7 Tips for Writing the Best Branded Instagram Content

Instagram isn’t just for personal use if you are looking for a platform to promote your business, Instagram is the perfect place to feature your products or services. In this article, we will discuss some branded tips, tools, and ways to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

Branded Instagram tips you will want to follow!

1.Write creative captions

Other than providing great pictures for your customer’s Instagram feed, you need creative captions. Make sure your captions are on- brand and that it relates to the picture you’re posting,  make it just as engaging as your post.

2. Proofread proofread proofread!

It is so easy to make mistakes in your writing even on a simple Instagram caption. However, as a business, this may be viewed as unprofessional or careless. You should go over your captions yourself and have one other person read it before posting it on your feed.

3. Use hashtags!

Using hashtags can attract more people and potentially more customers to your page. If you use hashtags people can search your posts and profile from those hashtags. 

4. Can’t think of a caption using a quote

Sometimes you can get stumped trying to think of a good caption for your posts. Do not let this stop you from posting. A great solution is to use a quote that represents your brand or post, or if you are showcasing your product you could use a customer’s testimony about your company.

5. Ask your customers a question

Another fun spin on captions is to ask your followers questions as your caption.  What do they like about your product? Why haven’t they bought your product yet? Or you can be bold do you have *insert product* well now you can and *insert link to your product*

6.  Stay consistent with fonts

If you’re posting graphics with information make sure you are using the same font across your feed. Using different fonts may make your page look messy and unprofessional. 

7. Replying to your comments on your posts

Replying to comments on your posts can make your brand more personal. If your followers are taking the time to comment on your post,  telling you they like your product or if they have a question, replying shows you are engaged and you go beyond caring about just your business but your customers as well.

Instagram Marketing Tools

There are many marketing tools you can utilize on Instagram besides just your regular posts to your feed. Creating great Instagram content goes beyond just posting.


Instagram stories allow you to do so many things other than post a picture, here are some of the features!

  • Polls – Want to get your follower’s opinion on something? You can post a poll on your story. These polls stay up for 24 hours and give you the results you can use to make business decisions. 
  • Emoji Slide Stickers – Another way to allow your followers to interact with your posts is emoji slider stickers, your followers can use these to react to your content. 
  • Question stickers – You can allow your followers to ask you questions on your story. You can reply to these questions by directly messaging them or posting their question with your answer on your story.
  • Quiz stickers – The quiz stickers can be used to communicate your brand or details about your company. Quizzes are a way to put some information about your business out there but making it fun at the same time.


Instagram highlights are displayed on your profile and allows you to show your products, promote campaigns, and more. 

Instagram live

Instagram live gives you the opportunity to connect with your followers because it allows them to comment and ask questions in real-time. This helps you and potential customers because it answers their questions but it gives you the feedback you can use for your business. 

Instagram Marketing Strategy 

1. Make your Instagram account a business account

You don’t know where to start? The first step is making sure your Instagram profile is a business profile. Doing this gives you access to insights on your posts. This gives you the opportunity to promote your content and allows you to display your contact information. 

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone or you can pull up the website on your laptop.
  2. Go to your profile, then click on the three bars on the top right-hand corner and go to settings.
  3. Scroll down and click “switch to a professional account”
  4. Create an account (it will give you several options choose from what kind of business you have)
  5. Promote your business!

2. Make a good first impression!

Your profile is the first impression someone gets of your business on Instagram so you need to do it right and you can do that right by making your bio perfect. In your Instagram bio you should include your business name, your website, contact information, and a little description about your business. 

3. Post consistently!

If you’re not posting consistently, your followers will forget about you and your product and you do not want that to happen. However, you don’t want to flood your customer’s timelines with too much content. Your favorite brands post 1.5 times a day and if you want to add more content you can use other tools like going live or utilize instagram stories. 

4. Create brand recognition

For people to recognize your brand you need to be consistent with your branding, right? For example, when you think of Target you think of the color red and Mcdonald’s you think of red and yellow. When creating your brand on Instagram try using the same colors and fonts.

5. Post content that is visually appealing!

What you post is important, however, the quality is important as well. By the way, you can use Instagram post maker to make your content more engaging.

All of your pictures should have these requirements.

  • Must be in focus
  • Great lighting
  • Crisp and clear

Those are the requirements. At the bare minimum post pictures that get your customers wanting to click on your profile. Other than just pictures you can post, videos, reels, text base images, and more.

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