3 Factors That Determine Which Social Media Network to Choose for a Firm’s Marketing Strategy

Social media is a platform that people not only connect through but also do business on. They are platforms that bring in people from all sectors and parts of the world together. It is just amazing when a firm can showcase what they deal in and millions of people can get to see it and contact them even without being in the same location. 

The delivery of the products shown via social media platforms can also be done via various means such as courier services. A customer will only need to wire and the payment will be wired to the firm’s bank account as agreed when the purchase was been made. 

Marketing via social media has in the recent past brought in some mishaps with firms lying to customers and customers also lying to the firm, but above all what is crucial is trust and honesty.

3 Factors that determine which social media network to choose for a firm’s marketing strategy

There are factors that a company must consider looking out before choosing what social media platform to use for their marketing strategy. Below are three factors.

Where target customers are most concentrated 

The goal of a company is to reach its target customers when they do their marketing. When it comes to using social media to market a company’s goods and services, the company should first analyze what social media network that its target customers are concentrated. 

A company would first list down who their target customers are it could be via gender, professions, age, or even locality. All of these factors will drive the company towards investing in their marketing in specific social media platforms. 

For instance, for professionals, the best social media platform to reach out to them is LinkedIn. This is a social media platform where various professionals showcase what they do and interact in. A firm’s advertisement would hence get too many professionals via LinkedIn. 

When it comes to the factor of age and the firm target customers are for instance teenagers and the youth, Snapchat and Instagram would be the best social media platform to reach out to them. Teenagers and youths mostly concentrate on those two platforms as compared to young adults who prefer Facebook and Twitter. 

Companies must then for this reason do a thorough analysis to know where their target customers are mostly concentrated.

Where target customers are mostly accessible

Companies mentioned above should align the aspect of their customer’s accessibility with what social media platform they market themselves via. A company needs its customers to easily access their marketing hence this should be wisely looked into. 

For instance, almost all age groups access YouTube whether at work, home, or school. So as people watch funny clips, documentaries, or educative videos, companies would pay to get their advertisements in between the videos. If the ads are too catchy, then your target customers and even those new to your products and services will watch them to the end. 

The goal here is to make your ads as juicy as possible so that the people who come across them will not click on the skip ad button. If it is hard for a company to locate what social media platform their target customers can access easily, they could reach out to an international advertising agency for assistance on it.

What social media platform does your target audiences actively use

It all revolves around the same thing; target audiences being reached out to. For this factor, to be efficient, a company could sponsor their ad say on Facebook and see how many people respond to the comment section or inbox them. If the advertisements are responded to and in a large capacity it means that that is the right social media platform to use.


This article highlighted three factors that determine which social media network to choose for a firm’s marketing strategy. These three factors are where a company’s target customers are mostly concentrated, where target customers are most accessible, and what social media platform does your target audiences actively use.


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