7 Best Tools to Manage Your Marketing Team

Have you been worried about acquiring a tool to ease your task of managing your marketing team?

As a marketing manager, you are saddled with a lot of responsibilities. This goes from managing your team to planning, executing, monitoring, and evaluating various marketing strategies. As technology expands, various tools and applications have evolved to ease your managing role, irrespective of the size or management style.

In this article, we will talk about the best seven tools for the efficient management of your marketing team. Let’s get started.

7 Best tools for your marketing team



As your role extends beyond just managing your team using your leadership skills, it is also crucial that you monitor what people say about your team and company online. This enables you to analyze your content and content marketing strategy. Mention provides you with details of what is being said online about your content, products, and competitors.

It enables you to track your various comments and respond promptly. You can also share your team’s social media notification among members. With Mention, you can automate your reports, write high-quality content, track your competitors, and discover influencers.



Asana is designed with a basic interface and does not require advanced training to use. The displays are easy to use and learn. With just a click, you can manage all your marketing projects to a planned schedule from start to finish each task. Asana is built with easy drag and drop use, enabling easy plan and modification of projects.

You can also create a new task through your inbox email messages and get alerts. Its numerous integrations enable you to incorporate Asana into your regular and emerging workflow. It can be your preference if you’re specifically looking for a graphic way to organize and implement your projects. It gets easy with various asana tips and tricks.



Are you managing an inbound marketing team? Then, your work requires lots of content like social media content, product promotion, webinars, eBooks, blog posts, and so on. Your team will frequently be involved in writing, editing, designing, choosing images, and promotions. CoSchedule can bail you out. 

This tool is a content calendar designed in a drag and drop style and enables you to delegate duties to team members and track their progress. It stands itself out with its direct integration with Tumblr, Google Docs, WordPress, and significant social media networks. This brings all tasks of planning, editing, publishing, and promotion into one tool.



We can say that Quip combines Slack and Google Docs as it is designed such that its integrated chat is located besides document editing. A team member can share their work progress with colleagues to review, thereby enabling collaboration in content creation.

With Quip, your team can also share the work report with other organization members or management teams for feedback and discussion. Quip’s features are great for your advanced marketing team as it simplifies the process of obtaining inputs from various other teams such as management team, product design, and many more.



Now that we are in work from home system, Monday.com is an excellent tool for cross-distance collaboration among team members. Collaboration is an important factor in marketing, as it entails ensuring that your team works perfectly together. Monday.co is outstanding for performing that role. 

Its interface is flexibly designed and permits cross-project teams to view them. Its user-friendly chats and comments enable easy communication. Its built-in templates ease your marketing projects. With some clicks, you can also start afresh if you want to. It also offers 1 to 1 training for enterprise clients from dedicated representatives.



Trello, with its simple interface and model, is designed with a 21st-century build-up. It is good for your marketing team, especially if you want to start with project management. Once you can maintain simplicity, it will surely be useful.

Trello is well known for its most exclusive free version offering many options. If you are on a low-budget and still need to handle project management, Trello, is good. Even if you are a complex level team, Trello retains its light feel that scales down its features to meet your expectation. 

The system is built to accommodate agile management, with an interactive interface and Kanban boards. This is a good match if the marketing programs aren’t usually linear. Your team can also be used for your onboarding, training, website redesigns, product launches, and content creation. It gets simpler with Trello tips and tricks.


Slack is a communication app and is popular for its more than a million regular users. Some of these are high profiled companies like Mark and Spencer, Survey Monkey, and NASA. It has an easy interface and allows sending messages and files to your marketing team’s individuals and groups.

It is built as a replacement for internal emails that are classified as too formal and unintuitive. It has lots of features you will admire, like channels and communities. Channels are group chats that have been built for any reason you desire.

You can create a public or private channel for your marketing team or other organization members, respectively. Communities are broader groups within Slack. On Slack, your organization is the community. You can also be a member of communities outside yours, thereby expanding your network.


Eventually, your interests and your organization’s current position will play a lot in your choice of tool. The best software for project management must be consistent with your organizational goals, challenges, and your team’s values and objectives. Therefore, using OKR Tools are becoming more popular nowadays.  

Do you know any other great tools for managing the marketing team? Let us know by posting it in the comment section below. If you use (or have used) any of the tools listed above, kindly share your reviews. We’d like to hear your thoughts. 

Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. Time management is critical to career success. That is why she uses the asana time tracking to stay in the lead at all times. If you need more tips on time management, entrepreneurship, or leadership, you can find her on LinkedIn.   


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