Is your Marketing Mix ready for 2020?

Back in January, Forbes predicted what 2019 had in store for the future of marketing. They told us to prepare for AI and smart speaker advertising opportunities, as well as massive growth in content marketing. As we head into 2020, what does the marketing scene look like? And Forbes correctly guessed the themes and trends of 2019? The answer is simple. Exhibitions are the best way to immerse a uniquely targeted audience into your brand’s story. And they are on the rise….

How to Gain Employee Loyalty with Employee Journey Mapping

With excessive staff attrition prevailing among young employees, management questions loyalty as a huge concern in Generation Y. This generation seems to live in a digital world all the time and is never disconnected from applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They live with one foot out of the company as they are updated continuously about newer job opportunities on social networking sites. This generation lacks patience, and that is always evident in their lookout to get better-paid…

10 Content Marketing Gaffes to Avoid in 2020

Everybody seems to be jumping onto the content marketing bandwagon these days. Whether it is to generate business leads, reach out to target audience, or thought leadership, content marketing seems to be the buzzword. But, is it as easy as it seems? Not really, it is a different ball game altogether.

SaaS Product Launch: 9 Steps to Make Your Launch a Success

Do you think you could revolutionize the industry if you made a great SaaS product? Well, to execute your SaaS launch plan properly, you first need to make sure that you have a viable market. Taking your product from the pre-launch phase to the actual launch day requires team effort between major stockholders, including the product development and marketing team. 

Evolving Your Backlink Strategy in 2020

The world of search is constantly evolving, with industry titans like Google and Bing always updating their algorithms to provide smarter, more accurate results for their users; however, having worked in the search space for a number of years now, there’s one thing I can say still remains truer than ever: the strength of your backlink profile is one of the top three factors affecting your website’s rankings. 

7 Ways to Show Your Genuine Care for Your Employees

As the years pass, more companies have begun to recognize the importance of not neglecting the needs of their employees. They see that being caring towards their employees helps grow their business to even bigger heights. Plus, employees become more motivated to work for the company. Of course, not everybody is hitting the mark. A lot of companies think that ordering pizza for the staff every once in a while is a good enough form of caring for the employees.

How Does Social Media Management Work?

A recent study shows that 3.5 billion people, approximately half the world’s population, are active internet users. It’s the main reason why a significant number of businesses have an online presence. But running social media accounts to attract and engage customers can be tough for any company, especially when there is a need to focus on other departments. When faced with such a situation, businesses are better off hiring a social media agency to help out.  Whether you want to entice the…

4 Ways Intellectual Property Law is Relevant to Your SEO Optimization Strategy

Considering the internet isn’t a physical entity, it can be easy for users to be a little more risky with their actions without actually thinking about the potential consequences that they could face. Perhaps they take this risk because they believe it’s something that someone can’t physically see or they’re just unaware of what the laws are, but the possible sanctions can be massive.