5 Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business

When a budding entrepreneur decides to take steps to start their very own endeavor, the variables for how to start a small business seem simple. Have a product, service, or niche, get customers, be reliable and professional, and inspire return customers, all while doing everything in your power to turn a profit. 

But there is one aspect that many new entrepreneurs’ owners overlook, and it is mainly due to not knowing where precisely to place it in the overall budget, and that is effective marketing. And that is because the staple forms of advertising in the past have always involved huge agencies requiring big retainers to blanket the landscape with all things related to an industry.

But that is no longer as true as it once was. The marketing strategies of today are online, viral, and driven by social media. Sure, the old ways still apply, but not as much, and they don’t reach a nearly impressive audience. Social media marketing for small business is the most efficient, effective, and sometimes, least expensive way to gather new traffic to your brand.

How social media has changed the game

The word that has launched a host of companies is blogging. Blogs are simply articles released to the internet, published by a client, and have been given life by anonymous readers. However, those anonymous readers have family, have friends, and even have social media followers. The information is provided freely to a multitude of new readers based on one person’s interest. 

Small business blogging fits in this trend as well. Blogging is designed to inform and entertain. People like information, and they love to be treated, especially if there are gifts attached. Take your local pizza joint with their blog, giving out free sodas with a large pizza.

Blogs for business

Using content marketing for small business isn’t difficult, and the benefits can be seen very quickly. 

Passive traffic

There is a myth that it is essential for a company owner blog every day or hire a specifically geared blogging service for small business interest to blog on their behalf every day. While you can farm out your blogging needs, and they will do a good job, updating your clients or customers daily, it isn’t necessary. Blogging is a passive strategy, and a maximum of three updates a week is all a small entity needs to keep the public adequately informed.


Keywords, keywords, keywords. That is how search engines find you and your company. Anyone who knows anything about content management systems for small business interests knows that keyword optimization is the best way to get your company higher on the list when someone uses a search engine looking for what you offer. All the best blogs to ensure traffic use SEO friendly keywords.


While you might sell robots, you are not a robot. You are a person with feelings, ideas, quirks, and idiosyncrasies, and it is hard not to let those individual parts of yourself not leak into your small company. Blogging is your voice, and as it is your voice, it makes people know things about who you are, based on how you present yourself and your business. It adds individuality and a distinct personality that can drive new interests, and keep the regulars coming back for more.

So fresh

Have you ever visited a website that has not changed for a long time? The first thought, unless you are a marketing guru who wants to take over the site and make it better, is that it has nothing new to tell, and has stalled. Updating your website, your blog, your information, keep readers coming back, and keeps your content fresh, informative, readable, and sometimes fun. And who does not like to read something fun?


While the loudest voice isn’t always the smartest, the most informed view that has the most people repeating it can have a ripple effect that inadvertently creates experts, and if you have enough people looking to you for advice, especially advice that improves their life, they will come back and bring their friends. Blogging, directed at small business customers, with their needs in mind, done with extensive research, will make you a go-to source, which will only increase overall traffic.

There are a host of terrific and serviceable ideas for marking for small business needs. And the landscape leaning toward more social media-driven technics and tactics makes it more critical than ever to investigate these new marketing avenues. A lot of small business owners still believe this is a fad, and they miss out on a lot of potential revenue. Social media isn’t going away, and new opportunities for excellent writers to jump into blogging for information or promotional efforts pop up daily. 

Pro Tip: Check out an article on how to start a blog. This in-depth tutorial will help you start your own money-making WordPress blog and be your own boss.


Anyone who wants their small business to thrive, doing what you must, even if it is new and seems like a gimmick, is still worth the effort. Also, if it doesn’t pan out to the extent, you might hope. Sometimes it is trial and error, and sometimes you hit the jackpot right away. Either way, if you don’t put yourself out there, you might survive, but you might also see your small business stall in the wake of another entity that has taken that step you wouldn’t. Do you use social media to promote your business or service?

Ellen Royce is a blogger, promoting her marketing group, and writing for several companies to help their interest. She enjoys writing for these audiences, and finds the work fun, exciting, and learns new things every day. And she does it full-time from home. Ellen also always uses modern solutions in her work, for example, she will use a single payment platform even for the withdrawal of free 10 euro.

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