Why Images Are So Important to Social Media Engagement?

Many types of research have shown that people tend to remember only 10% of what they have learned once 72 hours i.e. 3 days have passed. But, if we were to pair a fitting image with that content, it was found that people could retain 65% of the information even after 3 days. 

Images used in your social media (and by definition, your blog content) are far more attention-grabbing than text or plain old links, more likely to be shared, evoke emotional reactions in viewers (and emotion SELLS), and can portray a lot of information quickly and more efficiently than text.

We know that in this ever-growing technological world, social media has become a platform for almost all major interactions and it has also been remarked as the source of information for almost 80% of the people. Nowadays, it is pretty difficult to find people who are not engaged in any sort of social media platform, people from all ages, young kids to elderly, everyone is updated with one or the other social media platforms. 

For this very reason, social media has become a place for not just interacting with one another, but also a place to promote and expand one’s business to the world. The promotion of any business or brands through content marketing in social media alone will not be of much help, but if you were to pair it up with a relevant image, it is sure to bring in more viewers as people tend to look at the image before deciding to read the headlines and the rest of the content and hence, increasing sales.

Images and Blogs

The use of images becomes more crucial if you are a blogger if they want to direct the viewers’ attention to their posts from the various others present in social media. Just having a catchy headline will not make up for it, you will also need a relevant image to lure in the readers. There are various images that can be used in a blog post such as – photos, infographics, graphic illustrations, graphics, schemes, tables, screenshots, wireframes.

Using all these images will give you a brighter and more visually appealing post which has a better structuring. Images somehow give weight to the website, you need to keep that in mind that an optimised image, good web host and CDN will do miracles. If you looking forward to buying good hosting, black friday web hosting deals are something you should look forward to which can help you get upto 90% off deals. Good & fast web hosting will in turn give you higher SEO rankings. Instead of having to read through a post with lengthy content, using images can give visually longer posts which will garner much more attention than the former. 

Images will make it easier to understand the complex images to the readers providing better exposure in social media platforms. You can support your statements with the help of images, create memorable stories, and also give a more professional look to your posts. But remember that quality of the image is a really important thing in blogging, Image Upscaler – an online service to enlarge images without losing quality.

Images keep the audience interest

Social media is a very crowded place with people from all over the world interacting with each other. In this heavily populated platform, using images has become a great way to grab their attention. It was found that posts which were accompanied by an image have better social media engagement compared to the ones without images. 

But, this does not necessarily mean you can post any image you want. To truly get the attention you want, you would need to share those images that are relevant to your content. You can also try to have a social media feed that screams “same old, same old”, try changing your image types from time to time to risk losing viewers due to the boredom of repetitive posts. 

Images build an identity

As our brains reply much quicker to pictures and colors in contrast to the text-based content, using an image is an important step in social media promotions. If you want to gain the attention you want, you need to share those images that will target your audience, for this, you need to find out and understand what sort of visual matters to your followers or fans.

With the present-day population having a short attention span of fewer than 9 seconds or sometimes even less than a goldfish, the use of image has become even more crucial than ever, especially on social media.

Whenever you post on any social platform, you need to keep in mind to keep your visual identity consistent. This will help people understand your Pinterest, Twitter, or any other social accounts are all connected. The use of relevant images will help gain attention, build up loyalty, communicate the vital information, and also increase engagement. To stand out from the masses, you have to carefully develop your visual brand identity along with your sales pitch. This consistency will connect all your visual contents with the marketing message resulting in your brand to have more staying power.

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