7 Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Content

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to find new clients and translate them into new sales figures. In the age of social media, smart devices are predominantly flooded with applications that allow people to connect and converse with their social circles. But the significance of email marketing and conversion has not eclipsed just yet.

If you are still pursuing your email marketing campaign, keep in mind that it is not a lost cause. With unbridled content on social media, many people resort to their emails for more personalized and authentic information about products and services. This is your domain to shine!

An important aspect of email marketing is to keep tabs on its performance. It means mechanisms should be placed to track conversion figures in order to gauge its effectiveness.

In this post, we will share the 7 most effective ways to amp up your email marketing content so that you can actually benefit from the immense potential of this classic and effective marketing channel.

Welcome Emails

There was a time when even you had found emails that did not try to address your needs and desires but rather presented a generic email template. It made as much an effort to market a product. What lacked from the email was a welcome message, that is the start of a relationship between sellers and buyers. No doubt for many companies, a welcome email is overkill.

Devising a greeting message allows you to sit and chat down with your potential clients and this is the only way you can earn their trust and loyalty.

Here are some of the things that your welcome emails should contain:

Clear Expectations

Right off the bat, your lead prospects should be able to customize the email marketing according to their needs. It includes the number of emails and which type of content they are looking for.

For instance, a mattress company sends a welcome email, it should have options for client to;

  • Choose interesting products.
  • The number of emails to be received per week.

Value Sharing

Knowledge is power so it is expensive. Your potential clients would know they can trust you on the subject matter if you share some information in the email. It could come in the form of a stat in the email, a link to a blogpost, or any other free resource.

Again, this allows them what you are and your place in the hierarchy of the industry. By sharing authentic and free knowledge, they know they can trust you on the subject matter.

Social Media Channels

As mentioned in the opening passages, people rely more on new and extremely customized social media applications than their emails. So, it is always a great idea to share links to the channels that you are most active on with your prospects. This way, they can get the latest information on the products and services that you are offering.

On your social media pages, they can see you in action in real life and how you pit against your competitors.

Personalized Segmentation

It is not a good idea to send one generic email to your whole client database. For maximum effectiveness and positive results, you need two things;

  • Segmentation
  • Personalization


This involves the segregation of your email list based on demographics and other details. It will allow you to address the needs of prospects in a more intimate way with brighter chances of getting a conversion.


This idea revolves around getting your prospects in your court by addressing them in a casual but cordial manner. Using their first name would be a great start.

Then, you can use information from their prior visit to your website and tell them that the experience for the product or services has been enhanced.

Email Design

Now that we have gone through personalization and segregation, it is time to move on to the design of your marketing email.

Subject Line

A subject line for your email template should be concise and forceful enough that the recipient opens it. Around 50 characters are sufficient for both desktop and mobile devices. The important thing is that you need to make sure it does not end up in spam.


This is the line recipients see when right under the subject line. It should be interesting and well-thought enough that it piques their interest and compel them to open it.


There are many email services, like Gmail, that block external images until the user explicitly allows them. So, images should not be overused and the crux of the message should not be in it.

Gauging Effectiveness

There is no point in churning out email campaigns if you have no means to gauge their effectiveness.

The two most popular ways to find the effectiveness of your email campaign are;

  • Testing
  • Measurement


A/B testing is a simple yet powerful way to check the popularity and effectiveness of your email marketing content. Just make changes in your email content and devise two versions. Measuring their individual performance can reveal which one is more effective.


In order to measure the impact of your message, you need to set a bar of what is more important to you. If you need engagement, it will be revealed through opening emails alone. For conversions, click-through rate is the perfect tool.

Tactical Standing

Now that your email content is ready, there are many questions that are still needed to be answered. One of the most important ones is WHEN.

If you miss the appropriate time, you will not get optimum results no matter how much work you have put in the content and design in your email. It will end up in the never-ending pile of messages that do not see the light of the day.

This time, demographics can play in your favor and you can strategize around the location, industry, and other preferences of your prospects.

Evolving Email Marketing

Email marketing does not need to stand alone and can work wonders when you incorporate other marketing channels with it. It is perfectly malleable and can increase the effectiveness of other media with its time-tested perseverance.

Social Media

Social media can be used to spread the word about your email campaign and you can pursue prospects to sign up for your newsletter for the in-depth, latest information on the products and services.


During events, you can show off your landing pages and the exclusiveness of your email content. This will encourage your potential clients to engage with you on a more personal level.


After all these steps, you need to ensure two very important things;

  • Do the needs of inactive or least active members addressed properly?
  • Do segmentation and personalization need work?

By keeping tabs on both aspects, you can drastically improve the odds of your emails being read and acted upon.


Email marketing is an excellent way to convey your message to a large number of prospects. The email templates and marketing practices can be improved to make sure word gets out and heard effectively. This results in engagement in the short run and conversions in the long run which is a win-win for a company. 

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