The Ultimate Real Estate SEO Guide (with Strategies, Tips & Examples)

Are you a realtor who has recently been enlightened about the unlimited benefits an SEO strategy could bring your business? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you.

It is every business owner’s dream to obtain high-quality leads with minimum effort. And that is where SEO comes in; with an effective SEO strategy, you will be increasing your business’s revenue with fewer cold calls and meetings with unfit prospects – a dream turned into reality.

So, instead of spending hours every day making calls to connect with leads, spend the same amount of time creating and optimizing your business’s website content by using the right keywords and other SEO tactics. You can get your website to rank higher on search engines without having to pay extra marketing costs.

Moreover, since 80% of marketers claim SEO success, a bonus point is a higher ROI. Combined, all these factors make SEO the most powerful way to increase organic and high-quality website traffic in today’s digitalized world.

So, in this article, we will be breaking down what exactly needs to be done to develop the perfect SEO strategy. But before we get going, let’s help you understand what real estate SEO is.

What is Real Estate SEO?

In simple words, Real Estate SEO enables a business’s website to show up on search engines whenever someone is searching online for a property. According to research, 90% of home buyers browse the web before making a purchase.

This strategy helps target only the interested audience. Moreover, an organic audience will lead to auto-pilot leads, increasing sales.

Strategies, Tips, and Examples

  • Keyword Placement is Crucial

Keywords are words that you want to show up in the searches. You need to create a list of all the keywords you believe would help potential leads find you and have pages on the engines.

For example, for a real estate business, people are more likely to search for “The Best Real Estate Agents in the of Town XYZ,” and to get the audience in your town to find you, you need to have pages on the web with the same keyword.

Another way to determine a keyword is to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Through CRMs, you can record the key conversations that you have with your customers. And from there on, the keywords with high volume counts can be used in the content to help your leads find you.

For example, CRM software for the real estate industry includes the Real Estate CRM.

Remember that you will need to use the same keyword approximately 1-2% of the time. That is 10-20 times for content of 1000 words.

  • Backlinks – You are the Company You Keep

Trust us when we tell you; backlinks are the backbone of SEO. Simply put, backlinks include the links that lead users to your website from other websites. Here are why backlinks are important: contributing to the content of reputable websites or brands gives users (and Google) the signal that your business is indeed authorized and trustworthy.

After all, you are the company you keep, right? There are several tactics you can use to generate backlinks to your website.

For example, guest blogging is becoming increasingly common. Taking up guest blogging will provide an opportunity to develop new contacts and give you a chance to target a different and organic audience.

However, ensure that you’re doing guest blogging for the right publishers or creators. For instance, connect with those businesses that work or relate to the real estate industry like VerticalRent. Another strategy to generate a backlink for your website is to use social media.

Any smart business today uses social media platforms to promote its products and services. So, why not do the same to earn backlinks to your website? Whenever you publish any new content on your real estate website, make sure to share the link to the content on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You can also share any deals, discounts, and information like open houses to earn extra backlinks!

  • Ensure a Mobile-Friendly Website

Most Gen X and Gen Y home buyers are starting to use mobile devices to purchase their dream accommodation. Moreover, Google has signaled to move towards mobile-first indexing, which means the popular search engine is going to start prioritizing the mobile version of a brand’s website.

Moreover, considering recent research keeps pointing towards customer behaviors that illustrate an increased usage of mobile devices to sell and buy houses, it’s about time businesses start optimizing their websites for all kinds of major devices.

  • Local Address, please? – an Embedded Google Map is Important

If your website doesn’t already have an embedded Google Map on it, it’s high time you get one!

These maps help Google establish where your business is located to connect the right audience with your company. Moreover, it is also a smart way to signal that your website is legitimate.

  • Ensure a Proper Phone Number Format

Since Google wants to give its users authentic information, the search engine uses your phone number to verify all the possible listings your business has scattered around the web. Moreover, the phone number of your business needs to be in a particular format with a dash or parenthesis.

For example, (123) 098-5678 or 123-345-0986.

This format will help prospect leads to conveniently dial your number with a single click.

  • Integrate Videos into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Videos are one of the smartest ways to market your agency and property listings in the real estate industry and yet the least commonly used.

According to Bold Content, real estate listings with videos derive 403% increased inquiries. Despite this, we hardly see any realtors using this as leverage. Moreover, Cisco has predicted that 82% of all consumer website traffic will be filled with video content by 2022. So, the earlier you start, the better.

There are several tips to consider making your video marketing stand out. For example, think SEO -use a compelling title with a well-written description and relevant keywords to generate more audience.

Now That You Know All About SEO

One thing is for certain; digital marketing is not the future, it’s the present. And what is digital marketing without SEO? SEO is an integral feature of every efficient digital marketing strategy. So, the sooner you start to use it to promote and advertise your business, the sooner you yield excellent results. So, why not start immediately?

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