7 Effective Tips to Promote Your New Podcast

Are you soon going to release on platforms your very first podcast? Believe us, recording and releasing the podcast is just half the job done. It is so tough to get discovered on platforms like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or even Spotify. 

Then what should you do about this?

Market your podcasts. After all the hard work you give in, you don’t want to be disappointed with just a few listeners. Do you? Creatively promoting your podcast so that more and more people get to know about it helps. High-quality audio and content are no doubt crucial.  Here are 7 tips to get your content noticed and appreciated:


Don’t just limit yourself to the podcasting platforms! 

So you have uploaded your podcast to all the podcasting platforms possible? Great. But that is not it! We all know video content engages much better than audio. Then, why not try promoting your podcast on YouTube or Pod Chaser? Simply make a playlist of audiograms from your podcast. You can even post some funny behind the scenes or the best clips of your conversation with the guest. Even, posting clips of you recording your podcast can help you connect better to the audience. All of these will bait your audience to listen to your actual podcast.

dear hank&john YouTube channel

Invite popular guests and get featured.

When it is just you speaking in your podcast, it can get a bit monotonous only after a few episodes. Do you know the best way to attract the attention of your audience? Guests. Try to invite guests with a high number of social media followers. In this way, even their fans will develop an interest in your podcast. And not just popular, invite guests who can speak on the niche your podcast is based on. 

Otherwise, only a popular face without any knowledge on the topic you are addressing in your podcast can look stupid. Also if you have a certain number of followers, you can ask some of your fellow podcasters to shoot an episode with you. In this way, some of their fans might get interested in your podcast.

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Social Media Engagement

Use social media smartly! Ditch mindless scrolling and try to create a community where you can both promote your podcast as well as provide value. Social media is the best place to actively engage with all your listeners. Be consistent in posting promotional clips the day before your podcast is to be released every week. Try to be on as many relevant platforms as possible.

Always optimize the social media account on which you are promoting. This can be done by using relevant hashtags, tagging other podcasters who are relevant to your niche, and asking your followers to promote for you. But don’t just promote, promote, and promote! Try to post entertaining content like funny bloopers or you can even ask your guests to promote your podcast for you. Grow your account! 


Turn your podcast into an article

Not everyone has the time to listen to a complete podcast. But don’t let the valuable knowledge that you and your guest shared, go to waste. Be creative and write a guest post blog based on the interaction in your podcast episode. Try to include the most valuable information or powerful one-liners from your episode into the article. 

Also, try to gain some additional knowledge on the topic. For eg: if you have released a podcast on: How to get started with forex trading, learn about it yourself first before turning it into an article. For this, you can read the forex trading books to get a better understanding. 


Content curation

Content is King! Heard this phrase a lot of times before? Then, work on it. Quality content is the best way to attract more and more listeners to your podcast. If you are recording an hour-long podcast, try to sit with it and edit as much as possible. Omit out any boring or irrelevant chit chat in between. Give only the best to your audience.

Also, try to find popular content from other social media accounts that are relatable to your podcast. Ask for their permission and share them on your social media page. Don’t hesitate! Let your audience enjoy and have a conversation around the topics that you want to speak on. Post high-quality pictures from your shoot for your feed aesthetics and even share relevant articles in your stories.


Get into the e-mail list of your listeners

No email marketing isn’t dead! If done creatively, it can leverage a lot of audiences. You can build a one-to-one relationship with your listeners and make them feel special with your email marketing. Make your mails sound very human and personalized. The tone should almost be like you are directly speaking to them. How to manage all of this more simply? Use an email marketing automation tool that will allow you to schedule campaigns, select templates, and even build lead magnets. 

Do you know what a lead magnet is? It can be any freebie like an ebook, checklist, exclusive or bonus content, etc. Promote all of these free materials that you are distributing on social media along with the link to your podcast. Also, don’t forget to attach the links in your emails!

The Managing Editor’s newsletter promotes their latest episode


Spend your bucks wisely on influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the new trend! All the buzz and hype you see on social media these days, especially among Millenials is mostly about influencers. Influencers have this “cool image” which attracts the attention of the younger generation. And here is good news for you. The widest audience for your podcast will always be around 18-25 years, be it a motivational niche or business. You can’t let go of this opportunity! 

Pick the right influencers who have a standard to good fan following and ask them to promote your podcasts. They can post reels on Instagram sharing sneak peeks of your podcast or even post some pictures with you. You can also use them to promote your freebies and giveaways. They can also create some entertaining, funny content around your podcast which will further the engagement.


Making your podcast and releasing it is great. But getting people to hear it is even better. Podcasts are difficult to get noticed because of the poor optimization of the platforms. But don’t worry! With these creative promotional tactics, you can always win.

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