Where to Sell Textbooks?

Whether graduating from school or in need of extra cash, there comes a time in every student’s life when they realize the benefits of selling the textbooks. Sure, keeping textbooks’ hard copies in piles can be satisfying to watch, and remember good old days of school or college; unless you consider the risk of ‘trip and fall,’ mess and dust in the room. 

If you decide to say goodbye to your textbooks and start a new chapter, this guide is just for you. We will explain to you several ways to sell textbooks, especially those that will bring the highest rate. You will also find some tips to maximize the profits from sales. 

Why Sell Books?

It can be hard to separate from your old friends who assisted you during your difficult academic life. However, keep in mind that you will take many advantages if you sell textbooks. First, during a pandemic, we all experience some kind of financial challenges. Selling the textbooks sitting in one corner of your room will bring extra cash to your pocket. Another reason to sell textbooks is to get rid of the clutter. If you are getting married, moving to a new house, or just want to make some changes to your messy home design, you can sell or donate the books online. Besides, second-hand textbooks are usually cheaper, which means you will contribute to other people’s education who struggle with buying a new book. Lastly, and most importantly, selling textbooks online is easier than ever. Before, people thought they would sell the books for pennies and that all the hassle to find a buyer is not worth the money received. However, nowadays, you can convince the buyers to pay the higher value in a few steps. How? Keep reading to find out…

  1. BookSelling Intermediaries

There are companies that stand between the seller and the buyer to ease the process and eliminate the risk. Such companies can dismiss the risk of non-payment or cheating while helping sellers match buyers fast. 


One of the best companies that I have ever worked with is Book Deal. Book Deal helps sellers in multiple dimensions- to find buyers fast and to sell for the highest possible price. It assists sellers by giving access to a large network of reliable buyers. These buyers are well-known textbook buying companies. Besides, they will guarantee the payment when the seller adheres to the guidelines. The best side of this service is that the seller gets the highest profit from the process. They find buyers paying the highest rate and send the books to purchasers for FREE.

Half Price Books

While Book Deal is an online platform to sell textbooks, Half Price Books have many stores in the U.S. The store buys textbooks, as well as games, movies, etc., from the sellers. It is enough to bring all books to the store and get the money directly. Sure, the rate will depend on the book’s conditions and the demand for that particular subject. However, keep in mind that as you approach a single buyer, there is no guarantee that you will get the best rate for your precious assets. 


One of the most accessible and reliable options to sell books is Amazon. The brand has its own buyback program, which can pay around 80% of the retail price to the sellers if the book meets their criteria. Additionally, you can choose to sell the book on your own for the price you set. In this case, you will be responsible for the shipping processes and dealing with the customers. However, keep in mind that you will need to pay commission fees to Amazon, which is around 15%. 


If you ever tried to sell something online, the chances are pretty high that you encountered eBay. This online auction site is one of the greatest ways to sell products at higher prices. It is enough to open an account and link a payment method to get started. Once you enter the ISBN number of textbooks, as well as the price, you will easily find buyers. 

    2. Social Groups

It can also be easy to access buyers, not through organizational intermediaries but individual people. This process is as simple as asking your friends to inform you if they know anyone in need of textbooks. 

However, to maximize your chance for better prices, you need to showcase your offer to larger groups of interested people. Hence, book clubs or your peer groups from university and school can be better options. 

Besides, online social groups, like those on Facebook, can be helpful, too. People are gathering in the same group for exchanging or buying used textbooks almost in every part of the world. This method is accessible whether you live in the U.S or not. If you cannot access a social group, you can use the “Marketplace” function of Facebook. It will immediately make your offer visible to other people, regardless if you have any contact or not.

How to Maximize the Price?

Understandably, every seller wants to receive a maximum bid for their textbooks with a high original price. However, books can lose value once they are used by students inattentively. 

To ensure that the buyers agree to pay your desired price, you need to offer the book with attractive conditions. For example, it is essential to clean the cover from dust. If you made some notes inside or generally wrote inside with a pencil, you should erase them for future use. Small imperfections like tiny tears can also be fixed. Find alternative ways and do as much as you can to make it look new.

Taking good pictures is also necessary. Sure, the pictures should not be misleading. However, it should at least create good impressions of the book. For instance, you can ensure that the photos have proper brightness, color, etc. Such small adjustments should reflect the true image of the textbook. 

Additionally, keep in mind that transparency is the king in second-hand bookselling. When you sell the book in stores, buyers can check the book. However, in an online environment, they cannot check the conditions. Make sure you include any information regarding the book, including its imperfections. Keep in mind that happy buyers will bring you new opportunities in the future.

Besides, if you get help from intermediaries like Bookdeal.com to find buyers, the staff will check the quality. Hence, it is better to be straightforward from the very beginning.

What Other Options I have?

If you cannot access any of the mentioned options to sell textbooks, you can donate them. There are plenty of non-profit organizations that collect second-hand textbooks for people in need. In some places, local schools and libraries can also accept such textbooks. It is possible to ask your friends and relatives to look for someone that can be a good user for your books. Sure, these alternatives are worth only if you are not selling the books for additional income. People who want to get rid of the clutter the books create or want to share their valuable textbooks can utilize these techniques. 


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