Understanding UI UX for Business

The world is seeing a storm of a revolution.  It is the revolution of the digital universe taking the world over by a strike. It has changed the way we do things. The economy, the markets, and the businesses, everything have changed. This has led the internet as a marketplace with businesses going on there.

Now your website is all in your business on the internet. The competition has also shot up with time. And this makes it all the sense to make your website attractive to grow your business. There arrives the role of the UI UX or the user interface.

Why the upping trend for UI UX?

Let us check out some hard truths. Any person surfing on the internet usually stays not more than 8-10 seconds on a website. Also, the recent study by the Microsoft published in the Times magazine makes it even clear. According to the report, the average span of attention of an ordinary individual is just over 8 seconds. After this, her/his attention tends to stray of. 

If these stats scare you, then you should scare. With your website now all your business, this report comes as a bitter truth. Now, what lied ahead? What you should do to gather the attention of the visitors?  Should one start panicking? No, absolutely not. With everything evolving, marketing strategies have also evolved. 

This strategy now comes up in the name of the UI UX design. The UI UX design is the way by which the businesses are marketing their websites. It has become all the more important for your business. The one who is not employing this novel strategy is surely dumping his chances of securing his business.

What does it take in User Design?

User Design or UI UX or User Interface is the name given to the interaction between computers and humans. It is the way by which an individual interacts with the larger audience through a machine interface. This interaction is held with several programs or software on the website. All this making your website speak to customers.

The User Interface design involves various other inputs to process the requests and actions. It employs the plugins to use different designs making them look attractive. It is also about the user experience on the website. It aims to improve navigability, the accessibility to various features, and build coherence between different components of the website.

Another basic thing it works on your website is its looks. It makes your website look more appealing. If an individual is given a chance to go through two websites, one with an impeccable content and others with good appeal. His first stimulus would be to choose the one with a website more soothing to his eyes. It all depends on the color, texture, images, and display on the website.

Easy navigation across your website is yet another important thing. UI design helps in making a smooth transition for the visitor to flow through the website. Also, the option to change the page settings as per their requirement is again an important thing. The UI design makes the work easy for them by optimizing your website.

How does it impact your business?

Now we have talked much about the different facets of UI design. Their impact on your website is less said the more it is. This user experience design makes your website look more attractive, more user-friendly, more focussed, and more worthy to your customers.

In terms of looks, if your website is with red color pages with italic wording, it becomes automatically loveable. There are more chances that the visitor will turn into a regular visitor if the website is appealing to his eyes. This makes him comfortable with the website, to surf for his worthy content.

Easy navigability through UI design again puts a positive impact. Now if a visitor is having a good time going through the content of the website, it makes it more attractive. The chances are that he will share the website with others for their content needs. All this will be building a reputation.

And with the reputation, the brand value will start to be formed for your website. More and more people will be looking for the website for their needs. This hereby will increase the traffic of your website and hence your business.

How to optimize your business through UI UX?

The UI design is a relatively new form of marketing for your business. Not everyone knows much about this novel strategy. But with the new form of competition prevailing on now, you should not miss out on this. There are a few things you can do to optimize your business through the UI design. 

#1. Know your potential customers well

You should know well your customers, this is important. To catch the fishes in the sea, you feed what the fish would prefer. Here also to gain potential customers, you need to provide the content as per your customers’ needs. 

#2. Increase the appeal with new trends

You should be on your toes with the new trends in the market. And these trends should be applied to increase the appeal of your website. Looking for a soothing color like navy blue with a purple touch could just be an option. You need to work on yourself for such trends.

#3. Employ new technologies

Apart from the new trends in the market, you should not shy off from new technologies too. You should be at your forefront to employ new technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Learning, and Deep Learning. With these technologies, you will get a leg up in the competition.

What things should be kept in mind?

You should not try to copy similar content from other websites. It would be a grave mistake and would count in the plagiarism. And soon you will be facing a copyright issue.

Also, you should be aware of fraudsters out there. You should not be pulling up your website to an unknown UI UX design company at any cost.

Vinit Mahendru, Client Relations Manager at Idea Theorem offers modern UX & UI services and focuses on improving the growth and increasing customer engagement based in Toronto, ON.

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