Powerful Solutions for Successful Email Campaigns in Summer

Have you got your summer email campaigns organized already? If the answer is no, we can probably guess why that is. When most people are off dreaming about their upcoming vacation, it can be tricky to direct their attention back to their mailboxes. Although planning effective summer email campaigns doesn’t have to feel hopeless. You can still get your audience’s attention with the right style of email marketing.

Great email marketing isn’t just about nailing the subject line and text preview. Readers today are constantly receiving emails, so they expect exceptional content and will click away if your email doesn’t deliver. This is especially true in the summertime when the living’s easy. People are barely able to move from their beach towels, let alone read all their emails and click the links. Find out how to grab your readers’ attention with these powerful solutions for successful summer email campaigns.

What’s with all the punny business?

Everybody loves a good laugh. Adding humor to your summer campaign is a brilliant way to ensure that your emails get the attention they deserve. Using puns is also a straightforward strategy for getting readers to open your email and engage with it. Let’s face it, most people today quickly scan their inboxes for interesting emails they want to read. Emails that don’t pique their interest may be left unread for the rest of eternity, or go straight into the trash.

A fun play on words can be what makes readers do a double-take and click to find out more. Brands like Ryanair, JustEat, and Miss Guided are just a few companies out there using puns in their emails. However, even if you can’t manage to devise the perfect pun, any sort of humor will do.  Putting a smile on your readers’ faces will help them see your product or service in a positive light. They’re likely to be still smiling as they visit your website to find out more information.

Invoke the #Wanderlust feeling

Most people take their allotted vacation time in the summer months when the days are longer and the temperatures even warmer. Whether they’re headed out in a plane, train or car they’ll likely have travel and exploration on their minds. Tap into their travel bug by incorporating the idea of travel or photos of beautiful travel destinations in your email campaign. This is also an excellent opportunity to remind your audience of how they can use your product or service in the summertime.

Is your product is more prevalent in summer, i.e., suncream, swimsuits, or cool treats? Perhaps, you have a special summer edition of your product coming out. Then, summer is the time to make your product or service shine! Showing your audience how your brand falls in line with their inner wanderlust traveler will help increase your summer campaign success. These kinds of campaigns can also drive sales without breaking the bank, so it’s really a win-win situation.

Check your calendar

Summer months are full of holidays of all kinds. Depending on where your audience is, you have holidays ranging from the 4th of July to Bastille Day to Picnic Day. By paying attention to these celebrations, you can connect with your subscribers on a more personal level. With that mind, know that these holiday emails don’t always have to be related to a sale or promotion. Merely sending an email to pay your respects or wish your audience a happy holiday helps build trust and brand loyalty.

You can also do the same with subscriber birthdays. Show them that you care and have them in mind by sending a short and sweet email on their special day. If you are willing to offer them a freebie or discount, you can expect to see your click rates soar. Need Supply Co., for instance, used a sassy and sweet email to reach out to subscribers on their birthdays. Keeping an eye out for special days of the year and creating campaigns around them can successfully boost email engagement.

Catch their eye with great design

Brands of today know how vital good graphic design is. After all, your logo and your website are often the first impressions people get of your business. Well, that carries over to your email marketing, as well. Allow your summer emails to make a great impression by making them visually pleasing. Incorporating summer motifs into your design can also give life to what would otherwise be a regular email.

Regardless of whether you have an in-house designer or not, you can use a beautiful design to get your subscribers’ attention. Using colors, fun illustrations, and explanatory designs can help your audience understand your message better. A visual campaign will help readers know what their next steps should be, especially if your service has a specific procedure.

Say it with a GIF

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a moving image like a GIF is certainly worth much more than that. GIFs seem to be everywhere these days, from social media to right in our chatbox keyboards. You can even use GIFs in your email campaigns to start a conversation or get an emotional reaction from your target audience.

If you are launching a new series of products for summer, then you can save on words and say it with a GIF. Estee Lauder used a very classy GIF to let their subscribers know that they could try four of their skincare products for free. They also paired their GIF with a statement about using these products on their next holiday. In this case, the combined both great visuals and planted the seed of summer travel.

Appeal to their emojis

Emojis have become a language on their own. Although using too many emojis can be excessive, incorporating just the right amount can add a dash of fun to your email campaigns. Sprinkling emojis into your summer email campaigns is a great way to brighten your subscribers’ day. These digital icons are also a quick way to add some flavor to your subject lines and text previews. Considering that most people read their emails on their phone, you won’t have to worry about your efforts going unseen.

Nevertheless, make sure that you include emojis that are viewable in browsers, too. There’s nothing worse than spending time thoughtfully selecting emojis that get your message across and being met with the dreaded 🥑. A simple way to avoid that is by always testing your emails with different devices to ensure your emojis work. Go forth and prosper with the wide world of emojis in summer email marketing.

Ask a question

Sometimes being direct in email campaigns can be extremely useful. Of course, most marketers have a tendency to beat around the bush to not come off too salesy. However, you can use a direct question to get subscribers to think about your service rather than the financial aspect. This is a great strategy for businesses that offer experiences as opposed to physical products.

Take the hotel booking website, ca, and their playful summer email marketing campaign for example. By asking their audience, the simple but very personal question, “Do you like your family?” they started a conversation. Although this campaign comes with a clearly light-hearted tone, it provides options for subscribers who answer both yes and no. They asked their audience a question and gave them solutions for both answers. Now that’s smart email marketing.

Final thoughts on summer email campaigns

Email marketing is an excellent tool for big and small businesses alike. There’s no better way to directly reach out to your target audience to inform them about your products and services. Unfortunately, when summertime rolls around, getting the same interaction can be a challenge as most readers are mentally out to lunch. When readers are on their dream vacation, emails have to be equally or even more excited to pique their interest. Nonetheless, with thoughtful touches to your email marketing, you can beat the summer heat and get your engagement up, as well.

By placing fun and adventure as the centerpiece of your summer email campaigns, you are sure to get the interaction you desire. Highlight your humor and use puns in your emails to put a smile on your readers’ faces. Furthermore, enticing your audience’s more adventurous side with travel tales or photos can boost your clicks significantly. However, it’s the visual aspects of your email marketing that will draw your audience in and maintain their interest. Discover which of these powerful solutions work best for your email marketing by putting them into use this summer.

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