How to Run Your Company Social Profiles Without Agency

Social media profiles are a must for every business nowadays. However, you might not have the required capital to hire a social media marketing agency. We have made the strategies easy for you, by breaking down in steps, including tips for how to sell non-technical products.


Choose The Right Platform

The strategy for social media marketing your posts should vary according to the type of platform you prefer. Each platform markets content in its own unique manner. Instagram, a popular visually-driven social media channel is known for helping its users edit and share photos.

For your business to thrive on Instagram, we suggest advertising in Insta stories, which are status updates of 15 seconds but must have glamorous visuals. Facebook is known for its informal approach to users; hence the advertisements should be friendly and appealing to the viewers’ emotions. YouTube, on the other hand, is ideal for advertising in between two successive videos or video blogs. You can also be the lead sponsor of some Youtube channels so that you will get maximum ad space to showcase your product.




Know Your Audience

Identifying the target audience is the first step in defining our marketing goals. You have to modify your social media promotion ideas according to your viewers. Don’t know which social media platforms are popular among your clients? Ask them to participate in a survey.

While conducting the surveys, make it a point to include questions on demographics, such as age, language, interests and profession. People under 35 with a good knowledge of social media networks are most likely to use Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Twitter offers a semi-casual but sophisticated approach within a few words thus, you can create short yet attractive content. LinkedIn caters to an entirely professional audience; hence your LinkedIn ads should have a clear business pitch. You can also check Influence Digest to learn more about the best training companies in the field of LinkedIn Sales & Marketing.

Take A Humane Approach

The foundation of a solid business is established on mutual trust and co-operation between the seller and the client. If you ask us how to promote business on social media for free, the answer is through followers and shares. Having more number of followers ensures a higher chance of your promotion posts getting shared.

While a witty advertisement or wisecracking posts will earn you shares from numerous users, people prefer a one-to-one approach. Pro tip: Reply to at least first 5-6 comments on your posts under the banner of your brand. Once you start a conversation, you are sure to get more traffic.


Find Ways To Make Your Social Media Marketing Content Visually Attractive

Does getting visual help boost the reach of your ads? Definitely! Go through some of the popular social media promotions examples, such as that of cosmetic and fast food chains. Do you notice the image first or the caption that accompanies them?  Visuals are the easiest method to showcase your content, as 65% of human beings learn through graphics. Are you targeting global youth with your brand? Go for memes! Creating a humorous impact on your young viewers will attract them to follow your brand page, and try your product! If the underlying niche is technical, we suggest using infographics of statistical data to emphasise on the performance of your product.


Ask Your Audience To Follow You On Other Channels:

Of course, you won’t restrict your social media marketing to a single social media network, will you? Social media users have accounts on several platforms, and chances are that your potential customer is an avid Internet user. So, why not cross-promote your business? It will cost you peanuts, but get you huge exposure and reach. You can partner up with brands of related products, for example. Baby product companies often make use of this strategy. How many times have you seen an infant milk formula ad popping up while checking out toothbrushes for your kids? It’s a clever way to subtly push forward brand sales and such partnerships will help you generate reviews from ads for both products.

If the brand partnership is not your cup of tea, go bold with cross-promotion! Do not hesitate to remind your viewers that you are on other social media platforms too! Embed links to your Twitter account on your Facebook page and heartily announce that you have joined a new platform.


Target Your Customers With Ads:

While this strategy is mainly useful for Facebook promotion, with a bit nuance you can apply it to Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn too. These networks have settings specifically curated to promote your business to a specific stratum of users. Targeted ads are indeed the fastest and sure-shot tip for social media marketing.

For Facebook, use the Custom Audiences tool to design your ad campaign. Twitter and Pinterest also offer similar features to their users for gaining more subscribers. For LinkedIn, it’s the Account Targeting Tool. In the end, make sure to add a call to action link that will urge them to make a comment with hashtag, or subscribe to your newsletters. Speaking of newsletters, let’s move on to the next point-


Send Newsletters With Social Media Links:

Call-to-Action buttons are useful for email signatures too. Users who subscribe to newsletters can be offered special privileges such as additional or early discounts, and limited sales. You can also add your social media account links at the end of the emails. Newsletters are useful in reminding customers to check out items from their online shopping cart.

These are some of the most effective and foolproof ideas on how to promote a product through social media. However, as they say, content is the key. Without innovative content, your followers’ count won’t remain consistent. Have any questions? Drop a comment and show some love!

Elizabeth Barlettah is an experienced sales manager with more than 5 years of working ahead. Currently, she is the Strategic Advisor at the online children store Top-Mom.

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