Tips to Overcome SEO Challenges During COVID-19

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has devastated the flow of work and caused multiple businesses to feel the heat as the imposed restrictions tighten their grip with time. The disrupted cash flow due to the low influx of customers has left people struggling to meet their ends. 

However, people can’t pack up their establishments and think of starting from scratch once all this is over. Luckily enough, you can still use the internet as your greatest ally. All you have to do is adapt to ways that will help you survive this situation and keep you from falling into a financial crisis.

The imposition of house quarantine by governments and local authorities for the safety of people has averted them from visiting shops or markets and hiring services. But the way around to this situation that most people have figured out is to use the internet to connect with relevant services and product distributors. Multiple platforms have reported an uptick in the traffic of certain websites, and the user data indicates that more and more people are checking out online available services. The search queries with ‘near me’ at the end has spiked as people are trying to find the nearest sources of essentials and goods that they can get their hands on.

Similarly, the travel industry is going through some pressing shifts in interests as people are trying to find reasonable traveling methods, while popular hotels and resorts are no longer getting the same vigorous reception. All this suggests that despite the grave situation, people are still using the internet to search for different things to meet their requirements. It can be the silver lining that people were hoping to find to save their setups.

The data trending from search engines has shown an odd pattern due to COVID-19, which has started posing some challenges with SEO, but the people can always use techniques to overcome these situations. What businesses need right now is to stay high spirited and start investing in tailoring their content to align with searches. There are multiple ways to get this content across to people who are potential consumers and see the immediate results of your efforts. Since SEO isn’t like branding, you can get the latest trends from your analytics department as they happen. So you will know if your actions are helping to raise you some money. Here are some tips that might prove helpful in your endeavor to overcome these SEO challenges.


eBooks can easily be the best method to deal with SEO challenges as the range of content offered in them is diverse. You can use it for your benefit by optimizing its descriptions and excerpts that are made public. If you own a restaurant and have time on your hands, utilize this opportunity to create your eBook and draw in attention to your line of work. Other businesses can follow the same practice with their specialties to get more customers.

Once the shift settles, you can expect to capitalize on the popularity that you have gained. You can find an easy eBook creation tool online that will help you create targeted content and efficient designs for your eBook. Once done, float it on a webpage and various other platforms to spread the word around and wait for the response.


Newsletters and email lists are another great way to get your content across to people if you optimize it carefully. If you haven’t had a chance in the past, now might be a great time to market your content and start building it up. Or you can use the services of another source and begin including your content as a supplement. That ought to get you some good results and time to focus on maximizing your email list.


Newer content

Another great idea to implement around these times is to make sure that you continuously feed your platforms with more unique, user-relevant content to highlight your presence. Start with the introduction of more relevant services and products and use the opportunity to optimize it carefully. The likelihood of your content popping up and atop the results will enhance with these practices, and your sales can benefit accordingly. What tips the scale in your favor at this stage is the fact that people aren’t brand conscious and want to fulfill their requirements. So this is a fabulous chance to invest in marketing and content creation, both readable and graphic, to bag more customers and stay in the game.


There are a good bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t give up on SEO efforts because marketing is still a key performer in the game. Despite the obstacles, people haven’t given up on searching the internet for things that they need. That means that there is still potential for you to make sales and sustain yourself. The upside to this situation is that you will know whether your investments are generating any returns or not immediately, so you can alter your strategy based on that. All you need to remember is that people still need products and services, and they will get it from somewhere else; if not, you are not visible enough, so don’t leave the ring just yet.


The classic method to the rescue! People in quarantine have ample time to read and explore their options from blogs and social media forums. Try and seize the opportunity to merge with them and get back in business. Since the traffic on most of these platforms is unaffected or likely to tick, you can be the individual who can benefit from this. Find ways to connect your services and products with other people’s content, make strong propositions, and get on board to start paddling. Rest assured, if you are marketing optimized content, then you won’t fall behind in this race.


These were some great tips to overcome the current SEO challenges. You can explore other options besides this, by using the many publicly available resources and choose the one that suits you best. Just keep in mind that people’s needs are not from home, so they need to find ways to fulfill them, which is your opportunity to benefit.

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