The Freelancer’s Guide to Building a Home Office that Works

So, you’ve taken the big step and decided freelance life is the best way for you to go professionally speaking. That’s a bold decision that shows you’re already ready for the challenges that will definitely come. However, before you start worrying about how to grow your client base and getting new clients, you need a nice home office so you won’t ruin your back working on the kitchen table.  Sure, you may think that freelancing is all about going from one coffee shop to another and the occasional working from the beach or other scenic landscape like that. However, in time, you will find out that serious projects require you to have a corner where you can retreat, be productive, and inspired to deliver the quality you aim for. 

Building your office sounds like a difficult task or you don’t have too much space to work with? Don’t worry, we’ll go through some awesome home office ideas that apply for any home or freelance profession.  

Finding the Perfect Space for a Home Office

Not having plenty of space makes it more difficult to place your home office. However, the same applies when you’re having too much space. Because it makes it difficult to find the perfect location for your home office desk. You need to find a quiet corner of the house where you will be away from distractions. You should also avoid installing your home desk in the bedroom as it’s way too close to where you sleep and you may be tempted to just go for a nap when inspiration avoids you. Plus, if you set up the office in your bedroom you may find it difficult to stop working and rest. 

If you can use a dedicated room, that’s awesome. If not, a quiet corner in a room that has good natural light is just as great. Look for nooks, unused areas and corners where your office and chair could fit. 

Getting the Chair and Desk

Now that you’ve decided on where to place the desk and chair, it’s time to do some measurements and figure out what desk and chair models work best with the space you have. The best home office furniture should feel comfortable and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t perfectly fit the rest of the furniture. While the desk itself is not that important, you should really focus on what chair you buy. A good recommendation would be to go for the standing desk if you can work like that since it will save you a lot of money on the chair and will also ease the back pains. If your budget is limited, at least make sure to buy separate lumbar support.

Make it Your Own

Since it’s the place where you’ll be doing most of your work, you should make sure the desk has some of your personality. Decorate it with plants, photos, quotes, and pretty much anything that helps you deliver the best possible results. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all freelancers. Every freelancer has its own style and there’s no wrong way of doing things when it comes to setting up a freelancer home office space. 

The Computer Set-Up

Now, this is the tricky part. It’s quite hard to give advice on the computer setup that applies to a large range of freelancers. Since the professions are different, you need various gear. For example, a web designer will need at least 2 displays, a graphical pad, and a computer or laptop with enough processing power for rendering the projects. On the other side, a copywriter may do well with a laptop, external displays and a good ergonomic keyboard. The two-display rule is something that can be applied to all freelancers when talking about home office design ideas. Besides this, you should always make sure your keyboard and mouse are ergonomic and won’t cause you carpal tunnel or RSI. Having some backup hard drives is also a good idea since you’re your own IT administrator and in case something goes wrong, you won’t be able to recover much. 

Even if you’re working from home, your job will probably include a lot of Skype or Zoom calls. So, the home office décor can’t be completed without a good pair of headphones. A printer should also come in handy, even though the trend is to use less and less paper nowadays. Last, but not least, make sure you have a pair of speakers as well since having the right soundtrack for your work day can massively improve efficiency. 

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There are various home office furniture sets available out there. If you have space and see something you like, you can just as well buy a set and personalize the space as you wish. However, you don’t necessarily have to go for a set. You can set up your home office on a terrace or even in the attic if that’s where you feel the most comfortable.

If you need even more dream house ideas or tips on how to make the most of limited space check out our website and you will find everything you need. 

Also, we encourage all our readers to share their home office set-ups. By sharing your ideas and execution, you can help other freelancers out there to set up the perfect office and make their dream come true. 

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