7 Techniques for Creating Remarkable Content

In 2019 alone, about 56% of B2C marketers increased their spending on content creation over the last 12 months according to content marketing institute. Why this figure? This is because when compared with paid search, content marketing is three times more cost-effective than the former at lead generation (content marketing institute). Most brands use content marketing because it allows them to build brand awareness, generate sales and gain the trust of consumers.

The issue is there are lots of content online that you have to compete with, this means to stand out, you have to create a content that is unique, engaging and that converts. In other words, you have to create remarkable content. In this guide, you will learn 7 techniques for creating remarkable content, so without further ado, let’s gets started.

What is Remarkable Content?

Remarkable content is content that is worthy of attention or notice. It is a content that is interesting and unique such that it compels it, reader, to take a particular action. It educates the reader on a subject matter and teaches the reader what he or she wants to know. So how do you create remarkable content? Below are 7 techniques you can use to create remarkable content.

Techniques for Creating Remarkable Content

Aim to solve a problem

The first technique in creating unique content is to aim at solving a problem of the reader. There is no use in creating content that doesn’t add value to the reader. To create remarkable content, you have to add value to the reader by solving a problem that the reader is facing.

People don’t attach importance to your content if it doesn’t in one way or the other help them achieve something. Your content should either teach them how to do something or enlighten them on a subject matter. Whatever you do, just make sure you set out to add value to your audience by helping them solve a problem. For example, this article for face care is solving a problem that the audience needs – it compiles a list of handy beauty tips.

Choose a topic your audience resonates with

After aiming to solve a problem for your audience, the next step should be to choose a topic your target audience resonates with or a topic that interests them. The problem most brands have is putting out content believing that their audience will love it, without first researching if truly it is a topic that they have an interest in. 

One way to choose a topic that your audience resonates with is to find out what is trending and if it’s related your brand, create content on it. You can do this by checking contents that are increasingly getting shared by people, or what people are talking about most online. You can use a free tool; Exploding topics recently launched by Backlinko’s Brian Dean. It helps you find trending topics before they take off.

Research, Research, Research

I laid emphasis on research because you want to make sure that whatever content you are putting out there for your audience is covered extensively. The subject matter should be covered in detail because whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Hence, why most experts recommend you stick to topics you know well. There is no use in writing half-baked content.  Remarkable content is content that you hardly find in other places, this is because they are so detailed, well researched and contain valuable information.

Include illustrations, examples or data if need be, as long as they are related to the subject matter. Anything that would make the content unique should be used.  The aim here is to make sure that you present yourself as an authority in your field.

Choose article type

Some types of article content tend to perform better than others, which is why you have to consider in what format your content will be. There are basically 4 types of ways you can write your content as an article which are listed below:

  • Lists:  These are contents that are broken down into lists for a more easy reading experience of the reader. These contents usually start with headlines such as 10, 7, 8 or any other number that suggests that the content is in the form of lists. An example of this type of content is “5 content marketing trends to grow your business in 2020”.
  • Research:  This type of content aims to discover facts that people might not know about. The reward of this type of content is great if you are able to create it. It can boost your content marketing effort.
  • Data-Driven:  This content type is data-driven. It is packed with a lot of data that is aimed at explaining a particular phenomenon. They provide valuable insights into a particular subject matter.
  • How-to:  As the name indicates it helps the reader know how to do something. There are a lot of people who search on how to do something, you can take this opportunity and create a remarkable piece of content on it.

Although there are other types of articles, these are the major ones. In creating unique content, you need to take into consideration the article type. This will have an influence on how you create such content.

Make it structured

Remarkable contents are usually detailed and in long-form, to make it easier for your reader, it is better you make it structured. Break your content into paragraphs and make sure they are not more than 5 lines. Also, divide your content into headings and sub-headings, this will make the content readable and enable the reader to better understand the content. 

You also want to make sure that your content is free from grammatical errors, be sure to use simple words the reader will understand, a remarkable content must be one that the reader can easily grasp within a short period of time.

Build a connection

Don’t just start writing content like you are speaking to robots, that doesn’t make it remarkable. An outstanding feature of remarkable content is that it connects with the reader. Try to build a connection with your audience, write as if you are talking physically with them, for this, you have to check the tone you use in communicating with them. Also, when creating content don’t make it all about your brand rather focus on helping them achieve what they want to achieve and then you could chip in one or two things about your brand.

Promote the heck out of it

What’s a remarkable content without people getting to see it? You need to make sure the content gets to your audience, so use every medium possible to promote your content. You can use various social media channels; reach out to influencers, bloggers or other content creators or marketers, just make sure people see it. That’s the only way people will see the value in your content and if they share it with other people your content will get popular.

Bonus tip: Since you are creating online content, you should consider creating content with SEO in mind. SEO could get you traffic to your content on search engines. A lot of content gets seen by many people on search engines, that is why you have to create SEO optimized content. This will make your content get easily discovered on search engines.

Final Thoughts

Creating remarkable content shouldn’t be that hard if you follow the above steps. Always aim to stand out from the crowd by creating unique content; this is one way to get people to recognize your brand because you’ve given them a reason to remember you. I believe you’ve gotten value from this content and I‘ll love if you could share it with your friends. Don’t also forget to comment if you have any questions or experiences to share.

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