Using Promotional Product For Marketing – Is It Still Relevant?

For all intents and purposes, the digital age has truly arrived. With the leaps and bounds being continually achieved in technology it is safe to say that the digital age is here to stay. With almost every business niche today being just a few clicks away, its no wonder that the field of marketing has gone above and beyond to do what it does. 

Since being online is the new trend for every business, it’s worth thinking about traditional marketing methods and their relevance. Promotional products, in particular, have been around forever and nothing can compete with the prospect of receiving a valuable freebie. For this purpose alone, using promotional products to market yourself is never going to go out of style. 

All you have to do is stay relevant so that your freebie appeals to your customers while keeping them coming back for more. 

As A Business, What Do You Need To Do?

Potential customers are more likely to remember and recognize your brand if the promotional items you offer stand out. Gone are the days when you would just print a T-shirt or a mug with your logo and be done with it. Today to stay relevant, you’ve got to bring your A-game with the freebies you offer. You’ve got to upgrade and update your promotional items with the changing times. 

These items have to bring real practical value to consumers. You’ve got to be inventive and innovative because that’s what will work in your favor, or else your freebie will be sitting on a shelf forgotten, collecting dust. 

If you go the extra mile with this kind of advertising, it will not only be effective in building new customer relationships but also leave long-lasting impressions on your marketing efforts.

Advantages of Using Relevant Promotional Products

In the digital age, the benefits of branded gifts are often overlooked. Irrespective of the kind of product or service you provide, relevant and practical promotional items will give your business the limelight it needs no matter what.

So, mentioned below are a few reasons why promotional freebies still work in the digital age.

Low costs

When promotional merchandise is produced in bulk, the low cost of production helps stretch your marketing budget. What’s more, branded items are comparatively inexpensive than other advertising techniques that can potentially burn a hole in your pocket. 

Innovative promotional items like Bluetooth speakers, beermats, power banks, and USB bracelets have a longer shelf life not to mention these are highly practical items. People can use these items both at home and workplaces or maybe pass it on to someone else. 

This, in turn, will give your brand recognition more momentum as more and more people will see your product. If it is innovative enough, they’ll see the logo along with other details which just adds to your brand’s visibility.

In any case, as a business, you will receive an incredible return on investment with such low cost but high-impact freebies while also winning over your customers.

Brand Recognition

With creative promotional giveaways, it’ll become easier for your customers to recognise your company and associate with your brand instantly. Brand awareness counts for a lot in marketing, especially with customers who are loyal to your brand.

Customer Loyalty

By handing out innovative and unique freebies you have a positive impact on your existing customers and prospects. You’ll come across as a brand that prioritizes customer needs by offering something relevant and valuable.

With your business logo being more visible than ever on branded items, you’ll be on your customer’s radar which will work wonders for your sale.

Include Promotional Products In Your Digital Campaigns

Because everybody seems to be online, you can engage and attract your audience in the digital space with these ideas:

Use Promotional Freebies To Sart an Interactive Session on Social Media

Many businesses today are reaping the benefits of engaging with their target audience on social platforms by way of surveys, contests and polls. For instance, you could launch a trivia contest about your company where the winner gets a limited edition of your giveaway. 

Since Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, you could ask your customers to tag their friends for a special holiday giveaway while using a particular hashtag to get more traction. 

You can then pick one winner at random and award discount coupons and gift certificates to them.

Print QR Codes on Your Promotional Merchandise

Because QR codes are so innovative, they can be used in several different ways especially with promotional items. For instance, you could print generated dynamic QR codes on your giveaways. Customers can scan this on their smartphones and a number of options will pop up.

The QR code can redirect a customer to your website, send an email or a call to your office. It’s a brilliant way to make yourself available to customers.

Print Your Digital Address on Your Branded Products

You don’t need business cards anymore to let your audience know where they can reach you. You can use your promotional products creatively to print all the necessary details of your business to make yourself more accessible. This includes printing your website URL and social media handle along with your brand’s logo (of course) for easy recall.


Use the digital space to your advantage and make your marketing campaigns more creative than ever. When you use products that resonate with the digitally advanced customer of today, you can position yourself as a competitive brand that too in a cost-efficient manner.

The best way is to find the perfect balance between traditional and digital marketing methods to keep your target audience hooked and your ideas innovative. 

Promotional products will always have the same impact no matter what. After all, who doesn’t love a freebie? 

While many still assume that this form of marketing is dead – the fact is these are still extremely powerful marketing tools and will continue being so in the future as well.

Uzma works as the lead content writer for Mosaic Board Printers Ltd. She loves to write about marketing and SEO. On most days you’ll find her curled up with a book and a hot cup of tea!

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