10 Tips to Design SEO Friendly Websites

Having a Website is a must for business. Today, many businesses generate leads through online platforms. A lot of businesses want to encash this opportunity hence, their Internet is crowded with many websites. And to stand ahead of the crowd companies are investing heavily in Search engine optimization. To work on SEO, we need a really strong and optimized website.  And today in this article we shall discuss tips to design SEO friendly websites. The website is a very first impression of your business and has to be designed properly.

Website design is extremely important but unless your page gets a good ranking by search engine website, very few people may view your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the content of your website to be discovered through a search engine’s organic search. SEO can be divided into 3 parts.

  1. Technical SEO
  2. On page SEO
  3. Off Page SEO

Out of which first two that is technical SEO and On page SEO are closely related to website directly. Hence, it’s very important to design SEO friendly websites to get a higher rank on google.

How does SEO work?

Search engines want to provide the best search result for their users. They want to provide relevant and high-quality information to every query. Search engines have complex algorithms that crawl through different websites to deliver results for the query. Search engines rank pages on factors such as navigability, response, and readability. Other factors such as page speed, title tags, social signals, the quality of your links, etc. Google’s( the leading search engine) algorithm takes into account over 200 factors while ranking websites. Google considers both On-page content (the content of your page) and off-page (the links to your website from external pages) into the SERP. 

Tips to design an SEO friendly website

Responsive design for your website

Use a responsive design for your website, it will allow your website to adjust to the device the user is using. Today people surf the web on their mobiles, laptops, and tablets. Your website should be able to adjust to a variety of screen sizes. Audiences are unlikely to spend time on your website if the website is not optimized and does not offer them a positive viewing experience. Search Algorithm takes into account how much time is spent by a viewer on your website. 

Creating content using keywords

Content is one of the key factors that help to drive traffic to your website. 78% of users today prefer to know about the company’s product and services through its website. As a business owner, you need to ensure the content of your website attracts your target audiences. The content you post should allow the target audiences to understand the product and services you offer and make an informed decision.  

Before you can create content you need to decide the topic. The topics will help you select keywords that will appear in search results. Conducting keyword research will help you shortlist relevant phrases. Use original content on your website. Google lowers the score of websites that uses plagiarized content.  

You need to remember to avoid keyword stuffing as this can harm the ranking of your website. Regularly updating the content of your website helps your SEO score. Regular visitors to your website will enjoy reading new content.   

Using videos to improve the visibility of your website

Videos today make 75% of all IP traffic. According to experts, video traffic will quadruple in the next two years. Google has changed its search algorithm to give higher weightage to websites with videos. The content of your website and video must complement each other. 

Adding videos to your website can dramatically improve your SEO ranking in the following ways. Videos can improve your click-through rates and can improve the organic traffic of your website. People spend twice as long on a web page with video than a website with no video content. Video increases the chances of you getting backlinks to your website. Video content that is shareable can improve the visibility of your brand tremendously.

There are various types of videos you can use depending upon the nature of your website. If you are a manufacturing industry opt for animated product videos on your page. Whereas, an explainer video can be the best option for the service Industry.   You should hire a Best video production company to make quality videos. The production company will ensure the video will answer potential questions your target audience may have about your brand. A high-quality video can help improve the credibility of your brand. 

It is important to upload the video on Youtube or Vimeo and your social media pages using appropriate tags. Engage with both positive and negative feedback. 

Optimize the header tags

To make your website SEO-friendly you need to optimize your header tags. Header tags are used to denote the start of the section. It is important to integrate the important keywords into your header. This helps the search engine understand the context of your content. Headers familiarize the reader with the flow of information on your website. Use smaller headings such as H2 and H4s to use other keywords organically. With headers your page URL should have the same keywords in it.

Focus on your internal-links

Internal linking helps your readers navigate through your website easily and improves the credibility of your website. Internal linking also helps search engines find pages on your website and index them carefully. It is important to use internal-links correctly to get them viewed correctly.

Use Meta titles appropriately to boost visibility in search results

A Meta description is a small paragraph that gives you a brief description of your web page. The Meta description should have relevant information and should have a maximum of 150 characters.


While focusing on technical and SEO aspects of your website it is equally important to remember the overall look and feel of your website. The content on your website should be easy to read. Audiences stay longer on user-friendly websites. Using a text size of 16 pt or larger will help the reader read the content of your website easily. A white or light-color background will help them read the content without eye strain. 

Breaking up the content by using heading, paragraphs, and bullet points enhance the readability of your website. 

Improve the loading time of your webpage by optimizing images. 

The time taken for your website to load can affect your website SEO scores. Users usually expect web pages to load in 2 to 3 seconds. While evaluating the loading time of your website you can focus on the images. Pictures can slow down user time. Compressing images can help load your website faster. You can use the alt-text description, you can use SEO keywords. 

Use user-friendly URLs 

The URL structure of your website should be simple and unique. The best URLs contain a brief description of the page. This will help the crawler and user navigate your website with more ease. 

Integrate your social media pages into your website

While designing your website include the social media icons for all the social media pages your business operates. This will help your SEO ranking and will also allow your potential customer to interact with your company more easily. 

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