)

Digital marketing continues to skyrocket, not only in popularity but also in smart tools and cutting-edge tech applications for productivity. Digital technology for your business is something you need to embrace to stay competitive today.  Advanced technologies like Machine Learning powered by Artificial Intelligence impacts user experience greatly. These innovations are revolutionizing digital marketing into a sophisticated, precise industry. Moreso, a new breed of technology continues to transform digital automation, particularly when the world is still reeling from a pandemic….

5 B2B Ecommerce Examples to Take Inspiration From

Everything in the eCommerce space has changed after the arrival of the B2B eCommerce business trend.  Each month billions of dollars are invested in the B2B eCommerce industry. Still, most business owners feel skeptical about investing in this new platform.  Let us guess: the traditional business norm “people buy from people” is what most business organizations implement. People fear moving their pen and paper business to a digital platform.  Companies who often overlook investing in this eCommerce platform will soon…

How to Carry Out a Competitive Analysis: 7 Steps With Tools

The business that operates online, we’re sure you keep a close eye on how well your website is doing. Web analytics is an excellent way of keeping a close eye on how well your website technically performs so that you can keep any glitches at bay. However, when it comes to successful marketing, web analytics is only a piece of the puzzle.  When devising your marketing strategy, any company’s biggest goal is to appear on top amidst all your competitors….

How to Write an Impactful Instagram Bio for Business

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. It ranks as the 2nd most used social media platform just after Facebook and has more than 120 million users. In today’s time, if you have a business then you should have an Instagram page. It enables you to create an unwavering connection with your customers.   We all know how impactful first impressions are! It can make or break the deal.  Instagram bio is like the first impression of your business….

7 Tips to Write Great Content for Backlinks

To understand the type of content that helps create quality backlinks, you need to get a gist of what a backlink is. Backlinks are also known as incoming links or one-way links. They are the links that a website puts in their content, redirecting visitors to other web pages. These backlinks are a ‘vote’ in favor of your content and website. Almost every major search engine considers these votes a sign of online authority and trustworthiness and ranks websites accordingly….