What Social Media Marketing Myths You Must Watch Out For?

With the world becoming digitalized, it is essential to have a social media presence for your brand. When it comes to social media marketing, there are trending platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, where billions of active users are active. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, it is essential to market your brand in the right way and be constantly aware of what’s happening on your site. 

One of your biggest enemies as a business owner is misinformation. With the increasing amount of information on the web, it can be confusing and overwhelming to consumers with so much data. Especially there is a lot of false piece of advice with regards to social media marketing, and you must be aware when you come across any. Without research or knowledge, you might end up risking your future as an entrepreneur. This is the reason this article is here to help choose the right approach. 

Negative Feedback Can Be Overlooked

Hell no! It cannot get overlooked. Social media marketing isn’t about just marketing your brand’s positive parts. It also is about managing any negative feedback pointed to your business. If you neglect this feedbacks, they will hamper your progress to get potential customers by complaining about the problems they faced. Instead, learn to tackle it maturely. This will help your company grow positively. Others will know you take responsibility for your actions and make efforts to resolve them. Firstly, respond to these comments as soon as you can. Also, fast responses display your positive attitude towards your customers and your willingness to help them.

A content creator and chef at Spiceology, Matt Broussard, command over 3 million followers on Tik Tok, and he says that all kinds of feedback have merits. Even if you get a negative one, you will know how to improve in the future. So, as a business owner, don’t get demotivated, push yourself in doing better.

Emails are Redundant.

This is clearly a myth, and the experts know that. Social media marketing must not be considered a substitute for other methods; instead, it is a tool to enlarge your customer reach.

The email has a huge role to play in your promotional campaigns, and they are worth your time.

Emails are a more personalized approach to market your upcoming offers or products to your existing or prospective users than any other social media platform. Hence, it should definitely not get ignored.

Every content displays “thought leadership.”

All marketing experts know that content is the core of social media marketing. The social media platform is to distribute the content to your audience, and the content is what helps in preserving and developing your brand. But the problem is many businesses falsely equate every content with thought leadership.

Your best content is the one that gives you that sort of authority over your users. A few will revolve around answering questions while others will provide the market precisely what was asked for. This is more about attracting your target audience than thought leadership. The distinction is essential, because, without it, you might develop content that does not strengthen your brand’s authority and credibility.

Social media & content marketing fall on different pages.

This is another myth. Social media marketing provides you a platform from which you can share your content very quickly. They both go hand in hand and cannot perform well without one another. Understanding this is very important.

Content topics must be restricted to protect your secrets.

Startups and small businesses are innately starting on the back foot. Regardless of your good ideas and industry type, you are battling to grab attention in a world filled with more significant, more fixed footprints and personalities. You might get advised to restrict the information your content contains to safeguard your secrets, but you must not.

Firstly, must you preserve what is already known by the nemesis or can easily get duplicated from your product. Second, knowledge or secrets are not adequate for someone to defeat or control your presence. If it were only knowledge, the book readers would master every field. Share everything with your audience and trust in your skills to perform. Your readers will admire your openness and confidence.

Social media marketing is for attracting new users.

No doubt, social media can get you new users, but that isn’t what it is meant for. As per research, the followers of corporate social media accounts were fans even before they were on social media platforms. They were not converted to the existence of their social media profiles. Social media marketing is meant to create your branding and create a sense of trust. It is best to retain your current market, besides expanding your clientele. Understanding this concept can help you grow your audience. 

Social media metrics cannot be measured.

A singular number won’t tell you how effective your campaign is. However, there is a lot to measure, from clicks to customer behavior. All that data can tell you if your existing campaign is effective or you need to modify it. You only need to recognize which metrics generated by your campaigns are essential to your goals. 

Matt Broussard further adds that metrics can get measured in the form of continuous awareness, especially when it comes to brand collaborations. Long-term consumer awareness is crucial and valuable, even when it can be harder to quantify.


Social media marketing has a vast potential and can bring in a lot only with the right methods. You can get bombarded with several social media myths, and you need to apply your mind as well. Having a social media marketer for your brand will help you in several ways and free you from the hassle to focus on things more important. In this cutthroat competition era, you must have a strong online presence because the world is headed towards digitalization.

Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in New York and India, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge to leading blogging sites like top app development companies.


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