Promoting Your Mobile App Through Influencer Marketing

Are you struggling to promote your application? Are you searching out ways to spread the word about your application among your audience? 

Well, even if you lost some hopes, then don’t worry because influencer marketing is the right and trendy digital marketing strategy to promote your brand. 

Of course, influencer marketing is not an easy nut to crack. However, with suitable planning and impactful campaigns, influencer marketing isn’t challenging. 

Now, what is influencer marketing? In simpler terms, an influencer is an individual, who has the ability to influence the relevant audience about a product or a service. 

Whether it’s a speaker, journalist or blogger, they have a huge number of following on their social media platforms through which they influence individuals with their opinions and perspective. They have their own tariffs, which they charge for a single post. 

With the help of an influencer marketing strategy, you can promote your own application to beat the competitors. The reason behind the prominence of influencer marketing in the present scenario is that its a powerful strategy and at the same time, beneficial for the marketers too. Some other advantages of adopting influencer marketing are mentioned below: 

  • One of the major reasons for implementing influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategy is REACH! If you are planning to promote your application through influencer marketing among the targeted audience, then what you will benefit is awareness about the application and its features. An influencer will convince or encourage followers to download the app. 
  • With the right kind of influencer, your marketing will surely become easier. As social media influencers have a relevant audience, so it is a quick way to reach among the relevant and targeted audience who will be interested in using the application you have or planning to develop. 
  • In recent times, influencer marketing tactics are interesting as well as impactful. The young generation is already present on all social media platforms, then why not engage them while employing influencer marketing strategies to grab their attention? 

Now, do you think that your application requires an influencer marketing strategy? Undeniably, there’s a heavy investment when it comes to influencer marketing, especially the promotion of an application. 

So, proper planning is required before you step into this influencer marketing thing and if you are ready to invest and grow, then here is what you should do! 

  1. Influencers from a specific niche 

Influencer marketing campaigns and strategies are beneficial only when you choose the right influencers that align with your brand.


For the promotion of an application, it is required to collaborate with the specific niche influencer that can spread the awareness about the application among the relevant audience. 

  1. Storytelling & Influencer Marketing 

Your brand story and influencer marketing go hand in hand perfectly! 

With the efforts, your influencers and a story about your application development can influence the targeted audience. 

This is definitely one of the attention-grabbing marketing strategies to promote your application while implementing the touching points into the story. 

Just make sure that the brand story is told in a manner that affects the audience in a positive way.  

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  1. Instagram Stories

If you haven’t incorporated Instagram marketing into your strategies, then you might lose the game! 

Presently, Instagram is one of the widely used social media platforms for product promotions and influencer marketing, especially Instagram stories. 

Henceforth, implementing the influencer marketing along with Instagram Stories to appeal the audience with the visuals would make it easier to aware the audience about the application. 

Also, the content should be in alignment with the demographics, so as to engage the audience in a better way! 

  1. Give Freedom of creativity to Influencers

Creativity is the core of digital marketing and if you lack it, then you cannot grow in the long run! 

This means, if you are choosing to go with the influencer marketing tactic to promote your application, then you must give enough space and freedom to do it in the best possible manner! 

One of the organic ways to promote your application is through influencer marketing and for that you have to trust the skills of the influencers to contribute effectively and creatively. 

  1. Let’s keep the content Short and Crisp 

For any marketing strategy, content is the core. Without great content, you cannot appeal or engage the audience even if influencer marketing is implemented. 

For the promotion of an application along with the influencer marketing strategy, you have to make sure that the content should be short, appealing and delivers a strong message to the audience. 

As there are numerous competitors in the market, to make it extraordinary from the rest, your content strategy should also be extraordinary.  


In this dynamic world, every day there is something new to learn and adapt, even in technology. 

Influencer marketing is one such trend and can give outstanding results if you execute it rightly. 

Just plan it in a structured and strategic way to promote your application through influencer marketing. 

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot

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