Why SEO Is So Important to Businesses

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plays a vital role in the success a business will have in forging a strong online presence. Because the latter is becoming increasingly important as the way we shop for products and services is constantly shifting to the online domain, the role that SEO plays in the success or failure of any business is also continuing to increase. So if you have, hitherto, failed to overhaul your site’s SEO, there is no time like the present. This is amplified further still by the impact that the pandemic has had on consumer behavior – both by choice and through recurrent lockdowns and restrictions. Almost all research that consumers do before choosing a service provider or product is carried out online.

This is becoming increasingly true when it comes to deciding which bricks and mortar shop, restaurant, or other business to visit in the local area. With all this in mind, SEO, both local and otherwise should be a primary concern of all business owners. The veracity of all of this reflected in the fact that search terms that incorporate “SEO” are increasingly represented in Google trends. This shows that businesses and web managers are more and more concerned about SEO and with good reason.

Another main reason why SEO is increasingly important to businesses involves the evolution of SEO itself. No longer just ticking boxes to trick the search engines, SEO in 2020 is far more aligned with making sure users have the best possible experience when visiting your web pages. The Google algorithms have undergone many, many changes in recent years and they are now incredibly good at rewarding sites that consistently provide excellent user experience across the board, from page loading times to mobile optimization, strong link provision, and consistent title tags. The Venn for user experience and strong SEO would therefore show a very strong correlation.

People are using the internet to research their purchases, premises to visit and services to use, but at the same time and as fiber-optic broadband is more universally available, people are also becoming more accustomed to lightning-fast loading times. As a recent Kissmetrics infographic showed if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over 1/4 of users will click off the site. A site should take under 3 seconds to load and research shows that a 2-second delay in load time results in abandonment rates of up to 87%! So, making sure this element of SEO is as strong as it can be is becoming ever-more important.

Page ranking matters and is mattering more with each passing year. This is the crux of why SEO is so important to all businesses.  The statistics show that almost 75% of users don’t bother navigating past page 1 of their search results and almost a third will only click on the very first listing. If this doesn’t encourage a business owner to focus on SEO, nothing will. Use SEO techniques to improve your site’s performance, yes, but if carried out properly it will also help you to solidify your brand, forge closer relationships with your customers and enhance the visibility of your company to the right potential consumers.


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