6 Best Ways to Develop Your Signature Brand Identity

In this oversaturated online world, you can’t afford to be another faceless company in a sea of competitors. Well, you can, but you will struggle to get customers, you will definitely struggle to retain existing ones, and you will have absolutely zero leverage against companies that are entering the fray. In a nutshell, not having a unique brand identity is a slow and painful way to drive your business straight into the ground, and chances are that you won’t even notice that you’re on this trajectory until failure becomes imminent. That’s why it’s so important to find a reliable branding services agency that can help you out with creating solutions to your branding needs.

But let’s take this in a lighter direction, shall we? If you take the time to research the marketing trends for this year, you will notice that one of the best things you can do for your business is to build a distinct brand style and a brand personality that will help people remember you, come back to you, and embrace your brand as a key part of their everyday life. Here are the best ways you can achieve this, and much more.

Start with your brand values

If you want to succeed in this game of “who’s got the more inspirational brand”, then you have to think beyond shock and awe. Sure, it’s great to have a striking brand presence, and it’s definitely important to develop a distinct visual identity (more on that in a bit), but it’s also important that you come off as familiar, relevant, and friendly. And the way to do that is to define a set of brand values that will directly mirror or complement the values of your customers, and your target demographic as a whole.

People need something they can relate to, which is why you will frequently see people defending the brands they love with such fire and passion – because they share the same core values that drive their decision-making process and connect them on a deeper emotional level. But remember, these values need to be truly relevant, so avoid the common clichés such as “your devotion to excellent” or worse “top quality” and the like. Quality is not a value, and excellence is to be expected of a modern company, so go deeper than that.

Create an engaging brand narrative

Every good marketing campaign starts with a good brand story. You can’t hope to craft impactful marketing campaigns if you don’t have an amazing brand identity to serve as the foundation for all of your marketing material, so your next order of business is to craft an inspirational and engaging brand narrative that people will fall in love with. That goes for your staff, and your customers. People need to believe your brand stories and the messages you’re trying to convey in order to become a part of your brand’s family, so naturally, you need to get creative and wake up the storyteller within.

That said, people also love cold hard facts, and they adore a strong USP (unique selling proposition), so you will need to wrap all of that up in some engaging storytelling to make all of the content on your site and other relevant platforms that much more compelling. Focus on guiding your customers on a journey, and help them envision themselves using your products or services, use catchy metaphors, and leverage your unique tone of voice to connect with the reader.

Develop compelling visuals

One of the most important elements of a winning brand is its visual identity. It’s important that you create a brand look that is in line with your values and your tone of voice, design visuals that support your narrative, and of course, you need to make sure that these visuals can set you apart from your competition in the eyes of your customers. You will primarily achieve this through the content on your site.

Written content might bring the most SEO benefit, but experienced designers such as Infostarters know all too well that visual content is becoming more popular with each passing year, which is why they focus on creating engaging and data-driven infographics that boast all essential brand elements, in order to inspire and incentivize customers to fall in love with the brand. Whether you are creating infographics, simple images, or videos, make sure to leverage visual content to complete your brand.

Craft a unique tone of voice

Brand tone of voice has become so important in recent years, that it deserves a separate mention. In a nutshell, the voice you use to communicate with your customers and the public, in general, will help shape the perception of your brand, which can go in either direction. Use a voice that doesn’t resonate with your audience or doesn’t compliment your brand’s personality, and you will confuse the customer and drive them away.

This is why you need to research your customers thoroughly, and why you need to know what type of brand voice generally works best in your industry. It’s important that you weave this tone of voice in your entire brand presence, ranging from your website copy to your social media posts, all the way to your sales and support communication and beyond.

Stay consistent across all channels

And finally, brand consistency is just as important as the process of building the brand itself. If you’re not consistent, then you will come off as unprofessional and untrustworthy, so it’s imperative that you use all of these brand elements in the same way across all of your marketing, sales, and communication channels. Make sure you’re consistent throughout your site and in all of your guest posts, on social media and online forums, and that you’re portraying your brand in the same way internally and externally.

Wrapping up

Building a unique brand identity is more important now than ever before because in this competitive world, having a unique product just doesn’t cut it anymore. Be sure to use these tips to develop your signature brand, and elevate your standing in your industry.

Jolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist – turned blogger, currently writing for technivorz.com. Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Love sharing content that can help and mean to people.

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