The Importance of Work/Life/Travel Stability for Digital Nomads

With the advancement of technology and the level of connectivity the Internet offers us today, an increasing number of people are deciding to live their best life by opting for the digital nomad lifestyle. But even though this lifestyle offers numerous benefits, including the chance to explore the world at your own pace, the freedom it gives can also make it quite challenging to set goals and boundaries and find the ideal work/life balance, especially for digital nomads who are new to this lifestyle.

However, finding the right balance is essential for any remote worker, as it has a dramatic impact on your health, efficiency and overall quality of life. So, here are some ways you can maintain an ideal work/life balance while living as a digital nomad:

Becoming a master of productivity

Regardless of the type of work you are doing, managing your time can be one of the most challenging aspects of the freedom that comes with the digital nomad lifestyle. But in order to take full advantage of everything this unique lifestyle has to offer, you simply have to be able to balance out your time efficiently. It’s incredibly simple to get distracted while working and end up procrastinating and wasting your days, but this habit can only lead to stress and anxiety, as well as lost time spent doing meaningless tasks, instead of completing your personal and professional goals. However, by managing your workdays with a strict schedule, you will be able to finish your work earlier throughout the day, and sometimes even well before the deadline, which will provide you with more freedom to make proper use of your free time. Productivity is truly the key to a successful work/life balance, and it can easily be achieved with just a bit of planning, focus, and perseverance. Then, you can finally take full advantage of trips and vacations, which is one of the biggest advantages of living as a digital nomad.

Traveling slowly and enjoying the experience

Living the digital nomad lifestyle, you truly have the freedom of traveling as much as you want, wherever you want, without having to sacrifice your professional life in the process. However, it’s important to think about whether frequent traveling benefits or hinders you in the long run. For example, do you spend only a couple of days at every destination you visit, working most of the time, and barely getting a glimpse of what that destination has to offer? Instead of enriching you with new experiences, this type of traveling only burns out your energy and your budget. So, why not travel the world more slowly, and savor every unique experience you are blessed with? Instead of always being on the go, try not to visit more than two destinations each month, and spend at least a couple of weeks in both of them. For example, take a tour around Asia, visiting some of the best digital nomad spots, such as Thailand and Taiwan, and make it a three-month-long journey. This will still allow you to enjoy the wonderful travel aspect of your nomadic lifestyle while giving you more time to explore and get to know your new surroundings, and saving you quite a bit of travel money in the process.

Protecting yourself with the right insurance policy

As a digital nomad, your work, living arrangements, as well as every other aspect of your life are currently moved and forced to adapt to a new environment. Australia, for instance, understands this quite well. Being one of the most desirable digital nomad destinations in the world, this country has a firm and specific set of rules regarding insurance, which is why many nomads here often decide to get both a car insurance policy and insurance for individuals, whether they’re foreign digital nomads living in Australia or local remote workers. Of course, they need to do thorough research beforehand and opt for one of the best insurance providers in Australia, such as Youi, to be certain they’re safe and protected at all times while getting the most suitable deal possible. Being a digital nomad means that you might not have access to all the benefits and commodities you were enjoying at home. For that reason, a good insurance policy is essential for providing protection and stability in this uncertain lifestyle.

Utilizing accommodation to maximize efficiency

While living in a hotel or hostel doesn’t make the most sense financially, it’s also not the best choice when your job revolves around working from home, as such accommodation tends to be too noisy and crowded to actually get enough peace and quiet to finish your work. Instead, a much better option for any digital nomad would be to find a great studio apartment focusing on a co-living concept that you can easily rent for longer periods of time; a type of accommodation that is becoming increasingly popular among digital nomads in Europe, especially Prague and Belgrade. Apart from being a more cozy, comfortable and affordable option, this type of accommodation usually comes with a quiet lounge or even a peaceful rooftop area, where you can easily get your work done without distractions, and without even having to waste time commuting during the day.

Knowing how to set clear boundaries

Whether you work remotely for a company or as a freelancer, it’s incredibly important to set clear boundaries with your clients or your employer. In order to have some free time in your schedule for traveling or even relaxation and self-care, you simply can’t expect to work for someone around the clock. If you offer services on an hourly rate, and you don’t mind working overtime every once in a while, that’s completely acceptable, but at least try to set boundaries about when and how your clients can contact you. Regardless of your work, try to set clear expectations at the very beginning of a job, and don’t forget to include them in your contract. Apart from setting expectations for your work, it would also be a good idea to set some boundaries with yourself and find out what your personal limits are. Whether it’s the number of working hours you can manage to take on or even the events you can attend, respect your own limits, and avoid potential social and work burnout.

Ultimately, once you efficiently manage your days and complete all of your professional obligations in time, you will finally have enough freedom to explore the world while building a life for yourself, making your travel experiences that much more pleasurable and rewarding.

Lilly Miller is a freelance writer, who focuses on the latest business trends, commercial design, and environmental issues. She also loves to experiment on daring new home decor trends and write about it as a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. Settled in Sydney for the time being, Lilly shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. You can find her hanging out on  Twitter.

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