5 Ways Podcasts Can Help Grow Your Business

Many business entrepreneurs will work tirelessly to market their brand as best as possible against the competition; and will take various steps into ensuring their chosen strategies are performed in the best way possible, to create only successful responses. 

From social media posts, to press releases in the local newspapers, there are many paths available that will all work to grow the popularity of a business. More specifically, podcasting is one chosen favorite to companies all over, due to its simplicity and quick success rates. 

There are many benefits to business owners taking up podcasting to grow their brand awareness, and with the correct toolset and digital marketing content strategy, there is no reason why podcasting will not work for everyone. Then, over time, the episodes may be awaited by customers to the business, and it will become not only a trusted marketing strategy but a source of enjoyed entertainment too.

While it is easy to say that a podcast will grow a business, it is important to understand how and why, as, after all, this process takes both time, money, and chance. So, to encourage the use of Podcasts for businesses all over, in this article we will be discussing 5 ways podcasts can help grow your business, so you too can begin using this great performing marketing strategy.

Reaching New Audiences

Podcasts are an amazing way for a brand to reach a wide stretch of an audience, on a somewhat more personable level. Especially for a business looking for a new way to create potential customers, a podcast is a brilliant way to do so. Not to mention the fact that there are, on average, 144 million podcast listeners in the US alone. 

Podcasts are stumbled upon in the weirdest instances, with many business marketers not even knowing themselves, how particular people have managed to find their podcast. But regardless, listening to a podcast is one of the best ways to find out about the minds behind the brand, and through this interest, businesses can reach extensive amounts of people and therefore increase their audience. 

It has even been suggested, that when a business comes to release the news about starting a podcast, their website traffic doubled quickly after launch; proving to have a podcast can have a positive impact on driving up a website’s ranking. 

Building Trust 

While the consumers may not know who they’re listening to personally, it is not hard to begin to trust the friendly voice that they hear regularly, especially if the podcasts they are offering are also enjoyable and entertaining. 

The way it works is by the continual podcasts build-up somewhat of a conversation between the business and the audience, and this then bridges a connection. Then, once this is completed, it is not difficult to covert the listener into a very loyal audience member being willing to subscribe to any newsletters or partnering channels the brand owns. 

By being personable, open and very talkative, the podcast will soon grow and collate more audience members as the brand awareness grows, and the content is regularly released. 

Create Partnerships

When the podcast becomes a regular project for the business to uphold, it is not long before some advantages begin to come in. One, for example, is that the company can come in touch with many partnership connections that match the personality of the company. 

Those who usually come in to work with other businesses are commonly named ‘influencers’, who aid in creating a positive brand name for whomever they are working for. The influencer can come onto the podcast, be interviewed and work to shape the opinions of the audience, through showing their own. 

An influencer will become the best customer for the business, exclaiming their kind words about products and services they have experienced, to prove what amazing potential the business has, and why it should be so liked. 

Podcasts Become Unbeatable

Business owners are in constant competition with others in the same field, and their repetitive marketing techniques used can begin to become hard to work with while trying to make them look new or improved, to a point where they just don’t work as well as they used too.

However, with podcasting, it isn’t much of a challenge. It could be addressed as the sole marketing technique, that will put an end to any competition by a substantial amount. 

It’s so easy to outperform the competition in the same industry due to the simple, yet effective techniques implemented into having a podcast. The non-demanding, minimum cost production method allows advertisements to be created in a way that will not diminish the brand potential, or reap up large company bills. Because of this, the podcast can be much more regular than that of a normal television advert or billboard, turning that business into a clear competition winner.

High Engagement Rating

The internet is full of reaps of information. Pages and pages of long written text that, to the average person, is not appealing at all. This is why audio information is the best way forward, to ensure that all audiences are ‘in the know’ without having to put the effort in to find anything out. 

By creating a podcast, the business is encouraging users to break the habit of avoiding consuming information, and are offering them a new way that is both entertaining and simple, all they have to do is listen. 

This new wave of audio information works too. With a recent survey conducted exclaiming that after research on 300,000 podcast users, 63% of them had brought a product from a company that was promoted through audio information. This is showing that consumers are more likely to absorb information and act on it if it is done through a podcast. 


Podcasts are an effective medium that can be used to promote and grow a business. With millions of users plugging in and listening to a podcast while completing mundane activities such as driving, cleaning, or even while at work, there is ample potential for your business podcast to be the one they listen too during their next errand.

There are many benefits to creating a podcast. From being able to build relationships with consumers, build on the size of the audience, create partnerships and simply increase engagement ratings, podcasts are the way forward, for a company that wants to increase their brand awareness, and show people they are more than just product sellers.

Sydney Tierney, just recently finished her studies, is working her way into the world of content writing as a digital marketing assistant for a range of clients writing about gaming through to lifestyle topics.

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