Why You Should Use Social Media for Marketing During Covid-19

The widespread prevalence of COVID-19 has suspended businesses, confined people to their homes, and forced employees to work remotely until further notice. With no customers to visit stores, how are brands supposed to sustain themselves and look after their employees? The answer is social media. 

Today’s consumers make frequent use of social media platforms to not only engage with people, but with brands. Social Media platforms are being used to express as well as gain information. During a pandemic like COVID-19, SM has become the main source of information for all individuals across the globe. This makes it an excellent tool for marketers and business owners who wish to market their services to prospects and offer them some value while also retaining a profit. To give you further reasoning for why social media can be employed for marketing, here are some ways you can benefit from Social Media Marketing (SMM). 

People Are Turning To Social Media to Stay Informed 

Most of us turn to social media when seeking answers to something, especially since we’ve been spending abundant time at home. In March, sources reported that Facebook witnessed a 70% increase in usage as many people are now using social media to stay updated and entertained. 

This means that what might have not have received much engagement in the past may become a hit in the current climate. While initially ROI was considered king, it is important that business owners must pay closer attention to engagement metrics as not everyone is looking to buy anything right now. 

Therefore, expand your marketing strategy to utilize different social media apps to spread out your audience reach. When people become aware of your online presence, there’s a higher probability of them to visit your website and social media pages to learn about your business. 

Brands Can Connect With Customers 

Since customers can no longer physically visit stores and restaurants, brands have switched to social media to stay connected with their customer base. Using social media during the pandemic for communal purposes can be very advantageous for businesses in the long run. The brands that stick around and reach out to their clients are the ones that will be remembered once things get back to normal. 

Find Out How Your Customers Are Feeling

If you wish to establish relationships with customers based on empathy and emotional support, then use social media platforms to connect and talk to your visitors. This will help you understand what they expect and require from businesses and gain more insight into their preferences. The extra research is going to help you create better campaigns and effectively meet customer needs. It’s not just about self-exposure and promoting your brand image, but standing out as a valid source of information and beacon of hope for customers throughout the pandemic. 

Practice Flexibility

Ask them whether they prefer a drop-off point for them to pick up their delivery or if they want free delivery services. Go out of your way to show how the precautions your business is taking in safely packing and delivering customer orders. Demonstrating to followers the efforts and safety measures you practice for customers’ and employees’ wellbeing will help convince them to continue doing business with you. 

Pay-Per-Click Ads Make a Lot of Difference 

Consumers often use social media to look for their favorite products and the items they wish to purchase. Marketers can make use of Pay Per Click advertising to target interested consumers and create campaigns that appeal to customers and result in positive conversions. It requires thorough research of the keywords your target customers use in searches so that when a user uses a specific term in their search, they can find your business. You can measure the progress of your campaigns and track the percentage of people who see your ads and how many clicks on the ads. Measuring the performance helps you make modifications in your practices, so they show enhanced results in the future. 

High Demand for Quality Content 

Now more than ever, people are consuming digital content by the bucket load. There is a rising demand for informative and valuable content.  This means brands need to focus more on putting relevant content online to retain engagement and build brand awareness. Businesses can switch up their content strategy and try out new things by posting different types of content on a scheduled basis. Blog posts, images, infographics, gifs, and short videos are some of the ways brands can switch things up to boost overall engagement. 

Brands can also post regular updates regarding the pandemic and share pandemic-friendly life hacks that visitors will surely appreciate. Given the world’s circumstances, some light-hearted content is also cherished, so you can even share jokes or something entertaining to keep prospects engrossed. The best way to gauge customer reactions is by utilizing Google Analytics to track the performance of your digital marketing tactics. You can measure the engagement rates, what prompts visitors to leave, how long they stay, what kind of content receives the most engagement, and other valuable insights that can be beneficial to your overall strategy. 

Consumer behavior is changing due to the pandemic, which requires marketers to be extra cautious while planning out campaigns and implementing changes to their social media marketing scheme. For brands to stay relevant in these times, it’s imperative that they prioritize publishing relevant content as it boosts their searchability and results in more conversions. 

Wrapping Up 

Social media marketing requires small efforts but holds long-lasting results as long as you follow the strategy religiously. Tensions are running high, and consumers are overwhelmed, in this climate, using the opportunity to connect and understand your followers can be valuable to your business long after the pandemic is over. Brands that embrace social media networks and prioritize user-centric content will successfully generate positive impressions. Sharing valuable information, adapting to customer needs, and being flexible will help your business come out of the crisis stronger than before.  

Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

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