3 Fool-Proof Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is as popular as ever before, but many brands and influencers are at a loss for how to get more Instagram followers. While real engagement and social proof are incredibly valuable for brands today, creating this measurable engagement requires very specific efforts. True organic growth on Instagram results in real followers. An authentic, engaged, and growing following on Instagram speaks volumes about a brand’s social presence and credibility. These followers are the social proof that a brand is credible….

Why Personalized Content Should be a Part of Your Marketing

When you’re fighting for your piece of the cake on the market, there’s no room for hesitation, taking it slowly, or waiting for the perfect circumstances so as to take action. The truth is, everything around you is changing so fast that you’ve got to hop on board and join the game.

5 Solid Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Essential for Business Growth

Some business owners haven’t understood yet whether “content marketing” is just a buzzword or the real deal. However, according to statistics and expert opinions, the answer is obvious. Content marketing strategy is an essential tool of any successful company. If you want to get some proofs, this article is right for you. Here you can read about five reasons why it’s important to use content marketing for business growth. Drive organic traffic to your website Why do people visit websites?…

Delete or Respond? The Customer Experience on Your Social Media Pages

When you see that a prospect or customer has posted on your social media page, is your first instinct to delete the comment or question, thinking one of these thoughts as you do? “I’m too busy to answer this.” “If they really want to contact us, they’ll call or email us.” “I don’t want other followers to see this (possibly negative) comment so I’ll just get rid of it and pretend it never happened.” As my kids would say when…