Promoting Your Mobile App Through YouTube Channels

While the mobile app business is increasingly getting competitive, app makers frequently depend on video ads to make the app’s value proposition more convincing to the potential audience. Since mobile video ads enjoy greater audience engagement, YouTube, as the leading video platform, has become one of the most popular marketing channels

Why Opt for YouTube Marketing to Promote your App? 

YouTube is a powerful medium to reach out to the target audience of every niche since most people across interest areas land on YouTube for their preferred videos or any audiovisual content that they might be interested about. The best thing is YouTube as a medium offers visibility of your video content for the most extended duration. 

Many app developers and startups now promote their apps on YouTube by creating related videos to draw the attention of their audience and present their apps with well-timed ads in between. The IndianAppDevelopers Company and marketers in this regard are showing exceptional creativity with YouTube video marketing. Such a strategy can also reduce the typical promotional feel from the video content.

 Being the leading channel, it also offers the most significant exposure, and you can easily connect with the biggest volume subscriber audience all over the globe. Even the other leading video channels also show partiality to the successful YouTube content and marketers. 

YouTube, as a medium, allows easy publishing of contents involving not too high costs. The channel can easily help rich content publishers generate a huge subscriber base in a quick time. Lastly, YouTube allows integrating marketing tools like clickable links and Call to Action buttons that marketers can utilize to generate new traffic for their promotional websites or the App Store page.

Different Types of App Ads on YouTube 

Apart from all the benefits that we mentioned above, YouTube also offers versatile ways to make ads for your apps. There are different types of YouTube ads that you can choose from based on the marketing needs and your audience. Let’s have a brief look at these various types of ads.

Display Ads

This is the most common type of ad which is shown either right in the YouTube player or just below the player. The only downside of this ad is that such ads, as per their screen dimensions, only fit into desktop screens.

Overlay Ads

Overlay ads using semi-transparent images or text can make the value statement about a product while users watch a video. Again, the dimensions of these ads are still fixed to fit desktop screens.

Skippable Video Ads

Such video ads that run for a few seconds before displaying the option for the users to skip the ad are highly effective and can fit into any screen type, including both desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

Non-Skippable Video Ads 

These video ads, once started, can’t be skipped after 5 seconds like the skippable ones. Since these ads cannot be skipped and risk losing audience attention, such ads generally come with a shorter length ranging from mostly 10 to 20 seconds.

Bumper Ads

They are quite similar to non-skippable video ads with only a shorter video length, not crossing 5-10 seconds.

Sponsored Ad Cards

While a video is running, sometimes ad cards are on the right side of the screen of YouTube players on both mobile and desktop. They are also widely popular and effective ads without disturbing normal video play.

What are the Best Practices for YouTube App Marketing?

Now that the basic benefits and types of YouTube ads are explained, we would like to explain the best practices for creating YouTube ads. 

Make a Solid Content Strategy

The most important thing is creating engaging video content that can be quickly popular or can go viral. Here we provide some helpful ideas for creating YouTube videos to promote your app.

  • Know the kind of videos getting the most traction with similar app marketers
  • What are your app’s key value propositions and how they can be put into an engaging and interesting video? 
  • Can you explain the usage and real-life benefits of your app through a video? 
  • Can you incorporate opinion about your app from people for whom you built the app? 
  • Can you provide a tutorial video and connect it with your app benefit? 

Ensure Expertise and Quality 

Do you want to reap maximum advantage from your YouTube ad videos? Well, to ensure this, the videos must be built by experts who have a solid grasp over YouTube video marketing and video production for app marketing. Consider the following aspects in advance.

  • Your budget and the time for making your video live on YouTube.
  • Do you have in-house skills for video production, or you need hiring experts? 
  • Why does your target audience visit YouTube? 
  • How can video ads give you a competitive advantage on YouTube? 
  • How can you make your video ads quickly popular by using other channels and social influencers? 

Make a YouTube Promo Trailer

On YouTube, marketers can also create separate promo trailers targeting new visitors and older visitors. This often helps boost the subscriber base and create a new audience. Explaining your key value proposition on YouTube will help to build your subscriber base and audience.

Improve Metadata

You probably have some idea about App Store Optimization or SEO already. On YouTube, you can use similar concepts with a different twist to give your videos more exposure. Here we explain the key components.                                                        

  • First of all, target some audience-specific keywords that can be used to help users find your content easily. The same strategy will also help boost your Google search results. 
  • Use keywords in the video title that help most in finding videos against searches. 
  • On YouTube, you can provide elaborate descriptions with your website links and deep links if the app. In the description, you have to mention the value proposition clearly and use target keywords once or twice to appear in search results.
  • Have a channel name that quickly relates your brand or the niche.
  • Regularly reply to comments in videos and make fresh comments to inform about your app product further. 
  • Lastly, reach out to other YouTube influencers in your niche to build the audience and become shared. Share the same video links across social media using the right hashtag. 


As of now, YouTube has emerged as the uncontested leader among all video marketing channels and is likely to stay ahead of other video channels in the years to come. Naturally, as an app marketer, you cannot leave aside the channel from your scheme of things. 






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