How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

Today’s content marketing industry needs creative individuals. Blog publishing suggestions, emails, or eBook suggestions, course ideas, or whitepapers — we all require them. And we need many of them!

The emphasis of our content would, in most situations, be determined by market intent. Company blogs will concentrate on subjects that help the selling of goods.

Content creators support the industry by taking a static topic area with a lucrative site. They write about it in (hopefully!) new and entertaining ways over and over again. It is a little like spinning a gemstone and explaining how various aspects of the light bounce back.

When market fields are crowded, and audience pressure grows, it becomes more critical than ever to be able to identify subjects directly connected to our key topics.

This shouldn’t scare you from the business. Plus, it shouldn’t stop you from providing your readers with catchy and educative blog content. After all, this guide reveals to you blogging tips that great to generate ideas of their next blog posts. 


Got some old posts on your blog already? Remix them


One aspect that can stop your imagination is the feeling you repeat yourself. Sadly, you may have lots of ideas for new posts, but they look a lot like the stuff you’ve already posted on your blog. But yeah, let this not deter you! You may still tackle a subject from another perspective OR even extend it more. This is Fine and frankly, completely natural. 

You might have written a year earlier on something you now have a whole different perspective on. Or maybe you’ve learned something new about an old topic. Look to your entries, and see if you can rebuild anything there. If this seems very boring, you may request professional writing and rewriting services for your old posts. 


Steal other people’s ideas


One of the most straightforward approaches to come up with new concepts for your site is to introduce yourself to blogs that you wish to imitate faithfully.

  • Use the feed reader to sign up with your favorite blogs. Check-in once a day to see what’s new.
  • Log in to your favorite blog newsletters so you’ll never miss a post.
  • Put some time of inspiration and ideas into the calendar each week as designated blog reading time.

Don’t be afraid of stealing ideas that are working for others. There’s a huge deal to know about other people’s achievements. 

Write this down on the list with your thoughts. On a rainy day, that might be just the motivation you need to set off a new message.


Competitor analysis can help. 


What works well for your competitors and peers might work well for you, too. Find out what keywords the peers’ list with and find out their top-performing posts for some analysis.

The goal here is to find places where you can build any exciting content and take a slice of the pie with a small enough keyword complexity. Could you broaden what was already written and improve it dramatically? Have you got a new and exciting angle on the same topic? Do you have secret knowledge that you can use to build an entertaining new blog post?


What are the trends saying?


Various ways can help you to figure out what’s happening online, as well as resources to learn what individuals are searching for regarding particular topics of interest. A perfect approach to compose a piece of material that a lot of readers can read is by understanding what people are searching for in advance.

A great example of using trends to post highly relevant content is Destify, a destination wedding blog. They have mastered the art of tracking what their audience is currently up to and coming up with inspiring ideas. On this website you will find:

  • Love stories
  • Perfect wedding destinations for any number of guests
  • Tips to ensure everyone enjoys the event
  • Tips for parents who are getting married again
And much more, including celebrity interviews and recent pandemic.

Most keywords tools can give you another idea


One way to fully grasp the forum followers is to figure out what the world is searching for. This can be done through the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool.

You can quickly type one particular phrase or sentence using this method, such as ‘gym equipment,’ and use this method to look up a range of similar keywords, such as ‘equipment for training,’ and ‘home equipment for training.’ The advantage here is that you can also obtain a general overview of search volumes for the following phrases, and you know the ones you like for your next blog entry.

Thanks to the Google AdWords Keyword Planning App, you can quickly scan and extend your collection of keywords that can be used to create new ideas of content for free and know which ones are the best chance to get more traffic to your site.


Keep a record. Refer to that file always.


Inspiration is the most valuable aspect you cannot foresee when it would happen. You will be able to make hay while the sun is rising. To a degree, that needs simple instruction. 

Keep your blog post suggestions mentioned as a tab-a text or a pamphlet. Keep this file in a spot that you can always access: a Google Doc, a Todoist, or an Airtable. What fits for you, whatever.

If you have an idea to post an exciting blog, write it down. You would have an essential product to operate with – but you’re not inspired to be imaginative. Do so every time and with no time.


Make reading your hobby.


For you to be an artist, you must do two things over all others: read a lot and write a lot. Read tips from expert bloggers each day. For example, 3 TO 5 MARKETING is a resource to get Blogging tips on Social Media, Content Marketing, and Life

This doesn’t mean you should steal content from someone else because, ugh, it’s terrible. Instead, you begin to subscribe to blogs that encourage you. Take a book as well. The brain functions well.

If you like me, hopping around or browsing through online media is always simple, without getting a thorough summary of a specific topic. However, I think that it is a great way to get a comprehensive picture of topical issues and public affairs while settling down to read a news article in a newspaper or magazine.

If you are after brilliant things to discuss in your next article, pick up a few niche-related magazines or newspapers and pick them to make notes. Be watchful about subjects that can be funny, entertaining, beneficial, or contentious, and invite discussions on your site.

Final thoughts on creating great blog posts

A few of these approaches may be used to create bulk blog post ideas. The most straightforward approach to continue with a small budget is by utilizing a free keyword analysis tool and examining what works with other popular niche blogs.

You can quickly generate plenty of blog ideas in a few hours if you can afford to invest in premium tools, such as Google Trends or BuzzSumo.

In this post, I hope you find some useful stuff. When it comes to creating blog post content, share what works for you. 

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