13 Most Preferred SEO Checklist for Your WordPress Websites

Are you looking for a robust SEO checklist that can help drive huge traffic to your WordPress site? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a broad field. There are local SEO, technical SEO, link building, keyword research, and a lot more.

But one of the most preferred tools for site owners to ace is on-page SEO. Generally, these are optimization metrics that occur on certain webpages, both in terms of HTML code and content. They are the most important factor in enabling search engines to comprehend about the page and its ranking.

By integrating on-page SEO, your content will get the chance to rank and gain targeted traffic. In case you can do that, it can provide higher conversions and huge traffic to your site.

Whereas numerous SEO factors rely on other individuals, and on-page optimization is a part of it.

If you want to get the benefits of it, this post will give you a comprehensive checklist of the most essential on-page elements. This way, you will not need to look at the whole list of the ranking element. But you can easily go through to advance your post and pages.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the leading CMS (Content Management System), which runs around 35% of the whole internet. It helps a lot of websites that you browse every day like, Time.com, BBC America, and Techcrunch.com. Also, the Rolling Stones utilizes WordPress for its web portal. If it is working fine for the leaders across the world, you may know why it’s the preferred platform for numerous website developers in the world.

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress is not a replacement for a strong SEO practice, and there is no denying that it saves your great time. Also, it helps you adhere to the ideal practice without any prior experience. All you have to do just put the effort and implement a great strategy to rank your site on Google.

Let’s get started with the Basics of SEO to boost the traffic of your SEO website.

13 Powerful SEO Checklist for Your WordPress Website


  • Yoast SEO Installation


Yoast is a free plugin, which is made for WordPress and some other content management platforms. It is the most preferred plugin that performs numerous features and enables a higher website ranking. It builds the sitemaps metadata optimization, and implement no-index attributes for certain parts of the site and various other elements. Henceforth, it will make your SEO implementation easier and provides you a higher result of ranking. If you are using WordPress, you will be able to discover the SEO plugin for your CMS platform effortlessly from the plugins section of your site.


  • Add robot.txt File to Your Site


This is a kind of plain text file and requests the search engine where they will go on the website. Moreover, this incorporates a link to the WordPress sitemap, which is followed by a few of the directives. This recommends the search engine not to index the web page content alongside these directives. Yoast SEO helps you to build the robots.txt file and also functions for the other CMS users.


  • Build Sitemap


With sitemaps, search engines know that where it can discover crucial content on your website. In this way, it will then index your content to the search engine. With Yoast, you can create the sitemap of your WordPress site.


  • Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that provides full information on the site. It helps you to know about the people visiting your site and the time people visit and a lot more. It is the most preferred tool that enables you to understand the insight of your site.


  • Optimization of URL


WordPress creates a complete structure of your site. But the settings aren’t much SEO friendly and permalinks will help you here. With the right utilization of keywords, URL is the most preferred thing to consider.


  • Configure Search Console


For every webmaster, configuring the Google search console is the most preferred element. It provides you every info about your site performance. It lets you boost your website strategy for your site and provides you all the information about your users.


  • On-Page Optimization


This is the most favored step for a WordPress site. If you want to optimize your website, it’s crucial to optimize your site with a proper SEO strategy. Ensure that you’re utilizing the headers of the content from H1 – H6 as an important element of your SEO practice. It is a great strategy to utilize the keywords in your content headings in the H1 at least.


  • Find out the Focus Keyword to Target


Do you know that keywords are the most important thing for any website? With the help of keywords, your website will be able to rank higher and drive huge traffic to your site. It is a great practice that every post or page on your site is targeting at least one main keyword. It is also known as the primary or focus keyword. With the right tools like Ubersuggest or Keyword Planner, you will be able to select the right keyword for your site and begin the optimization accordingly.


  • Enhance Your Website Speed


This is the most crucial element that site owners must ensure that when they’re looking for the best SEO practice. It is essential to have a faster speed of your site. The user conversions are affected by the speed of page loading that influences the SEO of your website.


  • Choose the Right Domain


Selecting the right domain is essential for your website, ensure that you choose the domain adequately and your website is accessible alongside your domain. While releasing your new site, you have to ensure that you are replacing your existing website. Also, you have to utilize a similar form of the domain, which you used in the past. You can also pay monthly websites uk.


  • Custom URL for Posts & Pages


Occasionally, you might be getting a truncated and lengthy URL alongside your WordPress. The most important thing in WordPress is, you will be able to customize the URL according to your need. It is a great practice to include the primary/focus keyword in the URL of your post or pages. Just you have to select the custom permalink for your specific post or page and alter it according to your need.


  • Unique Meta Title and Meta Description


The title tags are an important factor to consider. It provides the information about your page to search engine. Henceforth, it is the most preferred factor for the ranking of your website. With the help of Yoast, you will be able to set your title tag automatically. Additionally, you will have the capability to change it according to your requirement.


  • Internal Linking


Internal Linking help in the relevancy between various pages of your website. It encourages your users to find the related content in a much easier and simpler manner. You have to highlight the text that you want to link and after that click the link button.


So, these are the most important and preferred SEO tips that you should implement in your website for a better result. Also, there is a wide range of elements that can help your site to get the best ranking on search engines.

In case you are running a website in WordPress, you have done a great job. By following these simple and efficient steps, you are putting your website in an ideal place to overtake your competitors. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, you can always let me know in the comment box below.

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