The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing For Beginners

So, you want to be a freelancer.

What this means for you is a job which is not even a job because you sit at home all day long, eat ice cream, watch Netflix, and write a few articles from time to time. There are plenty of remote writing jobs out there from small and medium businesses to large corporations that seek writing talent from around the world.


In reality, you will be working your butt off to first learn how to write, then land a gig, finish it, and go back to looking for a gig.

Being a freelance writer is not easy. Most of the time, you will feel exhausted just like on a normal office job. But the good news is that you can land a writing gig even while being a beginner or student.

Is Freelance Writing For You?

Remember when I said that being a freelance writer is not easy? Yeah, I wasn’t joking.

A freelancer must possess certain personality traits in order to survive. First, you must be hardworking, because you will be working a lot. Second, you must be stubborn, because you will be facing lots of challenges on your way. Third, you must be patient, because it will take some time before you get where you want to be. And fourth, you must be an optimist, because you will get rejected a lot.

If you are all of the above –  congratulations! Your path to becoming a freelance writer won’t be easy, but at least it will be much easier than for many others. If you doubt that you possess those qualities, then don’t worry because you can learn to be all those things if you are dedicated.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you must throw away your shyness. You’ll need to put yourself out there and pitch prospective clients through email (check here for some best practices), hop on calls and generally not be afraid to voice what you have to offer

What Do You Need To Be A Freelance Writer?

I already listed the personality traits you must possess in order to be a freelance writer, but you are probably still wondering whether you need to have any writing skills.

Yes and no.

There is no definite answer to this simply because it all depends on the person. If you had at least some kind of experience before, then it will be easier for you to navigate around when you land your first gig.

But if you have no idea whether you are a good writer or no, then you’ll have to try out your hand at it. The thing is that you can learn how to write and it’s not very hard, but it will still take some practice before you can start earning bigger money with your writing.

Go surf the Internet for some articles about, well, writing articles. There are tons of blogs dedicated entirely to writing, so you will definitely find something to help you understand the intricacies of freelance writing.

How Long Will It Take To Land A Writing Gig?

It’s hard to say how long it will take you to land your first gig. It might be a matter of days, weeks, or even months depending on how much effort and time you dedicate to it.

Nonetheless, the most important factor determining whether or not you will find a writing job is luck. You can ask any freelance writer on the Internet and they will tell you that luck was what had been helping them all along.

But don’t get discouraged because of it! There are some things that you can work on in order to land your first gig faster.

For instance, perfecting your skills will make you more qualified to take on all kinds of writing jobs. Being a good writer makes you a specialist in your niche and professionals are always valued in any industry.

“Writing is only valuable if someone is willing to pay for it. The vocabulary you use, your sentence structure, stylistic figures of speech, tone, and everything else – that’s what determines how much your work is worth. If you perfect these aspects of your writing, you will be able to get paid more for your services,” says Kristin Savage, a writer for FlyWriting.

Where To Start?

Once you made sure that you have a working laptop and a good internet connection, you are all set to start working. You will also need a word processor, preferably Microsoft Office Word.

Don’t forget about your posture and have regular breaks in order to stay healthy. Freelancers must maintain a balance between sitting and doing some physical activity as it is very easy to get ill in such conditions.

Register on different freelance platforms and search for gigs on Facebook in dedicated groups. Here are the top three most popular freelance sites:

  • Fiverr: The world’s largest freelance services marketplace for freelancers of all kinds. You offer to do something, get orders, and work.
  • Upwork: Another freelancer site with thousands of freelancers and employers looking to hire them. Orders are posted on the platform and you can bid on them by proposing a deadline to complete the order and your rate.
  • Airtasker: Is a trusted community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work.
  • Freelancer: Also called, this site works similarly to Upwork and offers opportunities for freelancers to connect with employers.
  • You can also check the list of best freelancing websites.


Being a freelancer can be hard, especially if you are only a beginner. But with time and dedication, you will be able to grow your career as a freelance writer from the very bottom to the top. Keep working on yourself and on your writing and you will be on your way to success.

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