5 Creative Ways to Promote Your App

Mobile applications have brought the whole world under a single screen. There is an app for everything that you can think of. Feeling hungry after a long day work, cooking is the last thing that you would like to do, ‘Abra-ca-dabra’ you have food at your footsteps. If you can’t afford an educator, you can rely on trusted apps for all the knowledge. It’s that simple. Everything is available at fingertips with apps. Life today has become easier than ever before. 

Now, if you are excited about the prospect of developing an application and helping millions, we think you should know some facts. There are more than 2.8 million apps in the Google play store and 2.2 million in the Apple store. So you see the point, if you have a preconceived notion that hundreds of people will be using your app without putting effort into promotions, that would be work of fiction.  

You need to have a plan ready for the promotions. Probably, you need to set a target regarding the number of users at different time intervals. If you don’t have a plan ready, we are here to lend you a helping hand. Stay with us.  

Create a professional website 

The first and most important step of promoting any app is to create a professional website, which has the logo of the app at the right places to lend credibility. Every detail regarding the app should be mentioned on the website. It must have pages dedicated to providing information like- 

  • What we do
  • The why   
  • Our team 
  • Contact us 

Having all this information will help users to understand what the app is all about and how they can benefit from it. 

Setting up a blog can also be an alternative to creating a website. If there are constraints in terms of funds or technical expertise, blogs can be a distant alternative. Though, we again would like to present the fact having a website is the ultimate plan for promotion.    

Work on the application representation in the play store

After you have developed an app it is not just about putting it out on the app store. This is where you start the real work. We hope that the point is loud and clear that there are millions of applications in both Google and Apple store. Thus, even if your app might be unique, but it needs the correct representation. 

You need to attach screenshots of the crucial pages of the app. It would not be a bad idea to look at some of the apps in the concerned category, and take cues from them. Also, try to attach an introductory video that provides an overall landscape of the app. Even the tutorial videos can a great way to start with. 

Finally, validate the process of -word of mouth- with positive reviews (not necessarily paid ones). But have a keen look at the reviews and work for better reviews, numbers will galore in at the end of the day. 

Take help from social media

As we speak, nearly millions are scrolling through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed. Make ample use of such a large user base.

Communicate your story on the Facebook page, or your official Instagram and Twitter handle. Engage with followers one at a time, initially, and as the followers add to try to send community-based messages.

Listen to what the followers have to say about your app. After all, it is they who will be using the app. Seek suggestions before adding something new to the application. 

Get in a prominent social media influencers into the scene. Try to work in unison and curate content that speaks and lets your app breathe amidst the crowd. Engage with the followers using giveaways and organizing contests in coordination with the influencer.

Make yourself and your app visible 

One of the best ways to promote your app is to own-up for your creation. Head to media outlets, give interviews and take the onus to explain every little about the app. Look for expert writers in your niche and request to draft a long-form article. If possible organize a podcast video and try to provide a demo of how the app works and other relevant details.    

Go all out on print and online media and advertisement, create the ‘buzz’ required for the success of your app. Post giving interviews and podcast, you can even host a launch party, give them comfort and create a space of mind where turn inquisitive about the app. Opting for a theme party could be one of the possible ways to keep the guest intrigued. If possible invite some celebrities to the party and feed of their fame.

Join forums and be the first one to help in your field 

Besides, all of the above-mentioned ways to promote your app, which can be cost-intensive, you can opt for a budget-friendly promotion method. It encompasses joining various forums like Quora and answering questions, providing solutions.

The results may not be directly equated to new user registration, but you can expect a thankyou registration once they know about the application. It all boils down to building in your community, which then reciprocates in motivating results. It pushes you to work even harder. Thus, look for the human aspect, and create a loyal user base, who will then promote you. 


If your application solves the problem and makes life easier for the user, then it has the potential to explode. But for that, you need to provide the extra strength with the implementation of a string of creative promotion plans. Look for the promotion strategy that serves the purpose, and try to avoid complexity. In the coming days, the competition will be even fiercer, you need to be up to date with the latest promotions strategy. But at the end of the day, keep it simple and be the storyteller of your creation. 

Jainish Vora is Author at Phoneier. Having experience with 5 years of writing about phones and other gadgets. He loves to explore and write different gadgets from android phones to wearable gadgets.

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