How to Write an Impactful Instagram Bio for Business

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. It ranks as the 2nd most used social media platform just after Facebook and has more than 120 million users. In today’s time, if you have a business then you should have an Instagram page. It enables you to create an unwavering connection with your customers.  

We all know how impactful first impressions are! It can make or break the deal. 

Instagram bio is like the first impression of your business. By making your bio interesting, you can entice the customers to at least look at your install-profile. The space that is available to fill in your bio is limited. In such a limited space, you need to put something so catchy that you instantly catch the user’s attention! 

On a platform where millions of users are active daily, it is important to put effort into making your profile the best version of itself so you can promote your business. 

Instagram is the best platform to promote your products as the platform allows you to post pictures and videos. This visual nature of Instagram makes it suitable to promote every type of product. There are a lot of small businesses that have Instagram as their primary channel to sell their products/services. 

Therefore, it is downright essential to have an authentic Instagram bio. What is the need to have a good Instagram Bio? 

Your bio is the first thing that people see when they click on your Instagram profile. Keeping in mind how limited space is on Instagram to grab attention, creating an eye-catching bio will give you the best shot of attracting potential customers. 

Another reason is to make your bio good is to make it evident what the business stands for. Tell your customers what your business deals in or does. This e helps you establish a powerful connection with users and thereby persuades them to follow your account. 

An extraordinary business bio for Instagram-handle will also express your company’s personality. This instantly prompts your potential customers to be a part of your community! 

Understanding the Instagram profile page 

Before writing an Instagram bio, you need to understand every component of an Instagram profile and what it entails! 

If you are familiar with every component, you will be able to make your profile as attractive as possible and therefore, benefit your business. 

  • Profile Picture 

Your profile picture awakens the visual senses of users visiting your page. A profile picture should always be relevant to your business. It can be a product photo or the logo of your company. Whatever you choose your profile picture to be, it needs to be eye-catching!  Remember that the profile picture appears in a minimized version, therefore, it is important that whatever you set your profile picture to be, it should be visible. 

  • Username  

Your username appears at the top of the profile page. This can be used to search/ look you up on the Instagram search field. Naming it carefully is important. Your Instagram profile name should always be related to your business/ or the name of your company.  

Also, through the username, other users can tag you in posts and stories and promote your brand. 

  • Bio 

Instagram allows you to have a bio of a maximum of 150 characters to summarize your business and its attributes. That is why you need to choose your words wisely to sum up the details of your company within the limit. 

  • Website 

This is the place where you can directly put the link to your website. This is also a part of the bio. This is a very crucial part as this allows the users to directly visit your website from your install bio. 

  • Email 

Whenever you add the email address of your business on your bio, an Email button is generated on your profile. It appears below all the other information, right at the bottom of your bio. When a user clicks on the Email button, the Instagram app prompts them to open their default mail app on their phone, and then they can email you. 

  • Directions 

Entering the full address of your business will help the customers to locate you. This applies only if your business has a permanent address. 

  • Call 

You can add your company’s phone number as contact information for the customers to contact you. Whenever a user clicks on that number, it prompts them to directly call your number. 

Ways to Craft the Best Instagram Bio for Your Business

Below are 6 hacks to make your install-bio enticing:

  1. Write Appropriate CTAs

Have you ever heard or read some brand say “So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity today!”  

This is a CTA. CTA stands for Call-To-Action. This is probably the most important part of your Instagram bio. CTAs attract the customers to take any action or do something that you tell them to do! They do affect a person’s psyche and hence are an excellent marketing strategyYour CTA can be used to attract customers to your homepage, landing page, and your social shopping page.  It is highly recommended that you add a CTA to your Instagram bio and direct them to your customer-landing page 

  1. Add relevant hashtags to Your Bio

Adding hashtags to your bio can help you attract customers. The hashtags open up opportunities for digital marketers. The users can now search for hashtags and if your bio has that hashtag, they can easily land on your profile. By tapping that hashtag in the bio, you can see the posts relating to it. Hashtags create communities of users with a common taste and goal. The right hashtags will help you attract potential consumers to connect with your brand! 

  1. Provide the most essential company information

Your Instagram bio should be the place where you provide only the essential information about your business. In this limited Instagram space, the information should be brief and put across all the main points. Most importantly, you should put your company’s physical location and its contacts. 

  1. Keep the Bio Short

Long bios can bore the customers as the customers are not interested in reading a lot of information. Use the 150 characters to write a CTA and other relevant information. The length of characters also gives you room to indicate key company information such as email and phone number. 

  1. Showcase New Promotional Offers

This is where you get your Instagram bio to promote your brand like mystery rooms. It is an amazing way to use your bio space and have a great impact. You can update your bio and write about new offers regularly. In the bio, you could also link an upcoming event such as a webinar for the ease of your customers. 

  1. Use Emojis to make the bio attractive

Emojis work like magic and add a cool visual effect to a rather plain text. Emojis can be used to emphasize a point and show your brand’s personality as well. Placing emojis requires strategy such that you only reinforce the relevant information. The use of emojis may not apply to all brands. Again, always consider your audience. Refrain from using emojis that don’t add value to your bio. 

Some of the most appropriate emojis to use are: 

  • The earth emoji to indicate a global reach of the brand 
  • The heart emoji, which shows the joy and love a company wants its customers to have whenever they make a purchase 

To sum it all up, your Instagram bio should foremost contain your store name. Don’t forget to restrict it to 150 characters. 

Additionally, put a strong CTA to link your store to a social shopping page. You can also do this by adding a link to your best selling product. 

Spice up your bio info with emojis to bring out your brand’s personality. Branded hashtags are also vital in involving users in a campaign you are running.  

Go now and change your bio to attract customers! 

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