Creative Marketing: Surprise to Win Customers Over

Stand Out from Your Competition

In a crowded marketplace,  if you don’t STAND OUT, you are invisible. How can you be creative enough to get noticed by your prospective customers? Traditional marketing approaches often don’t work, especially when new market niches are created. Creative Marketing can help you achieve explosive growth.

You Must Make an Impression

“Out of the box” marketing strategies can make wonders and help you achieve explosive growth. Unique original low-cost marketing ideas can help you grow your business tremendously. Innovative marketing strategies can move your brand quickly from an intriguing concept to a household name. In selling, you must also be creative to make an impression on your prospects if you wish to turn them to buyers.

Create Your Own Market Niche

Anybody – from an individual blogger to a large firm – can create a new market niche.

To create your own market niche, you must:

  • Know your exact target audience, create a differentiated value proposition and teach the market about your new offering.
  • Know who your competitors are and figure out what you offer that they can’t.

Surprise and Amaze

Keep amazing and surprising your customers. Customers like uniqueness, and they will view their relationship with your business as a special, rewarding one. Go beyond and above customer expectation. Keep inventing innovative value. Create unusual customer value propositions. Send your customers surprise gifts.

Creative Marketing Joke

You can also learn from this smart seller who invented a simple creative marketing device to stand out and attract more customers.

A storekeeper displayed in his window a card inscribed ‘Fishing Tickle.‘ A customer drew the proprietor’s attention to the spelling. ‘Hasn’t anyone told you of it before?’ asked the patron. ‘Oh, yes,’ the dealer said placidly, ‘many have mentioned it. But whenever they drop in to tell me, they always buy something.’

Teaching by Example: Innompc Games

Innompic Games, an intellectual ‘brother’ of Olympic Games, help both the contestants and spectators grow as disruptive innopreneurs and creative marketers. Teaching by example is an important part of Innompic accelerated learning strategies. To win the hearts and minds of aspiring innovators we created an inspiring vision of Innompic Games which is Planet of Loving Creators as well as set of remarkable brand attributes, recorded an energizing Innompic anthem, and differentiated Innompic Games from traditional social networks visually.

… And the Most Important Thing

Love your customers, and they will love you back.

By: Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of 1000ventures and Innompic Games

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