How to Produce Better Content Using a Customer Journey Map

Customer journey maps can be used to improve any part of the sales and marketing process. That’s why they can also be successfully applied to content marketing. Many content curators decide to link their pieces to the specific part of the journey their customer is in. However, for beginners and amateurs, this strategy can be a bit confusing.

In this guide, we’re presenting you with ways to use your CJM in order to get better content results. Let’s go!

Use the stage on the map as a guideline

To begin with, there is an efficient way to create quality content. Here, it is necessary to know exactly where the content to be created is located. This is done by taking the customer’s journey map as a reference. In other words, the content must always be located at a specific point within this map.

When this location is known precisely, then the writer can apply all necessary adjustments to the writing process. In this way, the content will be directed exactly according to the objective or purpose it has. So, the same tone will not be used for an introduction and customer loyalty building phases.

Thus, content that is intended to educate existing customers in a certain way can also be very useful. On the contrary, the tone and style of writing will be different for content that is at the beginning of the journey. In particular, content used to attract potential customers usually has its well-defined style.

Customization of ideas

Another aspect of creating high-quality content is the personalization of ideas. In this way, it is possible to target the content to a particular target audience. In general, most people do not want content or proposals that are not personalized. On the contrary, such ideas are often rejected because it is not known exactly to whom they are addressed.

Therefore, knowing the exact traits of the target audience allows the writer to customize the content in an efficient way. Of course, this requires knowing exactly who the target audience is. For example, it is not the same to write content for single people as for people with families.

Also, it can be very useful to know exactly where the new content created will be placed. Even these aspects can provide more positive results overall. Here most people will be more open to the possibility of capturing the proposal that lies within the idea.

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Getting ahead of the questions

In particular, a consumer journey map can provide other highly efficient aspects for any writer. One of them is the possibility of anticipating possible questions that customers may ask. It is necessary to realize that customers do not know every aspect of the business in question.

So, it is inevitable that all customers will ask themselves some kind of question somewhere on the map of the journey. So, knowing this exact location allows the writer to get the answers to the questions that the customers are likely to ask. In this way, it allows the client to save some time in researching what the answer to their question is.

It often happens that many customers who do not know the answer to a question quickly abandon the company’s proposal. Thus, this aspect also reduces the number of potential customers who decide not to buy or acquire a business proposal. Therefore, clearing up all doubts and questions is an important aspect.

Quantity and quality of information

Here it is important to consider each of the extremes that can represent a client. On the one hand, providing very basic information can be somewhat incomplete for a large number of customers.

Here the clients might be specific or specialized in a certain area. So, for them, it is necessary to adjust and specify the information in the most appropriate way.

On the other hand, it could also be that it is a set of clients without much information on a certain subject. So, in this case, incorporating many technical and specific terms may not be the most appropriate. Therefore, it would be necessary here to develop basic content that can be understood in general.

In conclusion, it is very important to know specifically each of the details of the target audience. Also, each of these people who may be potential customers and make up the target audience must be found somewhere on the customer’s journey map. From there, the writer can adjust the content to be created in the most precise way.

Fulfillment of objectives

One of the most important aspects, in this case, is the fulfillment of objectives from the new content created. In this way, it will be easier to guide the different clients to carry out a certain action. For that, it is really necessary a content creation that is regular and adjusted to certain times.

In this sense, it means creating content regularly with the help of a schedule. To be able to do this, it is really important to know in a specific way where each client is located within the map of the trip. At the same time, having a systematization of the creation of content within the client’s journey map will allow us to obtain positive and fast results.

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Like in many other scenarios, applying your customer journey map to your content marketing efforts can help you know exactly who you are talking to and when. It’s simply a deeper level of understanding your audience and what they want.

When it comes to content, you can also improve performance in other areas of business, such as customer support. You do this by anticipating questions and offering solutions in your content, based on the stage in the journey the reader is in.

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