4 Ways to Use Webinars to Promote Your Startup

As the owner of a startup, you cannot afford to ignore the power of webinars. They can be a vital tool in helping your business to survive and grow. This is a significant benefit given that it’s difficult for a start-up to survive in the long term. 

In fact, 90% of startups eventually fail. Your role is to do everything you can to be in the 10% that succeed. In order to do this, you need to make use of every possible business growth option that you have. Using expertly produced webinars is an opportunity that you should concentrate on.  

What is a webinar? 

Knowing what a webinar helps you to understand the value that your business can get from using this promotional opportunity. Put simply, a webinar is a seminar that you can use to communicate with potential clients and investors.  

This communication could be to promote your products or services. Alternatively, you may be looking to develop your reputation as an expert in your field or simply build closer relationships with your client base.  A webinar can consist of presentations, displays, conferences and other forms of direct communication. There are several ways in which you can use webinars to promote your business. 

How to use Webinars to Promote Your Business

High quality promotion is essential to any startup. Webinars can be a vital tool in ensuring that your business marketing works. Here are four potential ways that webinars can be used to promote your startup. 

Highlight your product or service 

If you are in the process of developing a product, you need to measure this development against customer needs. One of the best ways to do this is to use a webinar to display the prototype of your product. You can then use tools such as surveys, chats and Q&As, to establish any issues with the product. For instance, do any additional features need to be added?

Including customers in the product journey in this way also helps to put the product in the spotlight. This is valuable in helping to promote the products that your startup releases for sale. 

Appeal to investors 

Most startups rely heavily on finding investors who believe in their products or services. Webinars should feature highly in this search for backers. They provide you with the opportunity to create a killer pitch that engages your audience straight away. 

If you promote your webinar at industry events, you can attract an audience of potential investors who have financial clout. Remember to prepare for a Q&A session, so that your audience can see how knowledgeable you are and how confident you are in your product. You should also gather contact data from your audience, so that you can keep in touch with them, about your progress. 

Showcase your expertise 

Building a successful startup is not just about selling a product or service. In fact, building a good reputation for your brand should come first. Hosting a webinar is a good way of doing this.

You can create your webinar around a subject that is of value to your audience. For instance, if you were a webinar platform provider, you could successfully host a webinar about the skill of event management, rather than simply trying to sell the platform to your audience. Creating a reputation as an expert in this way is essential if you want your business to survive in a crowded market. 

Keep passing the message on 

A webinar should never be a one-off event. You should always share the recording after the live event has finished. This helps you to promote your startup by keeping it fresh in people’s minds. It also helps you to reach anyone who was not able to join the live event. The sharing of the recording should take place within four days of the original webinar taking place, so that the content is fresh. 

You can share the recorded content across social media channels such as YouTube. You can also add surveys in order to better engage with your audience. 

Optimizing the Effectiveness of Your Webinars 

The aim of a webinar is to communicate with potential clients or investors in a way that promotes your startup in a positive manner. This is not going to happen if you do not concentrate on the effectiveness of your webinars. There are several steps that you should take. 

Establish an engaging topic 

If you host a webinar that has a subject that no one is interested in, you are not going to reap any benefits. When planning your webinar, you need to find a topic that helps to promote your startup while also being engaging and exciting to your audience. 

The best way to choose a topic is to research what has done well for you in the past. For instance, you may want to create a webinar around a blog post that received a lot of interest. 

Concentrate on the visuals 

When you are thinking about how to put your webinar together, you should never simply concentrate on text. You are not going to engage an audience by asking them to look at a lot of writing. 

It’s essential to make sure that you use a lot of visuals during your webinar. However, you should never be tempted to use visuals for the sake of it. They need to be reflective of what you want to say about your brand. 

Make use of different visuals such as graphs, infographics and images that convey what your brand has to offer. 

Use the right tools 

If you fail to use the right tools when creating and presenting your webinar you risk losing the attention of your audience. You can also give a less than positive impression of your brand. 

For this reason, choosing the right webinar tools is essential. Take a look at the best webinar platforms available, such as MyOwnConference. You also need to select tools that allow you to create the professional visuals and graphics that you need, such as Piktochart and Visme

Encourage interaction 

Audiences are more likely to engage with your webinar if they can interact with the content. For this reason, you should make sure that the moderator is able to keep the session fresh and interesting. 

You should also consider introducing tools such as polls and surveys which allow the audience to feel as though they are an integral part of the webinar. Presenting handouts that support the content of your webinar is also an excellent method of promoting engagement.

Invest time and effort into promoting your webinar 

You do not want to waste your time and effort creating a first rate webinar if there is no audience to view it. For this reason, promoting your webinar is just as vital as producing it. 

In order to do this effectively, you need to plan your webinar ahead of time. Doing so gives you plenty of time to use promotional activities to their full potential. Ideally, you should start promoting your webinar two months before the event. If this is not possible, you should aim to leave no less than one month to promote your event as fully as possible.

Using webinars to promote your startup can secure you a high level of success. You can speak directly to potential clients and investors. You can also promote the qualities of your product or service and display your expertise. In order to do this, you should plan your webinar several weeks in advance, use a reliable webinar platform and tools and allow yourself time to promote the session, so that you have an audience ready to engage with your brand. 

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