10 Great Website Design Techniques to Drive More Sales

For a lot of webmasters, ranking high on search results can already cause a major celebration. The same thing happens when a website tends to draw in a lot of traffic.

But achieving both takes a huge deal of hard work. You also need a decent conversion rate.  After all, for a lot of people, that’s the end goal.

Ranking high on search results and getting significant traffic to your site would mean nothing if you’re not generating leads, conversions, and eventually sales. 

Fortunately, in this post, we’ll talk about the 10 design techniques that will help you achieve that:

Simplify your website design

Part of having an excellent web design is making sure that you have a homepage that is crisp and clean. That will ensure that your website doesn’t look outdated and that your site visitors will not get confused. 

Go for a layout that is simple and interesting, as this usually leaves a positive impression on a lot of your web visitors. Also, when designing your homepage, make sure that you align your content properly, and make use of great typography.

If you are not a designer or tech-savvy in any way, you can opt to hire a web designer. Doing so can help focus on other aspects of your business.

Have a clear visual hierarchy

The concept of visual hierarchy has long been applied to design. It determines that order that people will take in and process on the information of the given page, whether it’s on digital or print.

This is a crucial part of creating an optimal user experience. 

In other words, having a clear visual hierarchy is vital to drive people to your content and other actions of importance. 

Make your calls-to-action visible

Whether it is purpose is to fill out the contact forms, make a purchase, or to link important information, your call-to-action buttons should be clear and should stand out so that it will entice user interaction. 

For most of your visitors to take any action, make sure that you place a prominent CTA like somewhere that is above the fold. It also helps if you will use an attention-grabbing color. 

When you place your CTA properly on your homepage, it helps in assisting site navigation and in creating an excellent web design. So, it is worth knowing where to find the best placement for these important links. 

You could also try A/B testing and make necessary adjustments in the CTA placement based on the data that the test will provide. Making small tweaks could have a significant impact on your conversion rates. 

Use the psychology of color

A change of color on your website can have tremendous effects on your overall conversions. 

So, when picking colors, you need to put a long of things into consideration like how the colors green and red are the colors that people that have color blindness struggle with the most. 

You have to consider your audience, as well. For instance, female audiences prefer colors like pink, green, and blue. The male audience, on the other hand, prefers green, black, and blue. 

Produce visually-appealing images

Picking high-quality, relevant, and visually-appealing photos also help improve conversion rates. 

The imagery that you use in your overall design can have a big impact on capturing the user’s attention. An excellent photo will capture your audience’s attention, help craft a sense of identity to your brand, and make it memorable.

With that being said, most of your products will not sell unless you back it up with photos that have a great product design. 

That’s why you need to captivate your product or service’s essence through high-quality images. 

Establish consistency across your site

People tend to remember your site design, not because of the unique, catchy name that it has. It’s the overall brand image that you present. 

So, are you using the same colors and fonts throughout your site pages?

Having a strong, and memorable typography will instill a more memorable experience to your users’ minds. Also, if you’re using a variety of colors on several pages, then you come across as a brand that lacks consistency. 

To stand out, then you need to find similarities in your design patterns. Designing pages with consistency and similarities in mind will help you create a strong brand presence in the long run. 

Streamline your checkout process

High cart abandonment rates are a result of a complicated checkout process. There are ways to simplify your site’s checkout process.

First, allow your users to check out as guests. People could easily get suspicious if it takes too much information to complete a purchase. 

So, request only the absolutely necessary information, like their names, payment information, and address. If you have a digital product or service, then asking for their address is not necessary. 

Provide social proof on your website

People are likely to do business with a company and brand that they trust. So be sure that you exude a professional and trustworthy image online. 

To ensure that you have a safe site and a legitimate business, you could showcase trust seals like Norton Secured and McAfee Secure.

You can also ask your previous customers to make reviews and testimonials on your site so that you can manage your reputation more effectively online. 

Make customer service easily accessible

If your customers have queries or are undergoing any issues or problems, then it should be resolved quickly. If you don’t take the time to help, or don’t provide them any help, then they’ll likely abandon your site. 

Make sure that your customer service is also highly accessible on email, chat, and phone. 

Improve your website page speed

A lot of people abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Unless you want to witness visitors leaving a few minutes after arriving on your website, then you need to do whatever you can to improve its loading speed. 

Over to You

If your site is not converting well despite high traffic and excellent rankings on the search engine, then it is high time to figure out what went wrong.

Tweaking your web design a little can do wonders for your sales, which ultimately leads to a conversion.

Kenneth Sytian is the Owner and CEO of Sytian Productions Web Developer Philippines. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is the driving force behind the company and influencer in the industry of web design and development in the Philippines.

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