What’s Reddit Karma and How Do I Get It?

Well, Karma is the postulation that whatever you bestow on this world, you’ll get back. Yes, you got it right; it’s like cause and effect. Be that as it may, Reddit utilizes its type of Karma, yet Reddit Karma isn’t equivalent to real-life Karma, but it has a different story to tell.

When you step into Reddit, you will see a number on your profile. You must have pondered what it does? Is it a conceit emblem? Or it’s merely an extraneous thing? Let’s hover over it.

What Is Reddit Karma?

Reddit Karma is the score you acquire for commenting and posting on Reddit. Your Karma will appear on your profile, and when somebody drifts over your username on the desktop, they’ll see a breakdown of Post Karma and Comment Karma. Reddit has wobbling 430 million active monthly users, and only a few people are such an aficionado at Reddit that their Karma runs into the millions. Isn’t this amazing!

How Does Reddit Karma Work And How Is It Calculated?

Have you ever wondered how the Reddit algorithm works? You fetch those esteemed Reddit Karma when someone upvotes your posts or comment on it, and you lose it when someone downvotes it. Yes, it’s that straightforward. Well, homie! Neither Reddit Coins nor Reddit Premium can get you Karma, and always remember expressly requesting upvotes is intensely scowled of.

As far as the calculation of Reddit, Karma is concerned. It seems like at; first, every upvote adds to your Reddit karma till you reach the threshold of 1k points. Soon after, this algorithm becomes somber and claggy. Reddit doesn’t reveal precisely how it functions. Purportedly, the more upvotes a links or remark gets, the less Karma each upvote is worth. That implies an observation with 20K upvotes isn’t going to get you 20K of Comment Karma. Yeah, it’s a bit convoluted!

But what makes this Reddit karma so Gucci?

Reddit Karma Explained

Undoubtedly, having a six-figure score under your name is the coolest thing, but is there anything more you can get from these Reddit Karma? Okay! Let’s break the ice.


  • Comment and post as much as you want: Yes, you heard it right! If you’re a newbie in Reddit, you need to wait for sometime before you post something again. So once you have a plethora of Karma, you are unstoppable!



  • Explore not just unique but ‘especial’ subreddits: Some subreddits demand minimum Karma for you to join and post. For instance, to visit r/CenturyClub, you require at least 100K Post-Karma and Comment Karma. Get instant entry.



  • Enjoy some goodwill: Reddit goodwill is hard to earn. Indeed it’s a hard-won gain. But a user with high Reddit karma gets a cut edge benefit over others and savors some credibility.



  • Go for self-promotion: Boost up your self-esteem and get some recognition. Self-promotion is strictly prohibited on Reddit, but rules get a bit murky when you have more Karma. Indeed, it’s a bonanza!


How To Get Karma On Reddit?

Want to earn Reddit Karma real quick? Well, the stratagem for gaining quick fame is simple yet challenging. Are you new on Reddit and pondering for some cracks or code to get Karma quickly? Let’s boil out some tacks.


  • Post something creative


Time to show off your creativity and post something unique. This can be obvious stuff, but it does make a significant effect. Funny memes, captivating photos, and fabulous shots get viral quickly and get maximum upvotes. Be different because that only makes the difference!. Reddit Video Downloader shortcut is built from scratch to download the high-resolution files.


  • Canvass some interesting topic


Which episode of Game of Thrones was your favorite? Or which part of the movie you felt was tedious? Discuss it on Reddit. Such a post gets maximum engagement and upvotes. Trending topics are favoured, rather than subjects that have lost their sheen over short time periods. So what are you waiting for? Post it.


  • Come first and comment


Reddit follows the ideology of ‘first come first served.’ So keep tracking all the posts and jump into any position which you feel have good upvoting power. If a post has sheer proximity of getting viral, which means your comment will also get viral. There is a potential to gain a lot of upvotes in the comment itself.


  • Answer some questions


Always try to answer some relevant questions and ask some interesting questions like why some boys put Amine girls’ pictures as their digital profile or something interesting. If users find it’s intriguing, you will be rewarded with thousands of Karma. Browse through the millions of reddit tags to place your questions, preferable choosing the more active ones.


  • Amalgamate up with voguish subreddits


Look at some popular subreddits like r/tipofmytongue and r/WritingPrompts, etc. which have millions of active users, so if you post something which matches with their interest then it would be easier for you to cut through the noise.

Proceed with Caution

But don’t take it too fast head-on. If you have an abnormally large activity on your account, with commenting, upvoting, sharing and posting, you may be accused of ‘karma farming’. It is highly frowned upon in Reddit. You could risk yourself from getting banned in some subreddits, if you post a lot within a short span of time.

Start the process organically, and give it a natural flow. Become an active member of the subreddits you genuinely like, and engage in fully-focused conversations within them. Reddit users love a natural participant who has tons of good wit, and also knows how to keep it real. Eventually, the Karma would automatically start flowing.

Reddit: Use it

Gaining Reddit Karma is simply part of the game—you’ll additionally need to keep it. Furthermore, a dubious post isn’t the main thing that can get you vigorously downvoted. Maybe the most significant offense is breaking the Reddiquette, a set of standard rules you see on Reddit. Some of them include avoiding reposting, refrain from giving futile comments, and be genuine. Use Reddit wisely and be a Reddit King!

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