9 Social Media Guidelines To Streamline Your Presence

Expanding your brand on social media can drive more footfalls in your business. More and more people today are joining different social media networks, and businesses should take advantage of it. No matter whether your business is small or big, a huge chunk of the audience is left out if you don’t establish your network over social media.

The traditional method of marketing now seems to be less effective, time-consuming, and costly. It is the age of omnichannel marketing, where retailers have multiple contact points with the customer for messaging, and customers, in turn, expect a brand to be consistent and seamless across these channels.

Social media for business is a great idea and every brand should leverage the power of social media in the best possible way. You can connect better with your customers and serve them greatly by being available on social networks. Social Media Experts believe one should start by streamlining business presence on social media to achieve success. Here are 9 social media guidelines to streamline your presence.

Identify the Goals

Without setting goals, it becomes harder to understand how well your social media strategy is working. You must identify and set clear goals to drive your strategy forward. These goals at the end will also serve as comparative metrics when measuring the progress. Some of the common social media marketing goals include:

  • Drive website traffic
  • Increase community engagement
  • Sell product/services
  • Generate leads
  • Increase followers
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Establish credibility
  • Run a campaign for awareness and sales
  • Increase viewership and subscriber’s list

Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, relevant, attainable, and time-specific so that you can take the required steps and actions to meet your business needs.

Organize your teams

Social media is a team effort, and this team needs social media experts to carry out a perfect strategy. The team should have social media managers, designers, marketers, SEO, and digital marketing experts. You should segregate and organize your social media team in the following possible ways:

  • Social media head 
  • Social media content manager
  • Social media community head
  • Social media campaign manager
  • Social media analyst
  • Social media graphic designer
  • Social media content developer
  • Social media influence manager

Having people responsible for the various allocated tasks will largely increase the productivity of your operations.      

Use of Social Media Tools

The Digital world is overwhelming and loaded with tasks to perform. It becomes hard to let everything fall into place without using social media productivity and marketing tools. However, you must choose your tools carefully and pick the right ones that help you streamline your social media presence. Some inclusive social media tools that work for most organizations are as follows:

  • Hubspot
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • SocialOomph
  • TweetDeck

Every business is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tools. So, as your business grows, you are bound to find some that will get your job done.

Schedule Content

Scheduling is important not just for content but for all social media activities such as email marketing, Instagram Posting, video, and new website developments. It is an art of planning your task so that the goals and priorities are achieved without much hassle. Design a content calendar to schedule what needs to go live on which platform and when. This will help the entire team to stay focused and organized in your marketing strategy. Some social media scheduling tools you can use are:

  • Sendible
  • SEMrush
  • CoSchedule
  • MeetEdgar
  • SmarterQueue
  • AgoraPluse

Content scheduling is an amazing organizational tool for short and long-term planning. When scheduling is done effectively it will smoothly streamline your social media presence and save a lot of time for other essential tasks.

Post Multiple Times

Publishing quality content over social media is the most promising way to gain visibility and engagement online. However, social media feeds are busy places, so there is every chance that your content might get unnoticed by your potential client. So, don’t be afraid to recycle the content and post it more than once to make it visible. Here are some of the benefits of resharing the content:

  • It gets you more traffic, followers and subscribers
  • Hits multiple time zones to cater to a global audience
  • Reposting ensures that newbies are not left behind

Use some of the reposting social media tools to understand how it benefits you to streamline the entire posting process. 

Manage Workflow and Notifications

Managing social media workflow amid the constant noise of likes, tweets, messages can be a daunting task. You need to manage workflow and notifications to shorten the efforts while increasing productivity. You should customize your notifications in ways that align well with your workflow. The best way to do this is to customize the list based on profiles that matter to you. Additionally, enable yourself to interact and engage with them from the notification list directly. The following will help keep things in place:

  • Remind yourself to take action
  • Send yourself an email reminder
  • Use tools like Evernote to get the workflow running smoothly

Try to reply to notifications directly from the dashboard, so that you save more time and make sure you have everything aligned with your mobile. You don’t need to be responsive for each ‘like’ and retweet, but ensure you keep a tab on what is important and the conversations surrounding it. 

Analysis Your Metrics

Social media data can be messy if not organized and measured properly. You need to analyze your metrics to measure the growth and effectiveness of your content performance on social channels. This helps you improve brand awareness, make profits, generate leads, and understand your competitors and their audiences. To leverage social media analytics for the business you can make use of the following tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Keyhole
  • Sprout Social
  • Iconosquare
  • Zoho Social

By paying close attention to analytics and metrics, you can measure your performance against your social media goals.

Prioritize based on Analytics

Many times, the social media reports come as a surprise. You might be focusing on platforms that aren’t great essentially for your business. For example, if your audiences are most active on Facebook and Instagram, then why waste your time and efforts on Twitter. So, based on the research and metrics available to you, focus your resources on channels that are providing your big returns.

Outsource Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media agencies are great if you are too busy to manage your social media channels yourself. Brands today are looking for social media experts to delegate their social media activities and grow their business exponentially. Brands hire social media marketing agencies not only because they don’t have time, but also because there are huge benefits attached, which are as follows:

  • Improves engagement with audiences and customers
  • Promotes branding and brings in credibility
  • Streamlines your marketing process effectively
  • Achieves goals in a given time
  • Works within the budget

Outsourcing a social media agency is a smart decision you should take for doubling your marketing efforts. Rely on these agencies to manage your social media presence while you can remain focused on the operational and sales side of your business.

Sorav Jain is the founder and Thinker-in-Chief of echoVME and an avid blogger & digital marketing consultant based out of Chennai, India. He loves to share his knowledge of the world of digital by writing about the latest trends. To describe him in one phrase, he is a writer focused on the new things in digital, and the potential they bring to brands.

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