5 Best Pop Up Practices to Skyrocket Your Online Sales

Competition is getting tougher, and attention duration is getting shorter. So, if you fail to capitalize on attracting customers, your traffic will not convert. However, it is just the first step to increase your online sales. Fortunately, pop ups came into the scene. 

What is a pop-up?

A pop up refers to the large window or modal that covers the entire screen of a website. It is considered as an aggressive website element. 

The goal of pop ups is to convert your website visitors into website attendees, users, subscribers, buying customers, among others. They are used for any call to action, including performing a visitor poll, getting newsletter subscribers, or generating leads.

How pop-up works?

Pop ups are triggered by different context and behaviors of users if implemented correctly.  They can help you make personalized offers at a certain moment during the customers’ journey through the website.

With pop ups, you can grow your email lists, drive blog subscription, promote content, and other activities that can drive engagement to your site. They work better when they look appealing and can enhance the experience of your site visitors.

Why is pop-up effective?

According to Sumo’s test, even 100 site visitors a day who use newsletter subscription pop up can already provide 92-274 subscribers per month. As for Aweber, using pop ups increased their subscription rate by 1,375%.

Below are a few reasons why a pop-up is effective:


  • Visible to Everyone 


Pop-ups provide a 100% view rate. That is because they are seen very close.


  • Delivers Message 


When website visitors are engaged, pop ups deliver a message. They are most likely to click through once you ensure that pop-ups are well-implemented.


  • Offers Value 


Relevant and well-used pop ups are known to offer value to both website visitors and readers. 


  • Cannot Be Ignored 


A pop up is seen, unlike the sidebar blog subscription prompt. Your site visitors cannot help but notice and read the value proposition or message once it appeared on their screen. 

5 Best Pop-up Practices 

Before your visitors leave your website, make sure that they clicked your pop ups. Below is a list of 5 best pop up practices that result in high quality leads and skyrocket your online sales.


  • Rescue abandoned carts through exit-intent technology 


Many customers add products to their carts without checking them out. You can use exit-intent technology to capture abandoning visitors before leaving your site.

Exit-intent pop ups give the visitors freedom to close the pop up without sharing any information. They are not always intended to sell but letting you create more interaction with the visitors before they leave. 

Using exit-intent technology, it’s a lot easier for you to track your visitor’s mouse movement. Once they gesture to the top of the page, your pop up will appear and give them another chance to opt in.


  • Choose the right pop-up for your audience 


You can try experimenting with a variety of formats that would work best for your target audience. These include:


  • Scroll-based pop-ups 


These are triggered when your visitors scroll a certain percentage of your page.


  • Exit-intent pop-ups


These are triggered when your visitors try to leave your site. For example, you can include “Something is left in your cart! Get this today and enjoy 20% off.”


  • Email pop-ups 


These are triggered when the site visitors are trying to look for contact information within your website. For example, you can include “Sign up on our newsletter to get a code for 25%!”


  • Countdown pop-ups


These are usually triggered when your visitors arrive on your homepage. For example, your visitors might see “Hurry! Your voucher will expire in (Date/Hrs/Min/Sec).”


  • Time-based pop-ups 


These are triggered after a certain time – if your visitors stay on the site for more than 2-3 minutes.


  • Click-triggered pop-ups 


These are triggered every time your visitors click on several buttons, pages, and links. For example, the button may include, “Create your FREE pop up now!”

Besides, expounding on how smart triggers and targeting options can help you target the right audience. You can play around with pop up timing and location. 


  • Invest in good content and CTAs with good benefit 


Mind that the more attractive offers and CTAs are, the higher chance of conversion would be. So, it’s a smart idea to give samples of offerings such as content upgrade, plan discount or upgrade, free, trial, free shipping, or free demo.

For example, you can give first-time buyers a 10% discount, like “Hey, it looks like you are having fun. Get 15% off from our latest collection when you subscribe to our newsletter to know about promos, sales, and new arrivals!

Another example is that you can advertise a free demo through a pop up, like “Need help deciding if the pop up tool templates are good for you?” Make sure to include a “Chat with us to get a free demo” button.


  • Never underestimate the power of mobile pop ups 


Did you know that a huge chunk of website traffic is coming from mobile users? Make sure that your pop-up is mobile optimized.

Make sure to create platform-specific campaigns so that your site visitors can fully engage with your pop-ups and website. According to Salt Strong, they get a 185% increase in conversion because of pop up that was designed for mobile platforms.


  • Test the effectiveness of your pop ups every now and then 


Testing the effectiveness of your pop ups gives you a great advantage in ensuring an increase in online sales. You have an opportunity to compare the triggers, templates, interactions, and timing to know which one is the most effective version. 

You can conduct A/B testing and then monitor real-time performance results. Next is to analyze the insights.

Final Thoughts 

To sum it up, e-commerce is getting more competitive, and consistent traffic to your online store is essential to increase your sales. Using pop ups can help you communicate deals while keeping your customer’s attention.

Consider the 5 best pop practices above and see how your online sales skyrocket. To learn more about content marketing, https://3to5marketing.com/ is a perfect place.

Abbey Claire Dela Cruz serves as the Marketing Manager of Prospero. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective business strategies to drive growth. When not working, she indulges herself with nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all sorts.

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