5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Brand Awareness

The modern market is already saturated, not only with constantly emerging businesses but huge corporate giants as well. In that respect, it can be difficult to shed light on your own products/services unless you make the most out of available marketing techniques that can skyrocket your brand awareness and place your business in front of the right audience. Regardless of the industry you wish to make a name in, increasing your brand awareness is the essential step when it comes to growing your business online. With the right marketing tactics and continuous effort, it’s possible to gradually take your rightful place in the market and create a memorable, trustworthy, and recognizable brand.

  1. SEO Is a Constant Effort

In order to start bringing your business in front of your target audience through organic search, it’s crucial that you start taking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seriously. This isn’t a type of “done and gone” deal as an effective SEO strategy requires consistent work. Let’s say that you already have your business website and a domain name. It’s time to fill your site with valuable information and keywords that you wish to rank for.

But, that doesn’t mean that keyword stuffing on a couple of pages will get you far. If you truly wish to establish authority and let SEO do its magic, running a consistent blog will prove invaluable for your brand awareness. With fresh content, you’ll be able to engage your audience, bring value, introduce your keywords in a meaningful manner, and keep Google happy with constant updates to your website. Remember, if there’s no fresh content to your site for a while, your rank will drop in the SERPs as well, no matter how well optimized your site was before.

  1. Utilize the Power of Social Media

We live in an age governed by social media. As such, your best bet to increase your brand awareness is to take your brand to different social media channels as well. In general, Facebook and Instagram tend to work the best for initial social media marketing efforts, but depending on your niche, Twitter, and TikTok, and maybe even YouTube might be good solutions to consider.

Once you create your business social media accounts, make it a point to fill out the necessary information and connect them to your business website. Post frequently with engaging content. Aside from fun visuals and informative articles you find online, make sure to always post your own content, be it a new blog post on your website, new pictures featuring your products/services or your team, and so on. Involve your followers on social media by asking them questions to help you improve customer service. Of course, always respond to comments and direct messages in a respectful manner. That said, just like you want to keep your website content active, do the same for your social media channels.

  1. Visual Content Is Key

While written content is still the king of marketing, visual content is key for attracting your audience’s attention. After all, not everyone today has the time or the will to read through the articles. This is precisely why it’s recommended to utilize all forms of digital marketing and different social media channels and get the best of both worlds. That said, visual content such as videos, images, and infographics can considerably skyrocket your brand awareness. They’re easier to share and understand, while the imagery, in general, seems to be a more attractive and effortless way of consuming information in today’s society. Make sure to infuse your visual content with your branding in order to separate your own brand from the competition and remain memorable in your audience’s mind.

  1. Work on Building Social Proof

One of the biggest reasons why people explore your business website and/or check out your social media is to gain more insight into the quality of your products/services. Let’s say you’re selling hemp products that could improve the well-being of the consumers. It’s only logical that your potential clients would want to see whether the previous customers have been satisfied with your products. Just like with all other products on the market nowadays, there’s a huge competition for hemp items as well.

In that sense, the testimonials and feedback will turn into the so-called social proof that your target audience will value more than anything else when deciding whether to trust you or not. This is true for all industries and niches across the board. Therefore, make sure to gradually build your social proof as you gain more satisfied clientele by dedicating an area for it on your website as well as keeping your social media updated with the customer testimonials and feedback.

  1. Paid Ads Can Also Make a Difference

Even if you’re just a small business, you can successfully raise your brand awareness through the implementation of paid ads. Essentially, strategic paid advertising can boost your visibility in the search results, thus bringing more meaningful traffic your way. These paid ads are also known as PPC (Pay-per-Click) ads, which means that your marketing budget is spent based on the number of clicks received. That said, it’s crucial that you also optimize your paid ads so that you don’t waste your marketing budget on potential clicks that are far from your target audience. This is also where SEO can come in handy as you can optimize your ads with the right keywords as well as customer data that will allow you to further customize your ads for just the right user demographic you’re looking for.

Remember that your branding has to be consistent across all channels and marketing strategies if you want to ensure an increase in brand awareness and get your audience to recognize you the more you pop up in their searches, recommendations, targeted ads, etc. Of course, focus on delivering top quality products/services to your clientele; otherwise, the negative feedback can damage your brand considerably. 

Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.

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