Learn How to Make Your Content Interesting for Google

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create interesting content not only for your readers but also for Google? The internet is flooded with content from all over the world, trying to get the readers’ attention and become top ranked on search engines. Google follows different criteria in defining what an interesting article really means. For instance, the time spent by the readers on your page talks about your content’s quality. Keep reading this article and you will find which are the top 5 tips you can use to make your posts interesting for Google.

Top 5 Ingredients for Engaging Content

1. Clearly determine what is your purpose

Before starting to write, you will need to determine what is your main purpose. This includes defining your target audience and researching what type of content are they most interested in. These will help you build your content strategy. A successful and interesting content for your audience should follow some simple rules like:

  • Provides detailed information on your product or services
  • Provokes readers to start a conversation on the topic
  • Talks about some of the most trending topics of the moment
  • Constantly delivers value

2. Pick good keywords

Keywords are extremely important if you want your content to be displayed in the first search results. There are plenty of tools you can use to find which are the trending keywords for your domain. What is more, you need to also keep an eye on your competition. The top 10 results that appear on Google when you search for your keywords represent your primary competition. This is how you can discover other interesting keywords you can successfully use to leverage your business. Moreover, keywords bring the best results if they are used not only throughout the content but also in the page title and header.

3. Your content must be original

If you want your content to have a long life on Google, then it must be 100% original. Google has clearly stated in their rules that they firmly punish any copied content. But, if you think a bit deeper, original content will not only protect you from Google punishments but will also speak more about you. An original content means that you are reliable, and you care about what your readers. You should be original when you write your content and pick the topics. The readers like when they receive answers to their questions and they are surprised with interesting topics. This will make them come back the next time as well as share and promote your page. For example, this post on affiliate programs is a unique, in-depth piece that covers how one could get started as an affiliate. It is affiliate marketing content like this that Google wants to see. 

4. Tell a story ALWAYS

It is a proven fact that people like to read stories. Therefore, if you want to keep your audience engaged, you should always tell a story. It doesn’t matter which is the topic you have chosen. As long as your content is relatable, then you have won your readers. Add a bit of humor in your stories and you will make them even more interesting. This will make your audience feel part of the story and want to come back for more. Finally, you can enhance their experience and make your content easier to understand if you add some images or videos.

5. Write about something you believe in

Your readers will immediately notice if you write about something you haven’t tested yourself and you don’t believe in. The internet is full of information, but not everyone writes about their personal experience. What is more, Google relies on user interaction metrics to determine your content’s level of credibility. Therefore, a clever idea would be to interview experts or influencers in your area to make your content more reliable. On the other hand, you can do extensive research and support your claims with proven data. People like when they are given clear data on different situations. This will help you pass the message better than your competition.

In conclusion, even though it might seem easy, creating interesting and shareable content requires a lot of research and skills. Each article is an investment that you make to strengthen your brand and image. Therefore, each piece of content should tell a story and talk about proven facts.

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Author bio: Melanie Sovann is a freelancer whose passion lies in creative writing.

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