How Social Media Ads In Boosting Your Brand

It is incredibly essential for new and established businesses to have a robust online presence. 97% of people find businesses online more than anywhere else. Therefore, boosting your brand online, particularly in this new normal economy, is pivotal to the survival of your business in changing and challenging times.

However, besides online presence, Digitech innovations for business aid in optimizing online visibility for profit. If your business is not converting, it does not matter how much traffic you get online. 

Your business will not thrive at all. To remain competitive in the digital market, you need to take advantage of successful strategies like social media marketing. 

Before the advent of the Internet, small businesses had to purchase ads or use other non-digital promotion methods. It could be anywhere from flyers, tv or radio ads, and one-on-one marketing to achieve their marketing objectives. Not anymore. 

There are several digital and non-digital strategies that businesses can thrive on even without paying ads. To make the most of your research, you just need to know where to look and what techniques to implement.

Social networking and market development must go hand in hand. Social media started as a platform for friends and family to connect. It is now a big industry that brings in significant profits for businesses through social media marketing. 

Social media is now a platform of success for businesses because it is economical, highly efficient, and incredibly engaging.

Google’s Asia-Pacific Head of SME, Kevin O’Kane, encourages small and medium enterprises to boost their online presence for higher profits. Audiences are now adept at interacting and building connections online. 

By 2021, social media active users will be at 72%. Businesses need to follow where the market is and keep up, and they need to keep their social media presence active and engaging.

Benefits of Social Media for Business Growth


  • Social Media Marketing is cheaper.


You can grow your small business through various strategies, including social media. Switching to digital marketing is a way to control business costs, particularly for start-up businesses.

Social media platforms require a low to a fair amount budget to keep it going. In comparison, the allocation of prints, streaming platforms, and other promotional materials would be less troublesome.

Based on Gartner’s Digital Market Spend report, 40% of businesses could cut back on marketing costs when shifted from traditional to digital marketing.


  • Social Media Marketing is useful in customer acquisition.


Targeting specific audiences is much easier when utilizing social media platforms. The aim is to use keywords and hashtags to attract online traffic. After finding potential consumers, you can now contact them directly through their social media accounts.

While preserving your relationship with existing clients, you can also invest in possible new connections through outreach or social media promotions.

Another tip is to create your branding. It gives an edge to your brand, products, and services among competitors. It also delivers a unique promise to your target audience. Branding serves as a foundation for the company’s vision and goals, taking them to a level that customers can grasp.

Your brand is saying your story, and social media lets you share the story in a more swift, viral way. If you use social media as a medium to grow your brand, you deepen your bond with your target group and raise customer trust even further.

You get to interact and engage with your audience personally, and with the right marketing strategies, widen your influence even further.


  • Social Media Marketing improves CX (Customer Experience) as customer service improves.


Customer service is one of the necessary elements for a business to expand. Strengthening brand reputation and creating a robust public image go hand in hand with customer service. 

It involves interaction with your loyal consumers that will increase the volume of your business’s credibility and product reputation. How you sustain your existing customers paves the way for you to meet new ones.

Testimonials, for example, contribute to your image as a brand because consumers rely on peer reviews for their online purchase decisions. Treating your clients well is equal to, if not more than, running ads.

Keeping clients is less expensive than obtaining new ones. According to the 2020 Sprout Social Index, 40% of consumers find new products through friends or family suggestions.

Social media platforms are great channels for customer service. Customers and followers feel your availability more tangibly. Because of this, brands have been using chatbots on social media to respond to consumers as soon as possible.

Surveys say people do not care about talking to chatbots or not if their queries are answered immediately. People online don’t have the patience to wait or don’t want to wait.

If customers are irritated with the delivery failures, they will quickly switch to a rival brand with equivalent services. Therefore, you must attempt to target your responses and communications so that they are fast and effective.

It’s also a way for customers to share their views and for you to deliver relevant answers. Good customer feedback is critical. Algorithms see this as a trust attribute that lets you improve your domain authority.

It is an outstanding measure for your target market to decide whether they continue supporting your brand or not. According to the same index, 61% of consumers prefer brands that connect with their customers.


  • Social Media Marketing expands your business.


Small to medium-sized businesses take advantage of social media to expand their businesses. While getting your target market’s attention, you can also attract and engage with budding business partners and obtain future investments.

Your business will experience growth with apt and suitable digital marketing strategies, satisfying customer service, and believable social media branding.


  • Social Media Marketing helps in Search Engine Optimization.


If your content becomes more comfortable for people to share, you increase your chances of making good-quality backlinks. The more you gain a more substantial presence on the web, the more you optimize your social profiles, which gives you more exposure. 

Search is no longer limited to search engines on the internet. Social media has increased the potential for social signals by offering numerous channels for social networking. It is why businesses must enhance their social media promotions.


  • Different Social Media Strategies Can Boost Your Business


You can employ different strategies to boost your social media standing and improve brand awareness. These strategies are mostly free, and all it takes is careful planning for you to get the best results. You can try the following: 


  • Build a website to establish an online presence.
  • Use local business listings like Google My Business, Yahoo! Local, Bing, etc. 
  • List your products in business directories like Yellow Pages or Just Dial.
  • Invest in paid ads through Google Ads, social media ads, and the like.
  • Utilize social media by creating accounts on networking platforms where you can make the most impressions with your target market. 
  • Start a blog.
  • Answer questions in Quora, Yahoo Answers, Linkedin Groups, and other reputable and relevant forums.
  • Grow your leads with email marketing.
  • Conduct a presentation or webinar.
  • Use word-of-mouth marketing or referral marketing.


Conclusion: Social Media Can Enhances Your Brand Strategies

Businesses view social media channels as new marketing and advertising platforms. It is an unnecessary disadvantage for a thriving business if it fails to adapt to current social media marketing trends. It is so because audiences and competitors are now increasing online connections.

SMEs (small-to-medium-sized enterprises) benefit significantly from the success of social media for their business growth. Strengthen your brand through digital channels available to you, such as social media, to increase your target market growth. 

Strengthen your business’ reputation and increase conversions by consistent engagements with your audience. Aim to satisfy customer needs in real-time, and diversify your digital marketing strategies.

Social media marketing is assistance for your business’ growth. With the best use of internet media strategies, high revenue is a definite return.

Mayleen Meñez used to work in media before finding her true passion in NGO work, travelling the Philippines and Asia doing so. She homeschools 3 kids and loves reinventing Filipino dishes. She is a resident SEO writer for Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

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