Best Content Marketing Strategies for SEO Developers in 2019

Content marketing is a reliable web development in India that helping small businesses gain more in terms of increased sales, saving costs, and loyal customers in the market. For content marketing to be successful, there should be a strategy that will focus on making and issuing reliable and consistent content. 

The content will attract and retain a wide range of customers through your website, and you can achieve this by hiring a web developer. The following content marketing strategies on your website will help your small business to grow well and fast.

Create shareable content

The content that you create on your small business’s website should be sharable to make more people get to know more of your content. This will make your content go viral, and other people will share it out, leading to large volumes of traffic to your website, which leads to more sales. 

You can also distribute and share your content through channels such as owned media channels, like your company’s website, emails, newsletters, blogs, social media pages. 

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If you find a challenge in creating shareable content, you can use web programmers in India to solve the problem. You can also pay the web developers in India for your content to be distributed and shared through Google Ads, campaigns. Or you can also try SocialAnimal tool to find and analyze top performing content for any topic or competitor.

Use of visuals

When you accompany your content with great visuals such as pictures and videos with high-quality text, you will attract a lot of people. This is due to the way your content will appear. Ensure your content has inspiring and inviting imagery for your small business website. You can achieve this through any digital marketing agencies working in different verticals like SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Strategy, etc. following winning tips for digital marketing.

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Conduct competitor analysis

Conducting competitor analysis will help in your small business success in the market area. You can conduct competitor analysis using different techniques to spy on your competitors, who are the giants in terms of their search performance and speed. This helps you to know how and what your competitors use in terms of their number of quality links. You can hire an SEO specialist to know your strongest competitors are by searching on Google to understand them better. Also, analyzing links helps in identifying the number of links earned and where they come from.

Create a content marketing plan

A successful content marketing campaign should begin with a content marketing plan. This includes planning out possible, for example, Information Technology Blog titles and topics for the coming months. You can engage any guest blogging targets so that your content can be hosted on an external website to reach a larger audience for your small business.


In conclusion, creating shareable content, use of visuals, conducting competitor analysis, and creating a content marketing plan are some of the content marketing strategies for your small business. Reliable and consistent content attracts many customers to your website, leading to more traffic and sales.

About the Author: 

Manoj Rawat is an experienced writer working in one of the reliable salesforce consulting companies in India. He usually writes on growth hacking, web development, startup ideas, innovations, SEO, SMM, and content strategy.  He has over 8 years of IT experience and loves to share marketing tips & strategies among online marketers. He is an avid sportsperson, traveler, & nature lover.


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