How to Write an Effective YouTube Description

Even the best videos won’t help you meet your inbound youtube marketing goals if they don’t attract an audience. There are many organic and paid tactics for getting these reviews out there, but today we offer a laser-like focus on one of the most influential as we discuss how to write compelling descriptions on YouTube.

The information you enter into the YouTube description field will help viewers understand your video when they search Google and YouTube. In addition to your video title and tags, these descriptions play an important role in search engine optimization and ranking – but only when done right.

What is a Youtube Description?

You can find the YouTube channel description in the “Info” section. These little snippets of text will help viewers find your content and decide to watch it.

If they’re in love, YouTube descriptions can improve your channel’s SEO, subscriptions, views, and watch time

How To Create Effective Youtube Descriptions?

YouTube descriptions can pause or pause your last upload. It’s not just about a word or the spelling and grammar; it’s also about SEO, keywords, and tags. Good YouTube marketing starts with a great video description. However, success on YouTube doesn’t just require video and audio skills (and buying advertising). 

Destroy this pen to write text. Because what you say in the title and description can influence how likely your video will be visible and how likely it is that people will take the next step with your business. In other words, your writing should not only please the algorithm but also help someone.


  • Use Very Proper and Specific Keywords


Choose 1-2 keywords that describe your content accurately to maximize search traffic for your video. Please include them in your video descriptions and titles to increase the chances of your ranking in potential audience search results.

The same is true for your channel descriptions. The YouTube algorithm places great importance on keywords on your information page. Use it wisely.

Not sure which keywords to use? Tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends can get you started.


  • Repeat Your Keywords


A loop will tell YouTube that a particular term is appropriate for your video or channel. If a keyword is popular and has many searches, then use it at least 2-3 times for best results. 


  • Find Complimentary Keywords


Include related descriptions in your descriptions. It provides viewers with additional information about your content. You can also rate these terms on Google search and YouTube.


  • Deliver The Intent Of Your Video


If you misrepresent your video, viewers may not see it again. It will hurt your search rankings as well as your reputation.

Avoid inappropriate clickbait titles and keywords. They can help you rank upfront, but YouTube’s search algorithms will sooner or later benefit.


  • Write in Natural Language


Get to know your audience! Use language your audience understands and understands. Include keywords naturally, not as lists.

Luckily, you don’t have to be proficient in words to write a great description on YouTube. 


  • Add Links and Meta Data Information


If your audience chooses to “show more,” they’ll likely like your item. Include a brief description of your channel, social media, and relevant product links. You can also enter metadata here to improve search engine optimization.


  • Optimize for CTR


Navigate to clickable descriptions that solve real problems. Seventy percent of YouTube video millennials use video to learn new things. Keep this in mind when writing a copy.


  • Include CTA


The best calls to action are clear, urgent, and provide a tangible benefit to viewers. Great, it can increase engagement, subscriptions, and more.

Add a small CTA to your video and channel description. Encourage viewers to like, comment, subscribe, or read more. 

Add a link to the linked playlist so they can see more of your content.


  • Add Value To Description


Since the first few lines of your YouTube description will appear in search engines, they should be interesting enough to get people interested in watching your video.

If you mention a tool, product, service, or other resource information in your video, include a link in your description. YouTube also recommends that you add links to playlists and information about your channel.


  • Use Unique Description


Clear youtube descriptions yield better search results than templates. Plus, they are much more attractive to your customers!

Standard descriptions are a quick way to add basic metadata and contact information to your videos. But make sure your other descriptions are always fresh.


  • Include Hashtags


YouTube hashtags make it easy for viewers to find related videos. YouTube allows you to include up to 15 hashtags in the description. The first three hashtags you enter will appear above the video title.


  • Add Links To Helpful Resources


Identifying valuable resources is an easy way to show your audience that you are thinking about them.

Did you mention a tool, blog post, or product in your video? Contact them in your video description so viewers can find them easily.


  • Strictly follow Guidelines


If you have used copyrighted content (music, images, or videos) under fair use laws, be sure to credit it by mentioning it in your video description and including a link to their website.

If your video includes product placement, you should consider adding a sponsored disclosure to the YouTube description.


  • Match Social Voice


Your brand voice on social media also needs to be considered. Soft descriptions do nothing for your brand. You want to add your brand personality, vocabulary, and style to the report.

For this type of video, it might make more sense to write some description templates on YouTube. For example, an educational video description should be similar: a two-sentence summary, multiple calls to action, a link to a product, and then your social media link. Creating a description template will make your branding simpler and more supportive.


  • Make Description Easy To Read


It’s not about the actual content that you write but how you format it. Nobody likes reading large blocks of text but also dislikes reading ten single lines of text. Divide your description into sections with striking highlights or emoticons, symbols, capital letters, or line breaks. As you review the form, read your reports carefully and see what you notice and miss completely.


Describing your YouTube videos should never be wise. Not! Designing your YouTube description should be something you put together carefully. That way, you’ll get the right balance of audience interest, the right hashtags, keywords, and other SEO boosts.

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