How to Design Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

If you are a business unaware of how important customer satisfaction is, you are living under a rock. To design customer satisfaction surveys that get results, you need to select the right questions and set the right tone. It is possible to engage with customers meaningfully to understand, identify, and improve. The core for this is customer information that is honest, genuine, and valuable. The information collected through customer satisfaction surveys will improve functioning to improve customer needs, track changes, and offer better services

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: What are they?

Customer satisfaction surveys are methods to understand how customers feel about your company or a certain experience with the company. Customer satisfaction surveys can provide critical, important customer feedback that is constructive. This will help companies understand weaknesses, areas that need improvement, strengths, and more which will help improve performance. Customer satisfaction surveys will help get insights that can significantly improve customer experience. These surveys measure customer satisfaction score also known as CSAT. CSAT measures how unhappy or happy a customer felt with the product, interaction, service, or overall. 

Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys are Important 

Customer satisfaction surveys are not meant to make your company only feel good. It is a way to check for performance gaps, analyse them, and improve performance. 

Measure Customer Sentiment 

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys will help understand the sentiment of customers. The levels of happiness, sadness or more can help customer facing teams form reward programs or communication around that. These sentiment ratings can help teams understand how customer streak works. 

Understand Customer Feedback 

Customer feedback is another element CSAT helps understand. Customer satisfaction surveys make customers provide comments, explanations, and more about products or services. Customer feedback enables customers to be heard and understood in a better manner. The insights of customer feedback can lead to actionable results and specific interactions. 

Customer Engagement 

Customer engagement needs to continue from the point of sale. It must not stop. When the company is out of sight for the customer, they will forget the company. Customer satisfaction surveys will make sure that customer is engaged frequently. These surveys will also make sure customers have a positive influence or opinion about your company. This will also improve customer retention. The company is seen as customer-friendly and improves loyalty. 

Better Ideas for Offerings 

Surveys are a great way to understand and capture ideas for new products. Many new ideas come from discussion threads. These survey answers will give you perspective to identify new challenges and offerings. Customers might have some suggestions that can be the solution to a problem you are looking to fix. 

Identify happy customers for upsell 

Customers who love a good experience that exceeds their expectations become loyal. They will recommend your products or services that will enable you to gain good word of mouth. These are free referrals and will be effective. Customers who are loyal can be sold other allied products or services. They can be candidates for upsell, cross selling, and more. 

Top Tips to Design Effective Customer Satisfaction surveys 

Posing the question in an important manner affects how customers deal with surveys. Making sure the survey is uniquely branded is important. There are some tips every company can consider creating a customer satisfaction survey. 

Have a clear structure 

It is important to have a clear, concise structure. Have clear questions in place while putting the focus on one topic. Be easy on words to make sure the language is such that the customer understands. The audience or customers need to understand what the company is asking, reflect, understand, and respond to the question. 

Create a good subject line

The active language that will get customers’ attention is important. The subject line of the email containing the survey must be catchy and interesting. It should not be something that stays on their mind. It also needs to be readable on mobiles and smartphones equally well. It should get their attention so that they get to the actual survey. This will help understand customer pulse.  

Personalise the content 

Content needs to be personalised for customers. First names, last names, and more can be a great way to do that. Referencing past purchases will also help customers get connected to the survey. They should feel like they are being addressed personally. 

Don’t make it super long 

Keep the survey short. Do not make it super long so as to lose the main focus and point. Customer time is valuable and must be used wisely. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or mistakes. The formatting should be on point so as to make sure customers like it. A long survey will result in topic diversion. It can harm the basic intent of the survey and reduce the delight of the experience. 

Measuring metrics 

Monitoring survey performance and metrics will make sure results are clear. The real value of any survey is due to the information it has to make business better. Optimizing surveys accordingly by measuring analytics of how it has performed will help. Response rates, time is taken to complete the abandonment rate, and more are ways to understand how respondents feel about the survey. Once you get the results, but the customer feedback into action. Have a decisive plan that shows customers that you take them seriously. 

Bottom Line

A good purpose that is clearly defined with a good tool will help reach the purpose of the survey. the survey largely depends on what is trying to be achieved and learned. With customer satisfaction surveys, it is possible to improve customer experience and get actionable insights. Through effective data collection and keeping the core of customer feedback in mind, it is important to frame a survey. 

Having a customer satisfaction measurement system will also impact the performance rapidly. Another aspect is to send the survey to the customer at the right time. Making sure the insights of the survey are worked upon is also important. This will, in turn, promote customer retention and lead to company growth. 

Niyathi Rao is a content creating specialist at Smartkarrot Inc., a customer success software platform. She worked for Univariety and OpenText previously. She majorly writes for SaaS tech products. She is a bibliophile and listens to podcasts and music when she isn’t doing any of these. 

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