4 Smart Ways to Stay Productive as a Social Media Manager

Productivity as a social media manager is certainly not a one-size-fits-all. You are likely struggling with information load that can affect your work efficacy. That notwithstanding, there are a few tips you should test out to be productive and stay on top of your tasks. Let us look at some of them. 


Content batching

Jumping from task to task may be preventing you from focussing your creative energy effectively. If this is the case, content batching could be your new best friend. Content batching is a productivity method where you perform similar tasks in one sitting.

So, instead of taking Instagram pictures, doing video content, and creating captions on the same day you are looking to post, you could consider doing a singular task at a time. For instance, you will set a day for creating captions, a day for taking pictures, and so on. Well, content batching ensures that you do a whole set of something at the same time. This strategy will save you valuable time that you may otherwise spend switching from task to task. 


When it comes to social media success, consistency is the name of the game! To get the best out of your role as a social media manager, you need to be churning out content consistently. However, in real life, there are many responsibilities and tasks to be completed in a day. This is where the scheduling of posts comes to the rescue!
Scheduling your posts will allow you to have posts up whenever you want them to go up. Whether you are available online or not. Scheduling is like having a reliable assistant who ensures that your content reaches the target audience; even at times, that may be inconvenient to you. An inactive account will always reflect badly on your brand and having scheduled content is just what you need to juggle all the many responsibilities.

Declutter your computer

Rummaging through your computer trying to find an image or a video can be quite a headache. Think of this way. How many times do you click from one folder to another trying to desperately find that image or video that you swear you had on your computer? 

It is certainly not the best use of your time. Save yourself some time by doing a little decluttering and organization on your laptop. A duplicate finder is one of the best tools that you can use to identify duplicate files that you could delete to manage the clutter. Another thing to do is to categorize your images and videos. This will make it easier to drill down to the specific file you are looking for logically. Delete old files that you no longer have use for. Having a decluttered computer is a sure way to scale up your productivity.

Stay in the loop!

As a social media manager, you must be aware of what is happening around you. You should know what your brand competition is up to. Be up to date with the industry news, and monitor brand mentions. Essentially, your day as a social media manager should start with you checking your information sources to know what is happening. Is your competition launching a new product? Are there any customer comments that need to be addressed? These are some of the issues that you can’t afford to ignore.
Final Remarks
Remember, it is a world where we need to juggle a lot. The best way around is to use proper tools and strategies to help ease the overload. We hope our simple tips will help scale up your work efficacy as a social media professional. 

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