7 Tips to Write Great Content for Backlinks

To understand the type of content that helps create quality backlinks, you need to get a gist of what a backlink is. Backlinks are also known as incoming links or one-way links. They are the links that a website puts in their content, redirecting visitors to other web pages. These backlinks are a ‘vote’ in favor of your content and website. Almost every major search engine considers these votes a sign of online authority and trustworthiness and ranks websites accordingly. So in a way, backlinks are essential if you want your website to rank high on SERPs.

The easiest way to get more backlinks is by writing content with great credibility that other websites will link back to. This is not a hack, and there is no quick way to achieve these results. Spamming bloggers for backlink placement is more likely to damage your website than do any good. The best decision you can make is to upload quality content that deserves backlinks. Soon enough, you will see steady growth in your ranking and digital reach.

Jumping straight in, here are some tips that can guide you about writing excellent content that gets quality backlinks.

  1. Get Your Own Data 

Getting your own data will make you a reliable source on a particular subject. Research and authentic sources are an absolute need now. No one considers the content reliable if there aren’t any credible sources in it. So if you provide accurate and original information about a particular topic, anyone who uses that data in their content has to backlink to your content. Upload content on your website that provides people with new insights. Your original research is sure to gather more exposure. As a result of this exposure, it will also secure more backlinks and online authority.


  1. Write Solid Headings 

You spend 80% of your marketing investment on headlines. Google analytics show that out of 100 people, only 20 people read the content while the other 80 people only read the headings. Therefore, the easiest way to attract attention is to use solid headlines that feature the keywords too. People are more likely to read your content and judge its credibility if the heading draws their attention. A strong title will leave an impression on the reader. Looking for examples of some catchy headlines? This SEO knowledge center has some great tips.


  1. Make It Interesting And Actionable

Great content is interesting, unique, impressionable, and actionable. Boring and dull content is just a waste of the reader’s time. What makes your content attractive is the tone and the topic of the article. It should be fresh and memorable for people to want to quote or refer to in their work. If you’re going to generate more backlinks, you cannot risk being boring and monotonous. To make the article unique, you must add some new piece of information unavailable to others. It could be a research or a hypothesis of your own, giving you a competitive advantage. Or it could be something the reader takes away; some method, technique, fact, or knowledge that they can use in real life. The key lies in value addition.


  1. Write List Posts

List posts are the easiest way to grab someone’s attention. They’re fun to read and abosultely engaging! Even the article you are reading right now is a list post. People love list posts because they make a specific promise. The reader knows how much time and attention they need to commit, and  any amount can invoke a sense of curiosity that can urge the reader to ‘check it out.’ Lists posts are convenient because the subheadings provide the reader with a quick summary of the article. A steady production of list posts will help you generate more backlinks.


  1. Make Infographics 

Infographics are a severely underutilized technique to create quality backlinks. A splash of creativity and thorough research can make your infographic go viral! Colored illustrations attract 80% of the viewers to go through the content. In fact, it would be safe to say that infographics work better than written posts because they’re easier to read, attractive, and engaging. They’re also a great way to make your website SEO-friendly.


  1. Make It Authoritative And Well Sourced

Unless you are a Ph.D. or a person with specialization, you will have to include authoritative sources in your content. The knowledge you are trying to impart to others through your content needs to come from reliable sources. Any claims made out of thin air are not acceptable in any way. Your aim should be to impart the knowledge from an authoritative source in a fun and creative way. If you link other sources, websites, companies, and bloggers, they will feel inclined towards returning the favor. That can increase your chances of getting backlinks even more.


  1. Write With Your Audience In Mind 

Your audience should always be your number one priority. Your audience will not remember your content if it isn’t relevant. Likewise, other websites will not want to use your content for backlinks if it has no relevance to their target audience, which is likely to be similar. The subject of your content should be tailored according to your target audience, what they want, and what they would like to read. Once you completely understand how to make your content appeal to your audience, you will automatically generate more backlinks. Remember, empathy is vital.



No shortcuts of black hat SEO tricks can help you generate backlinks. You will have to rely on your originality and quality of work. So without paying any heed to gimmicky marketing hacks, focus on content creation. Backlinks will work as votes in favor of your website and increase your website’s ranking. The best you can do to generate more backlinks is to write evergreen content that will always be reliable.


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