Keep Your Brand Fresh and Relevant With These Social Media Ideas

Social media has long established itself as a potent business tool.

Over the years, countless entrepreneurs have found success by consistently providing quality content on the social media platforms of their choice.

Sometimes, however, social media marketing campaigns tend to hit a snag when the people running them run out of ideas on what to post for their channels.

With audiences expecting a dose of fresh social media content day in and day out, the pressure to meet those expectations becomes more intense by the minute.

Are you having a hard time coming up with social media ideas to keep your brand fresh and relevant? Here are some suggestions to help you power through that creative block.

Share User-generated Content

When you share content created by your fans and followers, you hit two birds with one stone: You get to post something fresh, and you get to show your appreciation for their creativity.

All you have to do is reach out to them and ask for permission to repost their original content on your social media accounts.

Go Live

The fact that 82% of audiences prefer live video from a brand to social media posts is reason enough to consider going live from time to time.

Being on live video is an excellent way of personally connecting with your customers. When you’re live, you get the opportunity to answer questions and share your knowledge with people in real-time.

Compared to pre-recorded videos, live video updates to your social channels are much better at making your followers feel like they’re part of the creative process that keeps your social media presence going.

Host Contests or Giveaways

No one should ever underestimate the love people have for free stuff.

Given that everyone loves freebies, you should consider holding a contest or giveaway on your social media channels.

If you’re on Instagram, you’d be glad to know that accounts that run regular contests grow 70 percent faster than brands that don’t.

With contests and giveaways, you get to be generous with your followers, and they will keep on coming back to your social media page to check if they won something. That’s an excellent way to get engagement, and even gain new followers, as your existing ones will likely spread the word about your contest.

Post Previews and Teasers

Do you have something brewing for your brand? If so, why not post previews or teasers about it?

Sneak peeks are superb ways of creating a buzz for whatever you’re cooking up for your business. Be it a new product or service, hyping it up using teasers or previews will give your audiences something to look forward to in the coming days.

If you’re doing this, remember to practice enough restraint, so you don’t give too much away. You wouldn’t want to ruin whatever level of anticipation you have built up before you get to launch your latest offering.

Create How-To Videos To Demonstrate Your Expertise

Sometimes, written posts on social media aren’t enough to show your audience that you are an expert in your field. A how-to video or two can change all that.

A video where you demonstrate how to do the best camping knots would be great if you’re in the outdoors and camping equipment business.

For a gardening supply business, a video showing the proper way to mulch is something your social media followers are going to appreciate.

Whatever your field of expertise, a how-to video should be enough to establish that you know what you’re doing.

Share BTS Photos and Videos

It’s safe to assume that your followers on social media are interested not only in your products or services but also in your company.

Photos and videos of your staff doing what they do will show audiences that the products and services they’re getting are the results of the hard work of a group of people.

Images of your new office or videos of workplace events will also help your followers become more familiar with your business.

Show them what’s going on behind the scenes. They will appreciate the chance for a more intimate look at your company.

Host An AMA Session

More often than not, the content you’re offering to your audiences is of the scripted kind.

Host an Ask Me Anything (AMA), and you’ll have content that doesn’t have to rely on a script.

AMAs present some of the more engaging activities you can feature on social media. They are the perfect opportunity for you to answer questions from your audience, regardless of whether they’re related to your brand or not. You will receive plenty of feedback, and you’ll have the chance to show some transparency, too.

By hosting an AMA, you are injecting a good measure of freshness and variety into your social media feed, even when you’re having a hard time writing anything.

Partner Up With An Influencer

You would do well to pair up with an influencer, particularly one whose interests align with that of your brand. You can even go for micro-influencers, because their smaller follower numbers suggest they actually engage their target market.

If your brand is all about an app that teaches kids how to manage money, an influencer from the parenting blog community would be a perfect fit. The same thing goes if you’re in the clothing business, and you pair up with a fashion blogger.

With an influencer generating content that you can share on both your social media accounts, you get the opportunity to gain new followers, among other things.

Make Question Posts

Finding it hard to come up with social media content ideas? Then ask your audience what they want to read or see on your channel!

People would be more than willing to share their thoughts on this matter. By posing questions directly to your audience, you will know exactly what your audience would love to read or watch on your social media account next.

You can also go for fun—even frivolous—questions, like “What was the last meal you ate?” or those that lead with “Would you rather.”

These types of questions are excellent conversation starters. Soon enough, your followers will be talking among themselves, having a field day explaining their answers, or dissecting that of others. That’s engagement for your social media channel, and that’s always a good thing.

A Final Word

Working to keep your brand relevant and fresh on social media can be challenging, and it’s not something you can opt out of, not in this day and age. Hopefully, the tips given above can tide you over until such time when those creative juices come flowing freely again like they always have.


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