10 Ways Social Media Influencers Make or Break Your Business

Partnering with social media influencers is a growing trend amongst little-known and global brands that want to strengthen their role in the market. A successful collaboration is way better than an expensive commercial. It gives you the right image, multiplies and diversifies your audience, and increases your voice and influence in the niche.

Large companies have already started collaborating with popular social media users that have won the audience’s affection and now are major trendsetters in different areas. If you are willing to share their influence, let’s take a look at how you can benefit from collaboration with them and what impact it may have on your business.

  1. User engagement

Engaging a digital influencer in your marketing campaign allows you to improve your brand visibility on multiple social platforms. Today it is easy to find someone who is equally popular on YouTube and Instagram or Instagram and TikTok. Teaming up with such individuals will let you increase user engagement on social media as your brand will be always in sight. Moreover, it will help you create a cult of people that adore both your brand and your partner in this collaboration.

  1. Lead generation

Besides user engagement, social media influencers are able to speed up the process of lead generation by sending potentially interested users to the selling page. In this case, your digital partner will do most part of the work of converting users into prospects, as they should promote your information, highlight your brand advantages, and guide their followers on how they can start their buyer’s journey with you. So, it sounds like a good approach for any business that looks for someone to improve the quality of their buying experience.

  1. Credibility

Starting a common project with a social media influencer can also improve your brand image. For example, cooperation with the individuals that pay attention to environmental, social, or cultural problems will also indicate your concern about these issues. As a result, the public will see your company as a contributor to general well-being. In particular, if your brand is not directly connected to entertainment, it will be more beneficial to partner with someone who is also preoccupied with pressing problems. However, you should be careful with who you choose. Collaborations with influencers who have a mixed reputation may lead to you losing your standing. 

  1. Increased SEO ranking

One of the many reasons why it is desirable to launch an influencer marketing campaign is also improvements to your SEO ranking. If you are a website owner, your success and profits are largely dependent on your page’s positioning on Google. Encouraging more users to visit your website through collaborations with digital influencers, you will increase organic traffic, so getting yourself to the top of the search. Influencer marketing strategies usually give a bunch of high-quality backlinks that help you get ahead of your competitors.

  1. Higher conversions

If your business goal is not just to boost brand awareness but also to drive sales, you can establish your partnership in a way that pushes potential customers into the buyer’s journey with your brand. Besides ideal recommendations from your partner, you can also provide some free trial period if it is about specific services or offer some discounts if it is about products. The influencer’s activity on social media will be a stimulus to discovering something new, which eventually will lead to higher conversions and sales volume.

  1. Effective ad campaigns

Influencer marketing is now an essential part of every promotional campaign. Since many users prefer blocking ads in the web browser with the help of ad-blocking tools, investing in PPC ads may be pointless and futile. By contrast, promotional messages made by digital influencers are likely to collect more views and have better market reach as social media bloggers speak to their followers directly and have a higher chance to get attention in comparison to emails or directories that are also called to tell about your business.

  1. Content-sharing

Starting a partnership with a social media blogger can be a win-win solution as they can distribute any content you need to present your company in the proper light. The practice of content-sharing through social media influencers enables startups to establish their brand awareness and solid companies to promote their new products or services in the market. Moreover, you can ask your partner to create some quality content for your brand. Since they are particularly skillful in doing it, their talent will benefit your brand image.

  1. Access to Millennial & Gen Z Consumers

Social networks gather different segments of the audience in one place. This is why it is easier for brands to interact with them without the need to create a new strategy for every buyer persona. Such huge platforms as Facebook or Instagram now attract users of any age, which is an excellent opportunity to get them involved with the brands that offer goods and services matching their needs. By choosing the influencer appropriately, you can reach out to every generation that can potentially be interested in your value.

  1. New trends

The appeal of collaborating with a social media influencer is above all tied to their ability to set new trends in the market. They are full of creative and brilliant ideas that resonate with the global audience. Even if you know the benefit of your product, digital influencers know better how to present it successfully and make it catchy to every other user running into it on social networks.  

  1. Long-term relationships

Finally, influencer marketing collaborations can be long-term if you see that collaborative efforts bring amazing results to each of you. Some partnerships are meant to be constant and unchangeable, sometimes even leading the participants to set a new common brand that will mark the beginning of a new story.

What to keep in mind

The success of such partnerships is largely defined by the capabilities and reputation of the social media influencers. If the choice of digital influencer is not consistent with your business values and philosophy, there is not a good chance that it will work for you well. 

Winning partnerships happen seldom, but when they do, both of its members can expect an increase in popularity and high revenue coming from their brands. If you are ready to embark on this venture, it is time to start searching the influencer market and select the best candidate to play a big role in your business growth.

Betty Lockwood is a web developer, blogger, fintech expert and caring mother of two kids. She loves to write about new technologies, business news, traveling, and music events. Betty is also an editor-in-chief at Computools. Follow Betty on Twitter.  

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